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Our latest video where we decided to throw and iPhone 3G in water and fix it is our latest video installation meant to educate and entertain. Based on the amount of rice bags we’ve been receiving, it is safe to say people were paying attention.

Sunday we will publish our iPhone 4 water damage video, which stars our custom white iPhone 4 getting wet. I hate to spill the beans but let me tell you the end of the story: we fix it.

Shocking, eh? You should not be. Our water damage repair is highly effective. We know for a fact that our water damage repair is something that separates us from the majority of competition.

Some of our past video’s reflected on our iPhone screen repair services that have the highest success rates. While our competition may be able to make the same claim, most don’t use the quality glass that we do. Front glass and back glass, white glass and black glass–we have it all.

In future video tests we plan on showing people the various nuances of our repair processes. If you have any suggestions or question let us know!

iFixyouri is the top solution for mail-in iPhone repair because of the quality parts, services and support we provide.

We recently had a customer who needed a back glass iPhone 4 screen repair because his was scratched up. How it got scratched is because he used a buffer to clean it up. Yeah, that is correct, a buffer like you use to clean your car. Apparently the iPhone 4 back glass does not pass the buffer test though (no we don’t have video to prove it).

When we replaced it with a back glass, the customer notified us that there was slight discoloration so we replaced that as well. Upon further review, we’ve noticed a bunch of the back glass we see has slight discoloration in some spots, although this is noticed under a light in a ‘where’s Waldo’ type of eye game.

So to review, don’t buffer the back glass of your iPhone 4. Also, you may have to deal with slight discoloration for the back glass of you iPhone 4. If this bothers you we can provide an iPhone repair with back glass that is not discolored.

After several tests performed by the iFixyouri staff, Apple has decided to perform a free iPhone 4 repair for anyone with broken screen or water damage.  It is really cool that a billion dollar company has decided to take notice of our screen (on ground) breaking iPhone 4 tests. Ok, not exactly.

Consumer Reports did say that Apple should provide a free iPhone repair to anyone who is have antenna issues with their new iPhone 4. This bit of news came shortly after their announcement that the iPhone was the best smartphone around. After Apple gave their much talked about press conference in which they announced free bumpers to everyone, they mildly changed their tone:

“Consumer Reports believes Apple’s offer of free cases is a good first step. However, Apple has indicated that this is not a long-term solution, it has guaranteed the offer only through September 30th, and has not extended it unequivocally to customers who bought cases from third-party vendors. We look forward to a long-term fix from Apple. As things currently stand, the iPhone 4 is still not one of our Recommended models.”

The reality is that if you by this beautiful, yet fragile device you better buy a screen protector and protective shield to basically alleviate many of the potential issues aside from water damage. Without it your iPhone 4 is very vulnerable to breaking. Even with a protective case the LCD could die but in terms of protecting the screen from cracking or shattering they do a great job. As we proved in our tests, the bumper is great for helping with reception problems but in terms of protecting the glass it does nothing.

Any notion that Consumer Reports or any other such negative publicity is going to hurt iPhone 4 sales has proven to be false. It may turn a few people away but the fevering reporting on the issue makes the iPhone the ‘in’ item once again. That is not to say that there are not other great options, which there are but the fact is that the much to do about nothing issues are easily correctable. Is it bogus that you have to buy a protective case to get reception? Perhaps, just as it is bogus that you need it to protect the glass. But hey, that’s the smartphone world we live in so deal with it.

If you have become one of the unlucky many to break your iPhone give us a call, that’s what we are here for.

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We have detailed closely our ability to break the iPhone 4 on concrete, with a protective bumper and without. You can check out our video section for all of our film sessions. The bumper does not seem to make much of a difference in protecting from glass damage. When the iPhone 4 screen breaks, the LCD behind it is also ruined. This raises the overall cost of iPhone parts needed and make the DIY iPhone 4 repair process much more difficult. Lucky for those who break an iPhone, the techs at iFixyouri.com have seen it all and repair almost everything.

The video below is our demonstration on how to fix the iPhone 4 yourself. Before any DIY repair you need to make sure you have the correct tools and parts needed for successful repair.

After doing the iPhone 4 drop test, we decided to make yet another video of us fixing the poor poor iPhone 4. Sit back and enjoy!

Parts Needed for DIY iPhone 4 screen repair:

Glass Kit

Repair tools needed:

Precision Screwdriver
Plastic Spudger

Remember: STAY GROUNDED – Be sure you are electrostatic discharge(ESD) safe. We always use static mats w/ a wrist strap to be sure we’re properly grounded!

We have heard a lot of talk about the iPhone 4 bumper helping with reception problems but now we test it to see if it can prevent glass and LCD damage. The results are not good for iPhone 4 owners who just got a protective bumper, as the 3rd drop on concrete resulted in a shattered screen. The iPhone 4 repair team is on standby to answer any questions and as you see in the video below, for good reason.

Going back to our first test, it was noted that the i4 glass sit on top of the frame, rather than inset like the 3g and 3gs. This fact, along with glass on both sides of the iPhone 4, makes broken glass on the i4 a common reality. The protective bumper is the same bumper that is supposed to help with the much publicized iPhone 4 antenna.

We’ve have known for a little while now that iPhone 4 bumpers do not offer all of the protection needed because customers have called in an told us.  Although it does not take a video by iFixyouri to inform you that dropping your new iPhone 4 on concrete is a bad idea, hopefully this video squashed any doubts as to the bumpers effectiveness.  A DIY fix for any type of cracked glass on an i4 screen can be difficult.

Other Tests

We have now performed three tests on the iPhone 4. The first was with the parts (frame, glass) but not the guts. The next one was with a new iPhone 4. The latest was with an iPhone 4 with the bumper. In comparing the 3 tests, we can’t find much of a difference.  What really matters is how you drop it. If it hits on a corner you may get out of trouble completely, or with just a scuff mark. If it drops on the glass though, on top of concrete, you could be in serious trouble. This scenario is very likely every time you get out of your car.

We also performed an iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G test with protective cases and instead of the glass breaking, there was LCD damage on the fifth and sixth drop, respectively.

Our iPhone repair technicians are trained to help both repair broken iPhones and help those looking for DIY repair solutions. Let us know if you have any questions, as it is our goal to provide customers with the best decisions possible.  Often times we get calls from customers who have ordered a wrong iPhone parts or made a broken iPhone worse.  Don’t let it happen to you and call now!

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