The Quality of the HTC Droid DNA Display

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The first impressions of the HTC Droid DNA are actually very promising. The look of the screen alone can already be classified excellent. However, how does this phone fare from the other smartphones? We compared the HTC Droid DNA with some of the current heavyweights of the smartphone industry.       HTC Droid DNAContinue Reading

Android Jelly Bean vs. iOS6

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Two years ago, there really was not any question about what operating system was best for smartphones – Apple clearly led the pack. Today, though, real competition has emerged in the form of Android’s Jelly Bean OS. This robust new operating system finally offers a real challenge to Apple’s domination, and one that begs aContinue Reading

How To Video Chat On Android with Tango

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With smartphones, it is possible to video chat with people around the world, from anywhere in the world. Initially, the video chat feature was only available to those with a home computer. Nowadays, if you have an android OS enabled phone, there are many apps that allow you to make a video call. For instance,Continue Reading

A Short But Complete Guide to Android 4.0

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In anticipation of the debut of the Android 4.2 update, let’s examine what has made the Android 4.0 such a big deal.¬† Also known as Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the Android 4.0 operating system from Google comes with a host of new features and improvements that makes it a big landmark for Android-based phones.  Continue Reading

Google Maps Upgrades for Android

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For those frustrated with the new Maps app included with iOS 6, here’s news about the old Google Maps app you were used to using. ¬†Google has an upcoming upgrade on the horizon for its mapping service for its mobile devices. Public Transportation The upgrade includes the listing of options for public transportation in approximatelyContinue Reading

Verizon and the iPhone to Unite

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The end is near. We never thought it would happen but the day is finally arriving in January. AT&T has had the iPhone monopoly in its hip pocket but as early as January 2011, it will have to share the iPhone with Verizon, thus increasing the odds of being able to make a call (receptionContinue Reading