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Our latest video where we decided to throw and iPhone 3G in water and fix it is our latest video installation meant to educate and entertain. Based on the amount of rice bags we’ve been receiving, it is safe to say people were paying attention.

Sunday we will publish our iPhone 4 water damage video, which stars our custom white iPhone 4 getting wet. I hate to spill the beans but let me tell you the end of the story: we fix it.

Shocking, eh? You should not be. Our water damage repair is highly effective. We know for a fact that our water damage repair is something that separates us from the majority of competition.

Some of our past video’s reflected on our iPhone screen repair services that have the highest success rates. While our competition may be able to make the same claim, most don’t use the quality glass that we do. Front glass and back glass, white glass and black glass–we have it all.

In future video tests we plan on showing people the various nuances of our repair processes. If you have any suggestions or question let us know!

iFixyouri is the top solution for mail-in iPhone repair because of the quality parts, services and support we provide.

CBS 12 News has approached us again but this time about burning iPods. Our iPhone repair services have not run into one of this situations but we were more than happy to shed some light on the matter.

The typical cause of this rare occurrence can be traced back to a faulty dock connector or a bad battery. During the time of the interview we had not actually seen the broken iPod touch. After seeing the pics though, we think the iPod may have been wet.

Regardless, it was also reported that a man’s pants pocket caught on fire with his iPhone. Again, this is likely because of the battery. If you notice your device overheating, it is advised that you let it cool down before you and proceed with caution. If your iPhone or related device catches fire, it’s probably worthless. Regardless, check out the report.

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We receive iPhone 4 repair inquiries all of the time and want to start sharing our responses to everyone. We had a lady from the Las Angeles/Santa Barbara/Tulare county area email to ask us:

I just bought and iPhone 4 and soon after spilled a glass of water on it. I dried it off immediately and it worked soon after. But now this morning it won’t turn on. Can you fix it?

Yes, we can fix that. While iPhone 4 water damage can be very bad, we can typically repair over 90% the phones. The big issue is corrosion but there are ways to avoid it. When your iPhone 4 gets wet you should take the back casing off. Then take the battery and SIM card out. Put it in a bag of rise. Or you can blow with hair dryer (on low). Or you can just let it sit with noted parts removed.

Once it is completely dry you mail it to use. We offer diagnostics service if you prefer that in the iPhone 4 repair process. You can see all the needed shipping information during the checkout process. It is very simple and shipping is free. A common problem when people spill water on their iPhone is powering it on or leaving it on. When a phone is not completely submerged people get a false sense of security. Until your iPhone 4 is completely dry you don’t power it on.

This email came from the area in California that encompasses the cities of  Bakersfield, Palmdale, Santa Clarita and Lancaster all of which are near Los Angeles/Santa Barbara/Tulare County. The beauty of the mail-in service is we can help no matter where you live. Let us know if you have any further questions.

If you’re unsure of what iPhone screen repair you’re in need of, don’t feel like you’re the only one. It is easy to lump iPhone 3G  and 3Gs together because as the name suggests, the 3Gs is an upgrade from its predecessor, not deserving of a more unique title.  This helps the overall process of fixing these phones similar in many ways, although before any repair do your research so you know what your are getting into. Basically, don’t read about how to fix a 3G if you own a 3Gs.  One way in which these phones have something in common is screen repair. While the parts are not the same necessarily, the process in which one performs a DIY repair is very similar.

One main nuance is the fact that the the glass screen and LCD digitizer display are not glued together. In the iPhone 3G repair world this is a big difference to the original model and the new iPhone 4 that is stuck together to avoid dust in the display.

As our much overlooked 3G and 3Gs tests showed, even with protective covers the iPhone can be in danger of LCD display issues even when the glass does not shatter or get cracked. Sometimes the iPhone 3G screen is cracked but the LCD behind it is fine. Screen display issues varies in price depending on the exact need, which often times comes down to if the glass and/or LCD is broken.

An iPhone 3Gs repair is much the same story, as broken glass can be an easier type of DIY repair but LCD damage can be much more difficult. Overall, fixing a 3G iPhone will cost a little more than the 3G.

DIY iPhone replacement parts are also becoming increasingly popular. Our services offer a great way for you to find out how to fix something yourself. Sometimes people think they can fix something but after speaking with us are thankful we saved them from disaster. Give us a call and we will find the right iPhone repair solution for you. If you know what you want, rest assured that when ordering, you will be receiving your products and services from the growing leader in Apple iPhone repair services.

The iPhone screen, when working, is a thing of beauty. When compared to other phones, the iPhone’s touch response, feel and clarity stands far above the competition. Many people are sorely disappointed when the find that with the upsides, come the downsides. One slight drop though and you’re left with a crack the hurts you every time you pick up the phone to use it.

Here’s our suggestion for a quick fix:

1) Select the iPhone glass repair you need. We’re here to help you the entire process for:

iPhone 3G Repair

iPhone 3Gs Repair

iPhone 4 Repair

2) Purchase, check-out, and ship your iPhone to:


748 Park Ave

Suite D

Lake Park, FL 33403

3) We’ll receive it, and ship it back to you within 24 Hours! If we get your iPhone in by 1Pm, we’ll fix it and ship it back the same day.

Our iPhone screens are all high quality parts, which will insure that your iPhone will function with the same factory feel, as if it was brand new!

We try to make this as painless as possible. Based on your shipping option that you select, your phone can be out of your hands for less than 36 hours!

One of the most bizarre unfortunate breaks was an incident where a customer left his new iPhone 4 in the car during a hot day in Florida, and the phone got so hot, that the back glass shattered. Fortunately for him, this was a relatively cheap repair that caused him more headache than anything.

If you’re more of the DIY type, your best route is to purchase the iPhone parts needed, and we’ll ship them out the same day, as long as you place your order by 3:30pm.

Have a question regarding iPhone repair? No problem. Drop us a line at 561-881-0095, or toll free 888-494-iFix, shoot us an email at info@ifixyouri.com, or catch us on our live chat!

We’re here to make this as painless as possible, and get your repair done right, the first time, and quickly.

From water damage repair to cracked glass, we’ve got you covered.

There were the days of hopes and dreams of a shatter proof iPhone glass. During the WWDC Jobs spoke of the glass as being Engineered Glass.

All the breakthrough technology in iPhone 4 is situated between two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass — the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. Chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, the glass is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever. It’s also recyclable.

We are seeing such a high iPhone 4 repair demand for glass replacement already, as well as the back glass replacement. The iPhone is not even a week old and we’re already seeing this as a major, major problem, but now with 2 times as much glass as before.

One customer contact us stating that he had left his iPhone 4 sitting in his car, which got hot, and well, when he returned, he was in need of an iPhone screen repair. The heat had actually cause the screen to crack. Our thoughts on this are that the metal frame got so hot that it heated the glass up to an unstable temperature, and it cracked.

Another customer had the iPhone in his lap and got out of the car, where it fell a mere 2 ft and put a hairline crack right through the front glass.

iFixYouri has already had numerous orders come in for both front and back glass using our mail-in service. We will continue to honor our iPhone 4 Repair service and uphold and maintain the high standard of service that we consider common practice while adjusting to a new product.

With such a high demand already for the iPhone 4 glass repair and a limited number of repairs available due to the current supply of parts on the market, we will be regularly updating our blog with info on iPhone 4 parts and repair service status. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Under the iPhone 4 product page, we’ll be listing if any repairs are currently on back order.

About a week ago a few of the techs and I decided to drop test an iPhone 4 to test screen damage resistance (we had a full iPhone, minus the motherboard). This test came under scrutiny since there was no ‘video’ proof and the iPhone parts used were questioned. We did not use any hammers, ice picks, or axes to break it. Just gravity. We did not throw it or spike it.

We told everyone that once we have a full iPhone, functioning, we’d be posting a video of us drop testing. The test was completed on a sunny afternoon in Florida, behind our repair facility. The area where it was dropped was free of pebbles and/or small rocks. It was a flat surface out in our parking lot. The height it was performed at, was about the level where you would be holding the phone out in front of you.

Well, the day has come, we have a complete working iPhone, straight from Apple, in our hands today. We disassembled it, took some pictures, reassembled it, showed that it works and that it is a functioning iPhone in the video. This video is completely unedited. What you are about to see is heart breaking. Our next step will be to perform and iPhone repair to show how we can clean up a broken iPhone 4 screen when suffering glass damage.


All the hype going on right now is about the new iPhone 4, all the great new features, and Apple raising the bar a notch to its competition.

We received our FULL, circuit board included, iPhone 4 quite early this morning and rather than playing with all the new features, we tore it down to its bare components. How it comes apart and gets put back together is determines the iPhone repair process and that’s what really excites us.

First thing we noticed is how solid it felt. It feels heavier, and definitely more durable (feels is the key word here).

Taking the back cover off reveals a battery, like most other phones on the market today. This battery actually comes out with ease. The iPhone 4 is manufactured in a way that is opposite of the 3G, and 3Gs, but similar to the original 2G iPhone. Let me explain what I mean here….

iPhone 2G/iPhone 4 – In the manufacturing process, the Glass is the first part that is assembled to the chassis/frame, followed by the internals, and last the battery then the back cover.

iPhone 3G/iPhone 3Gs – The back cover is the first part assembled, then battery followed by the internals. The glass is the last part that goes in.

With iPhone 4 Repair for screen damage, this makes the process a bit more difficult, time consuming, and costly as the iPhone needs to be completely torn down to change out the glass.

After removing the battery we moved on to other iPhone 4 parts, we removed the lower speaker, charging port, and gently removed the logic board. With the logic board removed, you have access to the cameras, power button, ear piece speaker, volume controls and all the screws that hold the screen in place. Once all the screws are removed, the glass has a bit of adhessive that holds the screen to the frame snuggly.

The frame is a piece to marvel at. The intricate design and how everything pieces together is quite amazing.

In addition to the manufacturing of the phone gearing back towards the ways of the original iPhone, Apple decided to go ahead and use a mass amount of new screws that we have not seen before. As if the tiny screws that were used before weren’t pain enough, now they threw in some washers that help in holding the glass in place.

The steel body, combined with the sleek glass on front and back, we’d say that Apple hit yet another home run with this one.

Repairs on this new phone should not be left to amateurs. The mass of new screws, connectors, odd shaped circuit board(to maximize real estate), make this a tricky repair. Any and all measures to prevent electrostatic discharge(ESD) should be taken when cracking this open. Our technicians are always grounded when working on phones, and are only permitted to work in ESD safe areas.

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