How To Fix Scratched iPhone Screen

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Few things in life are more frustrating than purchasing a new touchscreen phone only to have it damaged and rendered difficult to use.  That moment, frozen in time, when your phone slips from your grip and tumbles towards hard cement or wood, while you can only stand and watch, is a sad moment in everyContinue Reading

How to Change a Cracked iPhone Screen

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You have finally bought an iPhone and you are enjoying every moment of it but unfortunately, the screen gets cracked or broken and you are confused because you do not know how to change a cracked iPhone screen. Some people might even decide to shop for a new iPhone since the broken one no longerContinue Reading

iPhone 4 Back Glass Discoloration

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We recently had a customer who needed a back glass iPhone 4 screen repair because his was scratched up. How it got scratched is because he used a buffer to clean it up. Yeah, that is correct, a buffer like you use to clean your car. Apparently the iPhone 4 back glass does not passContinue Reading