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iphone-repair-kit-ifixyouriThe iPhone has a carefully engineered design that it appears so sleek and compact while packing the best features a smartphone can have beyond the mainstream standards. Unlike other electronic devices with screws and cracks, which can be used to access the internal components, the iPhone appears seamless, brought about by its unified design concept. Thus, the internal components of the Apple smartphone cannot be accessed easily without the use of an iPhone repair kit.

Why Get An iPhone Repair Kit?

The issues one may experience with an iPhone is indicative of the problems one may experience with any sophisticated electronic device. However, the added element of  this particular device being so closely streamlined to our own individual lives make it that much more sensitive. Here are the reoccuring problems that may warrant an iPhone repair kit:

Issues with the iPhone

Apple has always emphasized integrity when it comes to the design of their products. The iPhone, in particular, was designed in such a way that end-users would just have to enjoy the features of the product without having to deal with common issues that other smartphones possess. In certain instances, however, the iPhone can still be prone to some unlikely issues such as screen damage and battery replacement.

Damage of the LCD Screen

Screen damage of the Apple smartphone is highly unlikely because of the tough Gorilla glass protecting the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. Nonetheless, impacts strong enough to push beyond the threshold of the Gorilla glass can still occur. When the glass is cracked, the phone may still function but the display can be difficult to read due to the crack lines along the damaged portion of the screen.

Shorter Battery Life

Another issue with the iPhone is battery replacement. No matter how strict quality control is in the manufacturing unit of Apple, product deviations from the norm are unavoidable. Among these deviations, battery life seems to be the most relevant. Not all batteries are created equal although strict manufacturing conditions intend to create these power packs identical. Hence, some iPhone units have longer lasting batteries while some others have less. For this kind of issue, battery replacement is ultimately the most obvious solution if not to buy another smartphone.

The iPhone Repair Kit

Note: It should be emphasized that due to the complicated nature of this device, the best measure for having an iPhone repaired that has experienced significant damage would be to take it an expert such as iFixYouri.

A set of screwdrivers is not enough to pry open the iPhone for repair; that is why third-party manufacturers came up with a repair kit especially put together for repairing the Apple smartphone. A kit designed for this purpose usually comprises opening levers, guitar opening tools, and pentalobe screwdrivers among others.

Opening levers are ideally made of strong plastic so as to avoid scratching the metallic components of the unit while still being able to apply enough force. The pentalobe screws designed for resistance from tampering can be unscrewed with specially designed pentalobe screwdrivers. Other accessories may include suction caps and phone mounting brackets for organized DIY repairs of the smartphone.

The Simple Truth

Not all issues, however, can be repaired with a DIY iPhone repair kit. For advanced technical issues beyond DIY repair, iPhone owners should bring their units to repair centers where skilled technicians with advanced tools can certainly solve most, if not all, issues.

iDiagnose – Part 2 – The dreaded iPhone battery problem

You leave your iPhone to charge all night, you take it to work, and it is dead by noon. Does your battery not last? Does it not run like the energizer bunny and just fade out immediately after you gave it a full charge? Diagnosing a faulty battery can be a real pain.

You’re in luck, well, not for the reason that you have a dead battery, but that iFixYouri can help you figure out what is really going on with your precious iPhone!

Problems with the battery come from:

  1. Poor conditioning of the battery
  2. Using a cheap charger that allows overcharging
  3. Its’ lifespan(usually about 2 years) has run out
  4. Water damage
  5. Cheap battery

Symptoms of a bad iPhone battery:

  1. Will not charge
  2. Barely holds charge
  3. Phone does erratic things like turn off and restart, display some funky lines on the screen.
  4. Says it has a charge, but in all actuality, it does not.
  5. No response from any plug, press of a power button, or anything for that matter. Just a dark, black, empty screen.

DIY Repair Difficulty – 4/10 – Medium

You must take your time when doing an iPhone Battery repair. You’re going to have to take the glass out, disconnect all the cables on the inside, and remove the motherboard just to get to the battery. You’re going to want to take precautions when doing this repair, taking electrostatic-discharge(ESD) into consideration and making sure you are grounded. We have seen cases where ESD has fried boards and rendered iPhones useless.

High quality iPhone Parts should always be used when repairing a broken iPhone. A dead battery holds true to this as well. We sell and use only the longest lasting, extended life batteries that are available on the market.

Turnaround time on iPhone Battery Repair – Same day

With this iPhone repair service, our technicians will fix your battery problem in no time! All deliveries that we get here by 1pm, get fixed and shipped out the same day.  Whether you’re local in Palm Beach County, or a distant customer in Alaska, iFixYouri can fix this problem for you quickly.

iDiagnose – A brief introduction

We’re starting a new series of blogs here that we’re calling iDiagnose. Purpose of this is to inform our readers of common, yet frustrating problems, how to diagnose them, and most important, how to fix them(using a repair service or DIY), without breaking your bank. We’ll be posting these very frequently so check back often for new tips, updates, and some killer thoughts that you may, or may not have heard about.

Each problem will have a difficulty rating for those of you out there who are more of the self-taught, do-it-yourself repair tech.We will also state how quickly our professional technicians will fix the problem for you.

Here goes nothing, hope you all enjoy! Oh, almost forgot, if you’re searching for a solution to a problem, drop us a line( or 888-494-iFix(4349), we’ll be more than happy to help you out and give you a cause/solution for your problem!

iDiagnose – Part 1 – The faulty home button

You press and press and press, yet nothing happens, or maybe sometimes you get it to respond. Pressing it harder isn’t always the best idea since you risk breaking other feature with increased pressure. Home button failure is a very common issue with all models of iPhones, new and old. It gets frustrating, and worst of all, you have a hard time justifying to send it off to an iPhone repair service for ‘just the home button’ since everything else is working.

A full functioning home button is a key factor to the amount of joy you have using when using your iPhone. There is a direct correlation between happiness and how well your iPhone is working. Statistics show that during the rather short lived life of your iPhone home button, it will have been clicked on average, 64 times a day, or 23360 times a year, or 46720 in its’ bound to AT&T ‘contract life.’

Right now you’re saying really? How the h*@l did they get that statistic. We didn’t. And honestly, we’re not 100% sure how many times it is clicked, but it is a lot, that’s for sure!

Problems with the home button come from:

  1. The button itself is shot from repetitive pressing/usage
  2. The prongs under the frame wore out, got corroded, or broke
  3. Water got in the crack between the glass and button
  4. The dock connector failed – Dock connector? What does the home button have anything to do with the dock connector? On the bottom side of the frame that holds the iPhone glass, there are some metal contacts that touch the top of the dock connector, that send the signal when pressed to the motherboard(the brain) of the iPhone. If the dock connector fails, no more functioning home button
  5. Lastly the rarest – The connector on the the motherboard shorted leaving this function permanently inoperable.

Of these 5, the worn out button(#1) covers about 3 out of 5 home button failures.

DIY Repair Difficulty – 8/10 – Very difficult

If you’re the type to do-it-yourself, the iPhone 3G home button repair and the iPhone 3Gs home button repair is quite a tough repair. It requires seperating the glass from the frame….here comes the tough part…without damaging the glass or scratching the back side. If the glass is in good condition, you’re in for a good challenge. Prime time to change the glass, is if your glass is already cracked and you’re planning on either using an iPhone Repair Service or purchasing iPhone Parts to DIY.

Turnaround time on iPhone home button repair – Same day

You read that correctly. All you need to do is send in your iPhone for repair to our facility located in Florida, we will fix it the same day it is received here, and ship it back to you. All deliveries that we get here by 1pm, get fixed and shipped out the same day.  Whether you’re local in Palm Beach County, or a distant customer in Alaska, iFixYouri can fix this problem for you quickly.

That’s all for this week folks! Have a good weekend and we look forward to our next iDiagnose session with you.

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