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Where to Sell Your Old iPad Online

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There is nothing like a brand new iPad launch to get people interested in older iPad products. Co-founder of the search website uSell.com, Dan Brauser, said that the trade-in market is rocking. The website helps Internet users to locate the best possible price for the old electronic gadgets they want to sell. Right now, BrauserContinue Reading

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Made Easy

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Some people may not be on intimate terms with their Mac keyboard. The buttons do a lot more than simply type letters and numbers onto the screen, or move the cursor around.  With certain key combinations, there are many opportunities to perform steps that would otherwise have to be accessed from a menu. Special KeysContinue Reading

The Careful Process of iPod Touch Screen Replacement

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It goes without saying that listening to music on the go is very important to people, and when their precious iPod Touch screen becomes damaged, iPod Touch screen replacement is essential.  Let’s explore what’s involved. Which iPod Touch Screen Replacement Is Needed? The iPod Touch actually has two screens, so depending on your device’s damage, youContinue Reading

Android Jelly Bean vs. iOS6

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Two years ago, there really was not any question about what operating system was best for smartphones – Apple clearly led the pack. Today, though, real competition has emerged in the form of Android’s Jelly Bean OS. This robust new operating system finally offers a real challenge to Apple’s domination, and one that begs aContinue Reading