The iPhone took a giant leap when it made the leap from working on the old EDGE network to the 3G network. Streaming videos from your cell phone, fast picture messaging, and quick internet access exploded on the smart phone scene transitioning everyone to a mobile, fully portable tech world.

Being well into the whole iPhone 3G repair scene with generations of past 3G collecting dust, you may be questioning what exactly to do with that ‘ancient’ 1 year old iPhone sitting in your desk drawer. Is it worth anything? If it’s broken, should you just chuck it? Or perhaps you may think about keeping it so you have a backup phone, should your near and dear iPhone 4 decide to break.

I’m here to run through a these different options, and give you the pro’s and con’s of each, hopefully helping you make the right choice.

First off, is it worth anything? Yes, absolutely. Unlike computers, iPhones tend to hold their value for a good amount of time. The fact that older ones, which are unlockable, and not available on other carriers such as t-mobile, Voice Stream, and other GSM carriers makes these phones very appealing to consumers that are stuck on these other carriers or those who do not want to sign a 2 year contract, just to get an iPhone. The whole industry flourishes, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

How broken is it? Is it worth repairing? Why put $50, $75, or even $100 into fixing it? Simple answer. You can still use it, should something happen to your current phone, it’s much cheaper to get it fixed, than to go out and spend $200+ on a replacement iPhone. Did you know that to buy an iPhone 4 out of contract you’re looking at spending $599? That sure does make the $50-$100 repair to have a backup sound a little more appealing. Whatever the break may be, worst case scenario you’re looking at spending about $125.00, give or take a few bucks, max, on an 3G Repair.

For things like cracked glass and a dead LCD, a DIY kit may be the perfect solution for getting your iPhone repair on the cheap if you’re up for a challenge. An iPhone 3G Glass kit runs you about $39.99. Throw in an LCD into the mix if your screen is totally shot, and you’re still only at $74.99.

Lastly, if you’re dead set that you have no intention on fixing your broken iPhone, we have one word for you, RECYCLE! iFixYouri has a full scale program that will help you in the process of recycling your iPhone, all while putting a couple bucks in your pocket. We’ll fix the iPhone and bring it back to near factory-spec condition, where we will then put it in hands of less-privileged who can’t afford a new one.

iFixYouri has many close ties with many low-income schools and shelters where we help the less fortunate by donating electronics like iPhones and computers. Not only is this helping others, but helping our environment as well by cutting back on electronic waste (e-waste).

The iPhone screen, when working, is a thing of beauty. When compared to other phones, the iPhone’s touch response, feel and clarity stands far above the competition. Many people are sorely disappointed when the find that with the upsides, come the downsides. One slight drop though and you’re left with a crack the hurts you every time you pick up the phone to use it.

Here’s our suggestion for a quick fix:

1) Select the iPhone glass repair you need. We’re here to help you the entire process for:

iPhone 3G Repair

iPhone 3Gs Repair

iPhone 4 Repair

2) Purchase, check-out, and ship your iPhone to:


748 Park Ave

Suite D

Lake Park, FL 33403

3) We’ll receive it, and ship it back to you within 24 Hours! If we get your iPhone in by 1Pm, we’ll fix it and ship it back the same day.

Our iPhone screens are all high quality parts, which will insure that your iPhone will function with the same factory feel, as if it was brand new!

We try to make this as painless as possible. Based on your shipping option that you select, your phone can be out of your hands for less than 36 hours!

One of the most bizarre unfortunate breaks was an incident where a customer left his new iPhone 4 in the car during a hot day in Florida, and the phone got so hot, that the back glass shattered. Fortunately for him, this was a relatively cheap repair that caused him more headache than anything.

If you’re more of the DIY type, your best route is to purchase the iPhone parts needed, and we’ll ship them out the same day, as long as you place your order by 3:30pm.

Have a question regarding iPhone repair? No problem. Drop us a line at 561-881-0095, or toll free 888-494-iFix, shoot us an email at, or catch us on our live chat!

We’re here to make this as painless as possible, and get your repair done right, the first time, and quickly.

From water damage repair to cracked glass, we’ve got you covered.

Many different types of drops will shatter your dear phone’s glass leaving it in need of an iPhone screen repair.

We’ve seen every type of drop imaginable, from sitting on it, to your iPhone leaping out your hands and out the window of your car at high speeds. It can, and will happen.

A chip here or a crack there, ┬áiPhone glass breaks in many different ways. It’s painful to see your companion, also known as iPhone, get hurt and go through so much pain. We know, because we have been there too! All is okay though because we are here to make the iPhone repair process as painless as possible.

The process to get it fixed is quite simple.

  1. Determine what model iPhone you have
    • iPhone 3G or iPhone 3Gs – On the back side of the phone, you’ll see a stamp on the back that says 8Gb, 16Gb, or 32Gb
      • 8Gb – 3G or 2g
        • 2G – Aluminum back housing
        • 3G – Black Plastic back housing
      • 16Gb – 3G or 3Gs
        • 3G – The words written on the back are a flat gray paint.
        • 3Gs – The words written on the back are a reflective, chrome-like paint.
      • 32Gb - 3Gs only
  2. Based on the model, select iPhone 3G Glass Repair or iPhone 3Gs Glass Repair
  3. Add the selected repair to your shopping cart.
  4. Proceed to checkout
  5. Once checkout is complete, ship your iPhone to our National Repair Facility located in Florida.
  6. We’ll receive your iPhone, fix it, and ship it back out to you before the close of the same business day.

Glass and LCD Repairs received by 1pm will be fixed and shipped back out the same day. Please include your name and contact information inside the box when sending your iPhone into us. Also, we do ask that you hold onto your SIM card, as we have no need for it and you can put it in a spare phone while yours is getting fixed.

You can have your glass repaired complete and back in your hands in as little as 36 hours. Our iPhone Screen Repair service is so fast you’ll never even know if was gone! We strive for quick, low-cost repairs, all while doing continuous improvements in our processes to maintain and uphold quality services for our customers. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest peacefully knowing that the best iPhone parts, combined with the highest skilled technicians in the industry, will get your broken iPhone back to perfect working condition, quickly.

We offer FREE FedEx return shipping and a 1 year warranty on all glass repairs, insuring that your repair will be delivered on-time and last!

For added protection, we now offer an iPhone Protection Plan to save you some $$$ the next time your iPhone decides to take a leap towards the ground or go for a swim.

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