Employee Spotlight – Chase

This week’s iFixYouri employee spotlight is on Chase! As our recycling manager and online sales specialist, Chase is responsible for making sure our broken screen glass and other parts get safely and ethically disposed of. Beneath his quiet exterior, Chase is a complex individual. A student of Dreyfoos School of the Arts and New YorkContinue Reading Tagged With: , ,

Employee Spotlight – Josh

This week’s employee spotlight focuses on Josh, general manager of our retail location in Winter Park! Josh has been repairing phones for iFixYouri for almost as long as he’s been growing out his exquisite handlebar mustache. He enjoys politics (he participated in the first weekend of Occupy Wall Street back in 2011) and playing bassContinue Reading

Web Censorship Around the World…and at Home

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As we enter 2017, it’s important to know who’s watching us while we watch the ball drop. Internet surveillance has been a hot-button issue for the past decade, and everyone is scrambling for info on how they can hide their browsing history from prying eyes. But what about the reverse? Governments around the world areContinue Reading

Employee Spotlight – Anthony

We head back north for this week’s iFixYouri employee spotlight to bring you Anthony! When he’s not managing the iFixYouri location at the Cambridgeside Galleria, “Woodze” is a professional vaper, competing and attending vaping conventions all over New England. He’s also a typical Bostonian supporting the Bruins and the New England Patriots. Like most iFixYouriContinue Reading Tagged With: , ,