iPhone Repair Video Planning

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Our latest video where we decided to throw and iPhone 3G in water and fix it is our latest video installation meant to educate and entertain. Based on the amount of rice bags we’ve been receiving, it is safe to say people were paying attention. Sunday we will publish our iPhone 4 water damage video,Continue Reading

iPod Touch Catches Fire in Florida

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CBS 12 News has approached us again but this time about burning iPods. Our iPhone repair services have not run into one of this situations but we were more than happy to shed some light on the matter. The typical cause of this rare occurrence can be traced back to a faulty dock connector or aContinue Reading

iPhone 4 Water Damage in California

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We receive iPhone 4 repair inquiries all of the time and want to start sharing our responses to everyone. We had a lady from the Las Angeles/Santa Barbara/Tulare county area email to ask us: I just bought and iPhone 4 and soon after spilled a glass of water on it. I dried it off immediatelyContinue Reading