We here at iFixYouri did a little science experiment the other day with some of our newest iPhone parts. Many people have been talking that the new iPhone has strong glass, less prone to scratching, 30 times stronger than plastic, etc. Will the new glass prove to be ultra strong and never break?

I’m going to go with a no on this one. Why may you ask? They do say that it is 30 times stronger than plastic, and there is a video of it bending. Bending, yes. They did also state that the iPhone 3Gs Glass was stronger when that came out as well. It may bend more, but can it handle shock and sudden impact, that is the real question. That is what causes 95% of glass shattering. Not because you bent the glass in your pocket, not because you dropped it and it bent, but really because of sudden impact.

Land it flat on the ground, and it will smash. We have evidence. Before i show you the evidence, I am going to point out a design flaw that will bite them in the future. On the new iPhone, the glass basically sits on top of the aluminum frame. On the old iphone, it was recessed and protected by a chrome bezel.

We have a full iPhone 4(minus the circuit board), here at our shop and decided to do a little drop test. This drop was performed from 3.5 ft up. The iPhone 4 did survive 2 drops, as expected, but on the 3rd drop there was a loud POP, and yet again, shattered glass.

We will continue to be the leader in iPhone Repair, and now iPhone 4 Repair.

More updates/pictures here!

Since this posting has got waves from many people, we’re going to clear a few things up here.

1) People are saying, “there’s no way you have iPhone 4 parts yet, the phone isn’t even out!”

  • The fact is, is that we’re a repair shop. Along with other major repair shops, we’re able to receive parts earlier than most. A simple google search will show that not only us, but other top players in the ‘iphone repair’ world, do in fact have these parts. We did put out a press release on June 3rd stating that we had the parts. This is no secret. A rather large competitor had them as earlier as May 19th. This is also widely spread on the internet

2) You hit it with a hammer

  • Uhmmm…no…we didn’t. That’s the most ridiculous thing we’ve heard.

3) Fake

  • We’re going to go with a no on this one as well. iPhone 4 Parts are available to all major repair shops…just seek and you shall see. Google ‘iphone repair’ and check some of the top competitor sites…they’re all ramped up and ready to service iPhone 4’s.

Here’s EXACTLY how it went down…if you want to read more into it, go for it. But honestly, and truthfully, this is the EXACT re-enactment of what happened:

It was a hot day on June 7th, 2010 and us here at the shop had just finished listening to the keynote by the great Steve Jobs. He had made a statement that the glass was stronger, more bendable, etc. After hearing that, one of our techs said “We should test a piece of the glass that we have in stock(iphone 4 glass that is).”

We proceeded down the hallway with our assembled iPhone 4(minus the internal circuit board), stepped out the front door and out to the side walk. Our tech held the phone(front facing the ground), and dropped it. Nothing(drop 1-we were very impressed). Drop 2, nothing. Drop 3, smash. He dropped it flat on the face and it popped. The all too familiar pop sound that some of us beloved iPhone users fear for.

As we sat talking about it, we decided to show our results on our blog, so that our readers could see what we had found. Not expecting it to take wind the way it did.

That is all…no ulterior motive…just to show our readers what had happened. That is it.

Please do yourselves a favor and check some competitor sites and you will see that the iPhone 4 parts aren’t as rare and elusive as you may think. There are numerous places out there with iPhone 4 parts already.

149 Responses to iPhone 4 Glass – Will it break?

  1. shattered says:

    Had mine 3 days, dropped it from waist level on rolled linoleum floor…shattered the back glass. And yes, it also had reception issues when held in my left hand. All the new “improvements” have made this a lemon.

  2. ally says:

    i got my new iphone on Thursday and Friday i dropped it while getting into my care and the whole back side shattered. I couldn’t even use it because the glass was falling out. I think the new iphones are much easier to break.

  3. Greg says:

    Can I buy that broken glass???? Let me know i really need it

  4. JulH says:

    RT @benjaminferran: L'épidémie d'écrans d'iPhone éclatés ne cessera pas avec l'iPhone 4. Super – http://is.gd/cKb9i (là, c'est volontaire)

  5. sac says:

    I agree new iphone4 is very easy to break. One of my friend’s phone was dropped from 5 feet and back side was shattered.

  6. Mike says:

    It depends on the angle of the fall. Mine hit the brick floor from waist height. The frame and the edge of the glass got scratched a bit. Otherwise everything is working fine, including the camera, which was very close to the impact spot.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Nothing is ever indestructible.. Almost all glass shatters easy, don’t criticize apple.. You can make the iPhone glass out of real diamonds and it would still break,. Diamonds are the hardest subtance on earth but they break easy. Why do you think they don’t make hammers out of diamonds

  8. Hannah says:

    this article is legit. i sadly just dropped my phone while walking from lunch back to work. i am short so the phone wasn’t dropped from any higher than 3 feet (hand at hip) and the screen totally shattered. sad.

  9. Ed Austin says:

    will the iPhone 4 glass break? Is that a trick question?

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