The introduction of the Smartphone has greatly increased the quality of access to many of our lives and no where has this point rang truer than in the world of small business. With the introduction of the various card processing systems for Smartphones such as Square and ROAMpay. The average small business owner now has the opportunity to accept credit card transaction and potentially widely increase their sales growth.

What Does This Mean for the Average Entrepreneur?

Obtaining a merchant account has not always been a easy task and for those just starting out in the open market the ability to offer alternative forms of payment, beside just cash transactions, can make all the difference. Whether the business be retail, culinary, artistic or other. Having an attachment for one’ s Smartphone (or in some cases iPad) for credit card processing alleviates the hassle of bulky point of sale terminals and worst yet, the old fashion “knuckle buster” manual imprinters. All in all presenting their customers with a smooth and convenient shopping experience which often results in repeat business.

Caring For Your Business By Caring For Your Smartphone

Having a Smartphone as a small business owner is a “no brainer” whether it be for credit card processing or simple day-to-day activities. Therefore, the protection and maintenance of such a vital tool is paramount. At iFixYouri, you can rest assured that if your Smartphone happened to be involved in an accident, be it water damage, a cracked screen or simple battery replacement issues, you are certainly in good hands. Because, when it comes to nurturing your business there’s no sense in faulty equipment stunting its growth.

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5 Great iPhone Apps for South Florida

On August 23, 2013, in Apps, by Michael D'Elicio

5 Great Apps for South Florida

Living in South Florida, as some of us here at do, is a pretty easy lifestyle when compared to the rest of the country. The beaches, the great year-round weather, and the convenience of shops and malls makes areas such as Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami international travel destinations. Furthermore, iPhone usage is high in the South Florida area, and it only makes sense for people to use apps that are useful in their daily lives. So, if you live in Florida, or are planning on visiting, here are some of the top iphone apps for life in the Sunshine State.





New Times Broward & Palm BeachNew Times (Miami or Broward/Palm Beach) – New Times is a long-running publication that has articles and features on the hot spots and new events in the area.


App features include:

- Broward Palm Beach New Times’ award-winning events and concert calendar, searchable by date, artist, neighborhood, venue or genre.

- Access to Broward Palm Beach New Times’ daily blogs for up-to-the-minute news on Broward politics, music, food and arts.

- Last night’s concert and nightlife reviews. See what you missed–and find out what you don’t want to miss tonight.

- Hundreds of event and concert listings every day, with Editors’ Picks of the best things going on in Broward.

- Broward’ most comprehensive restaurant listings, searchable by cuisine type and neighborhood, with reviews by Broward Palm Beach New Times’ award-winning writers.

- Slideshows of Broward nightlife, concerts and events from Broward’s best party photographers.

- Access to Voice Daily Deals for savings and great deals in Broward.

Duffy's Sports Grill app

Duffy’s MVP Members can login via app.

Duffy’s MVP – Beloved South Florida burger joint and sports bar Duffy’s has a fantastic app for locating your nearest Duffy’s, the menu, and it even has a login for Duffy’s MVP members, which allows you to track your Duffy’s points in order to get free stuff. If you live in the Palm Beach, Broward, or Dade County area and you’re a burger lover, this one is a must-have.


Yachting Weather – Most people in Florida are avid boaters or fishers. This app allows you  to receive precise sea weather predictions in a 3-day rythm – or with an update to “Yachting Weather PRO”- in a 5-day rythm.You receive the seaweather predictions according to your current GEO location which is either found by GPS, a single click on the map tool or by manual input. Whether you are on a sailing boat, a motor yacht or doing other water sport activities, with the numerous options you can configure “Yachting Weather” exactly on your needs. Available free or pro version.

Hurricane TrackerHurricane Tracker –  Complete tracking maps, everything from the NHC, exhaustive invest (Tropical Wave) info, NOAA Weather Radio, forecaster Audio/Video updates, real time feed (as it’s happening) & detailed Push Alerts for: New storms, TS/Hurricane warnings & other changes. Storm history, checklists, over 65 images & animated maps and much more. Essential during hurricane season.





Ultimate College Football – Who in South Florida isn’t college football crazy? Between alumni of the Florida Gators, the Florida State Seminoles, the Miami Hurricanes, and recent upstarts like USF, UCF, and FAU, the conversation of your team during football season is not far off. Know your stats like a pro with this great app for stats, schedules, and much more.

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Best Smartphone Apps of August 2013

On August 21, 2013, in iPhone Repair, by Michael D'Elicio

Best Smartphone AppsHere are some of the best smartphone apps — for iPhone and Android phones — that we’ve come across in the last week. Check them out, and share!

Zagat (Free)

The famous reviewer guide Zagat is back as a free iPhone app, right now for only nine cities in the United States, but with more cities on the way. Zagat is well-known as a service that gives insightful reviews for restaurants, bars, and all other hot spots in your town. Of smartphone apps, this is my favorite.

Blux Camera Pro

Blux Camera Pro is a great new camera app that automatically retrieves data like your location, the amount of available light, local weather and on-screen analysis to suggest the best possible settings for your shots, and suggests settings that may improve your shot, with an automated voice to boot. It comes with a lot of different lighting presets and shooting modes. Finally, it has a setting to get rid of lens flare.

Google Keyboard (Android)

Google has released their keyboard as an app. Google Keyboard has some good new functionality like gesture typing, was typing, word prediction etc. Now you don’t have to wait for the OS update to use the new functionality of the google keyboard.

Musaic (Free)

Musaic is a music discovery app that allows you re-discover your iTunes selection, while selecting new songs “you might like,” which are then purchasable through the app. What’s more, it has a slick “mosaic” of album cover art (it automatically finds the art from your music titles) and places them in an easy-to-use interface.

Double Twist with Magic Radio

Developed by Double Twist, Magic Radio is a music-streaming subscription service add-on. It allows access for over 13 million songs and users to sync to iTunes. If you want to hear to something new, create a new station and the tracks you want to listen to. MagicRadio is free for 7 days, Once it expires you can subscribe it for only $3.99. Download it From Google Play

Documents by Readdle

Readdle makes some of our favourite productivity apps for iOS, including Printer Pro (very useful if your printer doesn’t support AirPrint) and Scanner Pro (which turns an iPad into a scanner of sorts). Documents by Readdle is its entry into the document viewer segment dominated by the likes of GoodReader. As well as simply viewing documents of various kinds, you can open archives, annotate PDFs and play media files. It has a web browser to allow you to download files from various sources and you can set the ‘user agent’ to make the browser impersonate a variety of different web clients, so the site you like that blocks mobile Safari is no longer an issue. Its great strength is its connectivity to various cloud-based storage services such as, Dropbox and iCloud — just about any service you could name. With iCloud, you can even set up subfolders to hold documents of different kinds — that’s right, a file system, right there in iCloud. Now that the app is on iPhone as well as iPad, that means you can keep documents from apps that don’t necessarily support iCloud natively synced across your devices. If Documents By Readdle were to cost you money we’d say it was worth the price for that alone. As it’s free, we don’t understand why you haven’t downloaded it yet.

Quip (Free)

Quip claims to be a “modern word processor” designed for collaboration across different devices. Aimed at workplaces as well as domestic use, it presents documents in “chat-like” update threads, showing which users are online and using Twitter-like @mentions to link to people and documents.

Office Mobile for Office 365 (Free)

Microsoft’s Office Mobile app is finally available — however, only in the US for Android smartphones (Apple version coming soon). While it requires an Office 365 subscription. it allows you view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, including email attachments.

Google AdSense (Free)

For those already using Adsense, you’ll be able to browse how much money you’re making, analytics of top custom and URL channels, and get individual payment alerts. More features are planned for the coming months.

Color Zen

Color Zen is a puzzle game. It is developed by Large Animal Games. Very addictive game, the players have to discover a path through an abstract world of colors and shapes. The object of the game is to fill the screen so that it matches the border without leaving any colors behind.





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The much-awaited iOS and Android version of Microsoft Office suite may be around the corner. Online reports speculate that the productivity suite may be available on the iOS and Android mobile platforms in the next year.

There may be some strings attached to this though, since it is generally presumed that the iOS and Android apps of the Office suite may not be fully functional, without having to subscribe to Microsoft’s own Office 365 cloud service.

Microsoft Mobile Office Applications

From a Verge report citing unnamed sources, the yet to be released Office apps may only provide their users with the option to view their Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. Each user may have to subscribe to the Microsoft Office 365 service, in order to edit his or her documents on the go.

Though the Verge report did not state or include a price for the subscription, a Microsoft Office Home Premium product’s 365 subscription generally costs $99.99 per annum for five user licenses. The mobile version of the subscription may, however, not cost as much as this.

App Release Date

According to the Verge report, the iOS version of Microsoft Office may be released towards the end of February or in early March 2013, while the Android version may be released in the month of May 2013.

The first date correlates with some earlier online reports on the release of the mobile Office apps. This includes a Czech Republic Microsoft product manager revealing a release date of March 2013 for the apps, and a published photo by The Daily, supposedly claiming to be a photograph of the mobile Office application running on an iPad, both of which were refuted and/or denied by Microsoft.

Mobile Office Launch

There were some predictions, too, that Microsoft would launch a mobile Office product at its SharePoint conference in Las Vegas, based on the assumption that Microsoft may want to position its mobile Office app as an enterprise product.

Presently Android and iOS users may use Microsoft OneNote app for note-taking but will have to rely on other third party apps like QuickOffice and Documents To Go, to read and edit their Office documents.

As great as apps are for our day-today operations, having a smartphone or other device that is out of commission due to unforeseen accidents such as a cracked screen or water damage may render such a tool useless. If your device is in need of repair, seeking out a professional such as iFixYouri can be a solid recourse.

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LocalScope And Other iOS Apps For Your Local Search

On December 22, 2012, in Apps, by Chris

Since the dawn of the smartphone, our world has become smaller and considerably more accessible. Through the aid of local search apps, getting a bearing on one’s location and what of interest may surround them is as easy as a simple click. It almost makes you wonder, how did we survived prior to such a convenience?

While browsing through a list of iOS apps, I came across a local search tool called LocalScope. Though a lot of people already use Google Maps (which is now available for iOS) for their local search, and the Apple Map (powered by Yelp), after reviewing LocalScope (review available below) however, I decided to also search for some other apps that may help you in finding what you want, near your location.

Apps For Your Local Search

Unfortunately, the Android version of these apps are currently unavailable.


A free app that provides you with a listing and green car icons you can use to get turn-by-turn directions.

AirYell is like a personal Yellow Pages, where you can add a search term or speak it out, to get a list of results for your area. You may also get some listings too by touching some of the icons at the bottom of the app interface. AirYell provide some information about its listings and maps to view their locations, and it also provides turn-by-turn navigation features with voice.

Where To?

An app with an appealing interface and lots of categories (cost – $2.99).

From the Where To? interface, you may choose a common search item which will then be displayed in a list, on a map or through augmented reality (this will cost you an additional 99 cents). Where To? has a massive list of alphabetized services you can quickly get to. The augmented reality feature in the app allows you to see all the places that are in some specific directions within your area, though the extra you may have to pay to use the feature may be a turn-off.


An app that uses social data from popular social networks, along with GPS, to provide you with some information and details about what is near your location.  You may search through a lot of social networks and other reference sites with it (cost $1.99).

With LocalScope, you will get some listings, photos, tweets, history, and a lot more through the Search or Discover buttons in its app interface. It is a great choice for finding what you want and discovering other new places too.

To enjoy these apps properly, you’ll need a GPS that is working.  Unfortunately, it is one of the features that seems to fail for many iPhone users.  If you are experiencing this problem, or any other technical issue, you can send your phone to professional repair specialists at iFixYouri.

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The Best iPhone 5 Games And Apps

On October 18, 2012, in Apps, iPhone 5, by Chris

iphone-5-screenThe new iPhone 5 offers great improvements over its predecessors. One of the most noticeable features is the bigger and taller screen. In order to take advantage of the bigger screen, developers had to update their apps and games. In other words, they had to optimize their apps and games in order to fit on the bigger screen.



Best Games For iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 will definitely be an instant hit for gamers mainly due to the bigger screen. If you have just bought the new iPhone 5, you should try these great new iPhone 5 games.

Asphalt – Asphalt is one of the best racing games and the new iPhone will take the gaming experience to a whole new level. It has a bigger screen and better graphics. The wider screen gives you the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes on Asphalt’s courses.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy – Sky Gambler will definitely be the most favorite game among most gamers. The new iPhone with the larger screen means that you can turn it into landscape mode and enjoy the game as you fly over simulated cities.

Best Apps For iPhone 5

CNN- It is one of the first media apps to be optimized for the bigger screen on the new iPhone 5. What that means is that you will get to see an extra story on the screen due to it bigger size. Therefore, if you always want to be a step ahead in terms of current events, this should be the first app for your new iPhone.

Dark Sky – Dark Sky is arguably one of the best weather apps in the market. It is very accurate and the best thing is that it looks great on the bigger screen.

Reeder – It is one of the best RSS reader apps. When you install this app on your new iPhone with a bigger screen, you will definitely be able to see more of the story. In other words, you won’t have to scroll up and down so as to see the whole story.

It goes without saying that you should take good care of your new iPhone. However, there are times when the inevitable happens and you find yourself with a broken iPhone. You need not worry because we can fix it for you. Our specialists have been in the industry for years and have repaired iPhones with all types of problems. For more information, click here.

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Google Maps Upgrades for Android

On October 12, 2012, in Apps, by Chris


For those frustrated with the new Maps app included with iOS 6, here’s news about the old Google Maps app you were used to using.  Google has an upcoming upgrade on the horizon for its mapping service for its mobile devices.

Public Transportation

The upgrade includes the listing of options for public transportation in approximately 500 cities across the globe. This takes in departure times and suggested routes for in excess of 1 million international stations, which is roughly a 50 percent increase over a year ago. Google will even supply indoor directions as a means of assisting some riders in navigating the system.

To get a competitive edge, only devices that use Google’s Android operating software will have access to this initial offer. Devices from the following models will be able to access this upgrade:

  • The Motorola Mobility Division of Google
  • Sony Corp.
  • HTC Corp.
  • Samsung Electronics Co.

Apple’s Role in the Changes


These changes surface at the same time as Apple Inc. commits to replacing Google Maps’ position as the foremost navigation service on the iPad and the iPhone. Apple created its very own mapping service for its mobile devices, although it has arrived to a chorus of disappointment due to bugs and a lack of features.

The Effect on Google

This snub from Apple signifies a major blow to Google, which is set to lose revenue from mobile advertising as well as valuable insights about the whereabouts of individuals if iPhone and iPad users embrace this mapping service from Apple.

Response from Google Inc.

Google is of the belief that it can remain one step ahead of Apple as it relates to mobile mapping on Google maps by including features like the expanded directions for public transportation.

This may encourage iPhone users to make the switch to Android devices, or perhaps switch back.  If you have an Android device that is no longer working properly, now might be the time to get it fixed (by the iFixYouri team) to take advantage of Google’s new app features.

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With the advent of the retina display, iPad owners want to download apps that offer the sharpest graphics ever. Playing with brilliant high resolution apps is the only way to truly experience the joys of the retina display. However, with thousands of apps available, the task of choosing the best one is almost impossible. If you have been finding it difficult to choose such an app,  read on for the best retina display apps for iPad, and start enjoying out-of-this-world graphics.

Star Walk for iPad

If you love interactive astronomy, this app should definitely be on your download list. True to its name, it lets users explore the stars in the sky. All one has to do is point his or her iPad device upwards towards the sky. When stargazing becomes a chore rather than a joyous pastime, revert to the planet data and moon phases. The beauty of this app, which makes use of retina display, is the ability to use night mode as well. As such, both day and night modes produce sharp images.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

For gamers, perhaps nothing gets their competitive juices flowing like good graphics. The Sky Gamblers app offers this and much more. You will not only be able to gawk at the depth of field but also enjoy amazing fluidity. To give you an idea of the graphics depth, the app can display 50 battle planes on screen comfortably.



As one of the most popular iPad apps, Evernote does not disappoint when it comes to making full use of retina display graphics. The ultra-high-quality graphics will render your musings perfectly. The slick experience extends across different platforms. This means that you can start scribbling while at the office and continue on your way home.

Infinity Blade II

Game developers know that graphics alone can sink or boost the fortunes of an iPad app. This sequel to the smash-hit Infinity Blade certainly delivers on the graphics front. The resolution renders the stunning landscapes and clouds with such finesse rarely seen in the gaming world. Add to this mix easy game control and you have an app that every iPad owner should have.

Solar Walk

For lovers of 3D models, this solar system iPad app is perhaps the perfect choice. With the help of a set of cyan and red glasses, you will be flying around the universe in no time. Whether you are a novice or an experienced astronomer, Solar Walk provides tons of information using iPad’s retina display.



After taking photographs, you need an iPad app that boasts of retina display qualities for viewing. The iPhoto app from Apple does not disappoint. Everything that you have ever wanted in a photo editing app is available. This includes multi-touch editing, cropping, saturation, as well as exposure. There is no doubt that this app will make both your photo sharing and viewing an enjoyable experience.


When you have to follow stock market movements, you require an app that delivers clear information. The StockTouch app delivers this information using the power of iPad’s retina display. Add intuitive navigation and you have an app for the most demanding trader.

The Early Edition


Reading news can be a joy (on a retina display app) or an eye squinting affair (on a news app that does not make good use of this technology). The Early Edition app optimizes the iPad retina display to resolve this problem, and make reading news both easy and enjoyable.

If you have never had the chance to experience iPad’s retina display, the apps discussed above are very likely to totally change your entire iPad experience. Together with iPad’s quad core graphics engine, your daily gaming, note-taking, or browsing will never be the same again. By taking advantage of the iPad’s 2048 by 1536 screen resolution, these apps provide awesome graphics optimization.

Then again, to fully take advantage of the iPad screen, it should be free of scratches and cracks.  If you have these issues, contact iFixYouri for quality iPad screen repair.

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