The New MacBook Pro’s Pros and Cons

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The 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro is a gorgeous device and has already won ear-splitting applause from users. Nevertheless, there are hitches and for a laptop costing as much as this does, you could not be blamed for being disappointed with technical problems. Potential MacBook Issues As great of a device as Apple has developed withContinue Reading

Cool Verizon iPhone 5 Features

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It’s hard to say what tops the list of the coolest features on the Verizon iPhone 5. The fact that it’s the most advanced phone on the market and can be fixed in a timely fashion, or maybe the fact that it’s designed to last, and not break in the first place. Verizon iPhone 5Continue Reading

What to Know About iPhone Battery Replacement

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Rechargeable batteries may run for a long time but they do have a limited lifespan. iPhone batteries, for example, are good for roughly 400 charge cycles. Performance starts to degrade afterwards and owners will need an iPhone battery replacement in order to continue using the device when hopes of extending the iPhone battery life hasContinue Reading

Tips To Extend MacBook Battery Life

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The battery life of a Macbook depends primarily on its usage, as well as its configuration. All MacBooks have a battery status menu that displays the charge level of the battery as well as whether it is charging or not. The battery status menu and the menu bar lay side to side on the rightContinue Reading