The launch of iPhone 4 in 2010 created a buzz all over the internet as mobile phone users yearned to own the new technology. However, just like other products in the market, this phone was reviewed and tested by consumers and it was discovered that many people experienced problems with its signal. This mostly happened when the users placed their fingers or hand over the antenna on the left side of the phone, thus affecting the network coverage. iPhone 4 reception problems were serious, especially for people living in areas with low network coverage.

For people living in areas with higher network coverage, they only complained of a low network bar whenever their hands or fingers covered the antenna area. If you have been experiencing these reception problems, then you do not have to worry anymore because this issue can be fixed by following simple guidelines.


How to Get Rid of iPhone 4 Reception Problems

If your iPhone has reception problems, you shouldn’t throw it away and buy a new one, rather, you should get it fixed. There are several ways of fixing iPhone 4 reception problems. Listed below are some of them.

1) Buying an External Case

An external case is recommended because it acts as a protection for the phone while also preventing your bare skin from touching the antenna. Apple sells these cases but a variety of options can be found in almost any mall or electronic store.

2) Balancing Your Hand

According to research, the majority of people experiencing this reception problem normally use their left hands to hold the iPhone. It is recommended that you use your right hand whenever you hold the device. This is obviously a greater challenge for left-handed people.

3) Using Tape

This sounds odd but most consumers who have tried this method accept the fact that it really helps in solving the reception problems. Apply a piece of tape at the bottom left corner of the iPhone. You can use gaffer’s tape to make the phone look elegant and also prevent the possibility of leaving behind a sticky mess.

Other Ways of Getting Rid of iPhone 4 Reception Problems

If the methods above don’t work, or you’re looking for more options, read on.

Remove the SIM Card

This problem can also be solved by simply removing the SIM card and reinstating it again. However, generally users don’t prefer this method because it is tiresome and irritating when the device is opened and closed frequently. Some people also claim that they lose their phone’s settings when they remove the SIM card.

Washing Hands Before Handling an iPhone

Some engineers also claim that washing hands before handling the iPhone helps prevent the reception problems. They claim that hand washing removes the natural electrolytes from your hand, thus preventing the loss of signal when you hold the phone.

Some IT students also carried out research about the unique ways of getting rid of iPhone 4 reception problems and it was discovered that wearing latex gloves is a possible solution, though not so many people are comfortable with wearing them every time they handle this device.

Simply get the iPhone 4 Repaired

Some of these methods might work and some might not work. If you want to really get rid of iPhone 4 reception problems, you should ship it to a company that specializes in repairing iPhones, like iFixYouri. We will fix the iPhone 4 reception problems and ship it back to you.

Patriotic iPhone 4 colors hit the USA!

On January 13, 2011, in iPhone Repair, by Staff

Here’s a first, we have actual colored glass, in hand here at iFixYouri. These aren’t just vector images, these are the real deal. They look super clean, and super sharp.

If you’re into customizing your phone, this is the latest. It’s kind of like those light up antennas from the late 90’s that everyone was putting on their nokias. Next, we’re expecting possibly some colored bezels maybe? We’re not quite sure. Maybe bezels w/ LED’s in them. That’d be kinda neat.

The baby blue is accented with white trim and a matching white home button. The red, it’s the same. It’s all coming together in the customization of your iPhone 4! The quality is good and everything functions fine. Here are a few snap shots of the glass installed.

Pretty cool stuff. Turn to iFixYouri for all your iPhone 4 Repair needs.

Broken iPhone 4 screen and not sure where to turn? iFixYouri offers quick, high quality repairs, at an affordable price. Don’t trust just anyone to repair your iPhone, go with the leaders in the repair industry. We use only the highest quality parts available on the market and have extremely skilled technicians so you can rest assured that your phone will be fixed quickly, and correctly the first time.

iPhone 4 Glass Repair

So many options for iPhone 4 screen replacement services we understand how it can be confusing. We’re going to make this quick and simple, so that your iPhone screen repair goes smoothly and without complication.

Option #1: iPhone screen repair service – Have a skilled technician fix your broken iPhone. Make sure they’re using high quality OEM parts. Cheap parts will fail.

Option #2: DIY iPhone repair kit – Purchase a kit and do-it-yourself. Keep in mind, it’s not as easy as it looks. A lot of times we see people purchase kits and aren’t able to successfully install them.

On the iPhone 4, the screen and the LCD are fused together. If you buy just the glass, you’ll be SOL. Buy just the LCD, well, you’re SOL again.

Fused, high quality, OEM. Go cheap and you’ll get what you pay for. Plain and simple. You have a $600 phone, and you want to put a piece of $10 glass on it? Bad choice. That’s like putting used tires on a nice Porsche. Bad idea.

The iPhone 4 has definitely had some hick-ups with its’ release. From retina display issues, antenna issues, to the glass breaking right off the bat. iFixYouri has had calls and done repairs on it all with the iPhone 4. People criticize, people hate, and people love. No matter what it is, there will be people on both sides of the fence.

Here comes the Droid X, the iPhone 4’s arch enemy. Apple fanboys hate it. Droidboys love it. All new, ground breaking technology will have its’ glitches. Apple is not excluded from this, and apparently neither is Motorola.

With the Motorola Droid X hitting the market, problems began to arise with the release of the phone, just like the iPhone 4 had. Perhaps it was not on such a grand scale, since the market for the Motorola Droid is not quite the size of the Apple iPhone market(though it is growing). According to

A small amount of Droid X owners are reporting that without warning their phone’s screen suddenly began flickering. In some cases, the phone display is rendered completely useless. In all cases that were posted on tech site HowardForums, where the reports began to surface, the device worked properly at first but after several hours or even days, the screen became glitchy.

Motorola was quick to issue a software fix to this problem, but what this does is show that no electronic device, no matter who the company is, is immune to problems. As Google’s Droid platform is introduced to more and more phones(Motorola and HTC), other smartphone manufacturers’ market share will surely grow closer and closer to Apple’s position #3. The more of these smartphones there on the market, the more problems will be noticed.

With each new piece of technology, will come problems. It is near impossible to do the level of in-house testing that 500,000 people can do when a product is released to the general public. The huge scale of phones that Apple cranked out last month definitely did some real world testing and now it was Motorola’s turn to step to the plate.

Apple and Motorola  did not pass with flying colors, but they both will have their days. We forgive both, and feel that as long as the companies providing these products is striving to fix what went wrong, we see it only fair to move on. As with any new release, there will be new problems. Look at car manufacturers. Rule of thumb is to never purchase a new model car the first year they come out. Why? Because they have problems. The fact is, technology, like cars, are made to break. Now-a-days,we are trained to toss and replace, rather than repair and re-use.

Lets move on. Drop antennagate, forgive Motorola. These things will happen and no company or person is perfect. Whether you need iPhone repair, or Droid Repair, your phone can, and will, break. There is no way around this fact, and unfortunately for some, it happens right in the beginning of the technology’s life.

Did you drop your beautiful iPhone 4 and now have a cracked screen? iFixYouri offers industry leading repair services for any and all your problems. From cracked glass to water damage, we have you covered. Save money, repair wisely, and go with a name you can trust.

iPhone 4 Screen Repair

So you broke your new iPhone 4. Mad, upset, distraught.No matter what, it’s definitely frustrating. We have already see our fair share of broken iPhone 4’s, and they’re only about a month old.

Here’s a few things that we’ve picked up on so far with the recent release

  • The glass still breaks
  • The back glass is more fragile and prone to breaking than the previous plastic 3G/3Gs back housing.
  • It has some issues with the antenna that are easily remedied by holding it the right way
  • People are still dropping them in the water
  • A water-proof iPhone seems far fetched

You have a couple options when it comes to getting the right iPhone 4 fix

Apple – Try to return in, pray that the geniuses will have mercy on your soul and grant you a new iPhone. In all honesty, this probably will happen 1 out of maybe 10 or 15 times, if you’re lucky. The cost of this, well free. If they shun you and ask you to pay for a new one, well now we’re talking somewhere in the $599+ range.

Third party repair – iFixYouri has many iPhone 4 repair options. All with a wide variety of pricing options. Repairs range from $69-$199. Regardless of the repair, you’re being frugal, and saving money. If you’re going the third party route, remember, best price does not always equal best service. Find it cheap? You’re pretty much looking at 100% cheap parts. You want to make sure that all parts are high quality, or else you will leave your $599 toy functioning worse than a $20 flip phone from the 90’s. You’ll lose that accurate touch, that smooth slide as you pan through the apps, and most importantly, you’ll increase the risk of part failure within a couple months. This can, and does happen, all too frequently.

Our suggestion - Well, before we give that to you, let’s do a slight comparison. Putting cheap glass on an iPhone 4 is like putting used near bald tires on a brand new BMW coupe. You know that in just a few month, you’ll need new tires again, just like the glass will eventually fail again. Go with the pro’s, save a few bucks and spare the hassel of going to the genius bar. Send it in to us, we’ll fix it, and send it back the same day we receive it in shop.

There were the days of hopes and dreams of a shatter proof iPhone glass. During the WWDC Jobs spoke of the glass as being Engineered Glass.

All the breakthrough technology in iPhone 4 is situated between two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass — the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. Chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, the glass is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever. It’s also recyclable.

We are seeing such a high iPhone 4 repair demand for glass replacement already, as well as the back glass replacement. The iPhone is not even a week old and we’re already seeing this as a major, major problem, but now with 2 times as much glass as before.

One customer contact us stating that he had left his iPhone 4 sitting in his car, which got hot, and well, when he returned, he was in need of an iPhone screen repair. The heat had actually cause the screen to crack. Our thoughts on this are that the metal frame got so hot that it heated the glass up to an unstable temperature, and it cracked.

Another customer had the iPhone in his lap and got out of the car, where it fell a mere 2 ft and put a hairline crack right through the front glass.

iFixYouri has already had numerous orders come in for both front and back glass using our mail-in service. We will continue to honor our iPhone 4 Repair service and uphold and maintain the high standard of service that we consider common practice while adjusting to a new product.

With such a high demand already for the iPhone 4 glass repair and a limited number of repairs available due to the current supply of parts on the market, we will be regularly updating our blog with info on iPhone 4 parts and repair service status. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Under the iPhone 4 product page, we’ll be listing if any repairs are currently on back order.

About a week ago a few of the techs and I decided to drop test an iPhone 4 to test screen damage resistance (we had a full iPhone, minus the motherboard). This test came under scrutiny since there was no ‘video’ proof and the iPhone parts used were questioned. We did not use any hammers, ice picks, or axes to break it. Just gravity. We did not throw it or spike it.

We told everyone that once we have a full iPhone, functioning, we’d be posting a video of us drop testing. The test was completed on a sunny afternoon in Florida, behind our repair facility. The area where it was dropped was free of pebbles and/or small rocks. It was a flat surface out in our parking lot. The height it was performed at, was about the level where you would be holding the phone out in front of you.

Well, the day has come, we have a complete working iPhone, straight from Apple, in our hands today. We disassembled it, took some pictures, reassembled it, showed that it works and that it is a functioning iPhone in the video. This video is completely unedited. What you are about to see is heart breaking. Our next step will be to perform and iPhone repair to show how we can clean up a broken iPhone 4 screen when suffering glass damage.


All the hype going on right now is about the new iPhone 4, all the great new features, and Apple raising the bar a notch to its competition.

We received our FULL, circuit board included, iPhone 4 quite early this morning and rather than playing with all the new features, we tore it down to its bare components. How it comes apart and gets put back together is determines the iPhone repair process and that’s what really excites us.

First thing we noticed is how solid it felt. It feels heavier, and definitely more durable (feels is the key word here).

Taking the back cover off reveals a battery, like most other phones on the market today. This battery actually comes out with ease. The iPhone 4 is manufactured in a way that is opposite of the 3G, and 3Gs, but similar to the original 2G iPhone. Let me explain what I mean here….

iPhone 2G/iPhone 4 – In the manufacturing process, the Glass is the first part that is assembled to the chassis/frame, followed by the internals, and last the battery then the back cover.

iPhone 3G/iPhone 3Gs – The back cover is the first part assembled, then battery followed by the internals. The glass is the last part that goes in.

With iPhone 4 Repair for screen damage, this makes the process a bit more difficult, time consuming, and costly as the iPhone needs to be completely torn down to change out the glass.

After removing the battery we moved on to other iPhone 4 parts, we removed the lower speaker, charging port, and gently removed the logic board. With the logic board removed, you have access to the cameras, power button, ear piece speaker, volume controls and all the screws that hold the screen in place. Once all the screws are removed, the glass has a bit of adhessive that holds the screen to the frame snuggly.

The frame is a piece to marvel at. The intricate design and how everything pieces together is quite amazing.

In addition to the manufacturing of the phone gearing back towards the ways of the original iPhone, Apple decided to go ahead and use a mass amount of new screws that we have not seen before. As if the tiny screws that were used before weren’t pain enough, now they threw in some washers that help in holding the glass in place.

The steel body, combined with the sleek glass on front and back, we’d say that Apple hit yet another home run with this one.

Repairs on this new phone should not be left to amateurs. The mass of new screws, connectors, odd shaped circuit board(to maximize real estate), make this a tricky repair. Any and all measures to prevent electrostatic discharge(ESD) should be taken when cracking this open. Our technicians are always grounded when working on phones, and are only permitted to work in ESD safe areas.

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