How to Speed Up Your iPhone

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iphone speedWhile a new iPhone runs smoothly, this user experience can change with time. As a result, your once speedy iPhone starts crawling at a slow pace or freezes entirely. This is not an issue that affects iPhones alone but a wide range of electronic devices. With this in mind, you might be wondering what can be done to speed up tasks. The following tips can help you squeeze better performance from a buggy iPhone.

Disable Apps Running in the Background

Even though Apple continues to deny it, the fact is that apps that run periodically in the background tend to hog precious memory space. To start with, check your memory usage. You may be surprised to find your iPhone has less than 100Mb of memory. Make sure you close recently used apps by double clicking the home button, press and hold the app icon, then deleting it. This simple act will take care of all rogue apps slowing down your gadget.

Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone can help solve issues related to responsiveness. To reboot your iPhone, just hold down the wake/sleep button. This will bring up a red slider on the screen. Use your finger to move the slider across the screen. This will turn off your iPhone. You can now power up your iPhone to boot up afresh. Do not worry if this process seems to last a little bit longer.

Update your iPhone Firmware

If you have not yet updated your iPhone firmware, this can cause apps to run a little bit slower. To get the latest firmware, visit the iTunes website. Synchronize your iPhone before updating your firmware. You can then proceed to check for updates. If an update is available, install it. Remember to restore backup after installing new firmware.

Uninstall Buggy Apps

In some instances, a buggy app can make your iPhone behave in a sluggish manner. The best way to make your iPhone snappy again is by deleting the buggy apps. You can always reinstall the apps if they are important.

Restore your iPhone to Factory Settings

You should only resort to this action if all the other tips have failed. It is important to note that restoring your iPhone to factory settings will delete all your apps, contacts, text messages, and videos. If you restore from a corrupt backup, you may have few options to make your iPhone run faster. However, a restore will definitely make your iPhone user experience as smooth as possible. Before attempting to restore your iPhone, make sure that you have backed up all data.

To speed up a sluggish iPhone, ensure no application or app hogs its memory resources. As such, always make sure you clear your multitasking tray. If you have a jail broken iPhone, install apps that are compatible with your iOS version. This will make your iPhone run a little bit faster at all times. However, if none of this works, perhaps you’ll need to repair your iPhone — contact iFixYouri to learn about what we can do for your sluggish iPhone.