How to Use Your iPhone More Effectively

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awesome iPhone cases 42Modern phones are harder to operate than ancient phones. As a result, a large number of people (especially senior members of our society) usually have a hard time trying to use their iPhone more effectively. Listed below are tips on how to use your iPhone more effectively.

Tips on How to use Your iPhone More Effectively

Once you’ve bought an iPhone, you will want to learn how to use all the cool features and amenities that come with this device.

Set up the iPhone Properly

Setting the iPhone up properly is a must. After you’ve bought an iPhone, you will need to install iTunes on your desktop computer and/or laptop and create a personal iTunes account. It is also a very good idea to sync your new iPhone to your email account. This will enable you to not just send and receive messages but also manage your calendar and add or delete contacts from the iPhone. Popular email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo and MSN are all compatible with iPhones.

Web Browsing

Most people who buy an iPhone use it to browse the web. For this reason, it is very important to choose a compatible web browser and install it properly. All iPhone models come with Safari, a free built in web browser, but some people prefer to use other browsers.


Learning how to manage various music options is also very important. A beginner will want to learn how to get songs from CD onto his or her iPhone, make playlists and use the iPhone with an FM car transmitter.

Choosing the Right Apps

Choosing the right apps will significantly increase your iPhone’s effectiveness. The idea is not to choose a large number of apps but to simply pick the ones that you need and are likely to use. There are many great apps to choose from, ranging from gaming apps to cooking apps.


Jailbreaking an iPhone is no easy task, although there are some programs that make this job a lot simpler than it would be otherwise. Jailbreaking an iPhone enables a person to get apps that are not available from Apple’s App store. It is completely legal to jailbreak your iPhone but Apple will not help you resolve any problems that may arise as a result of your actions.

If you damage your iPhone while trying to use your iPhone more effectively, you can rely on to get it up and running in no time.

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The launch of iPhone 4 in 2010 created a buzz all over the internet as mobile phone users yearned to own the new technology. However, just like other products in the market, this phone was reviewed and tested by consumers and it was discovered that many people experienced problems with its signal. This mostly happened when the users placed their fingers or hand over the antenna on the left side of the phone, thus affecting the network coverage. iPhone 4 reception problems were serious, especially for people living in areas with low network coverage.

For people living in areas with higher network coverage, they only complained of a low network bar whenever their hands or fingers covered the antenna area. If you have been experiencing these reception problems, then you do not have to worry anymore because this issue can be fixed by following simple guidelines.


How to Get Rid of iPhone 4 Reception Problems

If your iPhone has reception problems, you shouldn’t throw it away and buy a new one, rather, you should get it fixed. There are several ways of fixing iPhone 4 reception problems. Listed below are some of them.

1) Buying an External Case

An external case is recommended because it acts as a protection for the phone while also preventing your bare skin from touching the antenna. Apple sells these cases but a variety of options can be found in almost any mall or electronic store.

2) Balancing Your Hand

According to research, the majority of people experiencing this reception problem normally use their left hands to hold the iPhone. It is recommended that you use your right hand whenever you hold the device. This is obviously a greater challenge for left-handed people.

3) Using Tape

This sounds odd but most consumers who have tried this method accept the fact that it really helps in solving the reception problems. Apply a piece of tape at the bottom left corner of the iPhone. You can use gaffer’s tape to make the phone look elegant and also prevent the possibility of leaving behind a sticky mess.

Other Ways of Getting Rid of iPhone 4 Reception Problems

If the methods above don’t work, or you’re looking for more options, read on.

Remove the SIM Card

This problem can also be solved by simply removing the SIM card and reinstating it again. However, generally users don’t prefer this method because it is tiresome and irritating when the device is opened and closed frequently. Some people also claim that they lose their phone’s settings when they remove the SIM card.

Washing Hands Before Handling an iPhone

Some engineers also claim that washing hands before handling the iPhone helps prevent the reception problems. They claim that hand washing removes the natural electrolytes from your hand, thus preventing the loss of signal when you hold the phone.

Some IT students also carried out research about the unique ways of getting rid of iPhone 4 reception problems and it was discovered that wearing latex gloves is a possible solution, though not so many people are comfortable with wearing them every time they handle this device.

Simply get the iPhone 4 Repaired

Some of these methods might work and some might not work. If you want to really get rid of iPhone 4 reception problems, you should ship it to a company that specializes in repairing iPhones, like iFixYouri. We will fix the iPhone 4 reception problems and ship it back to you.

After spending several hundred dollars on a brand new Apple iPhone, the last thing you want to do is replace the iPhone 4 headphone jack due to an internal or external problem. The iPhone 4 headphone jack is prone to damage if mishandled or if you accidentally drop your phone. Luckily, you can easily replace it with a new one.

Replacing iPhone 4 Headphone Jack

In order to repair a headphone jack on an Apple iPhone, you will need several tools, including:

  • Paperclip
  • Phillips number 00 screwdriver
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Spurger wire

Any of these parts can be purchased at home improvement stores or electronics outlets.

Cost of Replacing iPhone 4 Headphone Jack

In order to change the headphone, you will have to buy the required tools. The tools will include opening tools that will allow you to get into the shell of the iPhone without damaging the circuitry underneath. While this sounds like a daunting task (especially since it can void the Apple warranty), it is possible to achieve with careful dexterity.


Once you have all the tools and parts, including the replacement part and the opening tools, you have to clean your iPhone and work station carefully in order to avoid getting dust within the interior of the opened phone. Degrease all metal parts and contact points so that the oil on your fingertips does not interfere with the circuitry. If you wear gloves, clean the tips of the gloves carefully and ensure they are not damp.

Disconnecting the Headphone From The Motherboard

Once you have opened up the iPhone, you need to disconnect the headphone jack from the motherboard’s sockets. The two small screws on the edge of the headphone jack need to be removed with the Phillips’ head screwdriver. Once they are removed, the entirety of the headphone jack can be taken out with the Spurger.

The connecting wire of the headphone jack is only held loosely in place, so that it may be taken out easily. The next step, however, is replacing the part and keeping the connecting wires from flapping around. Using a hot glue gun can keep them down. Once it is firmly in place, screw the new headphone jack in with the flathead screwdriver. Clean the area again and then plug in your headphones to see if they now work and project sound.

Easy Enough? Or Let the Experts Handle it?

Although you can personally replace the iPhone 4 headphone jack, the risk of messing up and damaging the entire phone is quite high. Plus, the cost of buying tools and the new part might seem like more of a hassle than getting a professional repair company to do the job, like iFixYouri.  You simply ship the phone to us, and we’ll get it back to you fixed – it’s that simple.


Wireless iPhone Charger Powermat

The Powermat is by far the best wireless charging system for iPhone 4. Since there’s no competition on this patented product, you’ll want to see an in-depth look at the functions, features, pros and cons of owning this device.

Pros/Cons of Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4


  1. Easy to charge
  2. Safe to use
  3. Built in system prevents battery leak and depletion over time
  4. Cordless charging keeps the phone safe from more hazards


  1. Cost prohibitive
  2. Not compatible with other phones
  3. Exclusive charger for iPhone 4

How The Powermat Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4 Works

The Powermat charging system comes with a charging mat, a phone cover, and a wall adaptor. The charging mat uses inductive charging technology with a customized sensor so when the phone is 100% powered, the charger stops pumping energy in, preventing battery drainage and life loss.

The owner simply sets the phone on the mat, careful to position it in the proper face-up position, waits for the audio confirmation that the phone is connected, and walks away. The phone will be fully powered in no more than two hours.

The Considerable Advantages

With a wireless charging system, you don’t have to worry about many of the hazards that accompany other chargers. If you’re a pet owner, or have small children, if you’re clumsy or often rushed, you’ll be familiar with the downsides to the traditional wall chargers for cell phones.

A pet might chew on the power cord, a toddler might get tangled in the cord, and a loose length of cord might hang in a walkway and get caught on someone’s leg as he rushes past. In any one of these incidents, damage might occur to the charger, phone or worse, person or pet.

iPhone Repairs

Cell Phone repair is commonly sought for broken USB charging connector. If the charging cord is tripped over, the force might bend or break the USB port. However, with a wireless charger, this problem is not even a consideration.

Moreover, the designers of the Powermat had a dual-purpose function in mind with their charger. You might be turned away by the cost of the system, but when you consider that the Powermat case reduces the cost of purchasing a separate protector case, you’re looking at cost savings.

You’ll still want to purchase a screen protector, but with the wireless charging system for an iPhone 4, you’ll be sure to have fewer costly accidents.


iPhone 4….Where’s the white?

On October 16, 2010, in iPhone Repair, by Chris

Hello World,

Just wanted to stop by and ask the question that I have been hearing a lot about…..where is the White iPhone 4??

Well, I have been reading the inter-web and stumbled across a little article about what is exactly going on.

It turns out that Apple’s suppliers in Asia are having a hard time matching the color of the glass to the home button.  With Apple being the perfectionists’ that they are, it seems that they won’t release the White iPhone 4 until they have a definite perfect match between the button and the glass.

Typical Apple I suppose…..
I will keep you guys up to date as I learn more information regarding when and where the White iPhone 4 will be released. We have seen a bunch of white iPhone repair modification requests.

iFixYouri – Orlando

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We receive iPhone 4 repair inquiries all of the time and want to start sharing our responses to everyone. We had a lady from the Las Angeles/Santa Barbara/Tulare county area email to ask us:

I just bought and iPhone 4 and soon after spilled a glass of water on it. I dried it off immediately and it worked soon after. But now this morning it won’t turn on. Can you fix it?

Yes, we can fix that. While iPhone 4 water damage can be very bad, we can typically repair over 90% the phones. The big issue is corrosion but there are ways to avoid it. When your iPhone 4 gets wet you should take the back casing off. Then take the battery and SIM card out. Put it in a bag of rise. Or you can blow with hair dryer (on low). Or you can just let it sit with noted parts removed.

Once it is completely dry you mail it to use. We offer diagnostics service if you prefer that in the iPhone 4 repair process. You can see all the needed shipping information during the checkout process. It is very simple and shipping is free. A common problem when people spill water on their iPhone is powering it on or leaving it on. When a phone is not completely submerged people get a false sense of security. Until your iPhone 4 is completely dry you don’t power it on.

This email came from the area in California that encompasses the cities of  Bakersfield, Palmdale, Santa Clarita and Lancaster all of which are near Los Angeles/Santa Barbara/Tulare County. The beauty of the mail-in service is we can help no matter where you live. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Verizon and the iPhone to Unite

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The end is near. We never thought it would happen but the day is finally arriving in January. AT&T has had the iPhone monopoly in its hip pocket but as early as January 2011, it will have to share the iPhone with Verizon, thus increasing the odds of being able to make a call (reception burn #1). Reception or not, Let’s get Reaaaady tooooo Repaaaaaiirrrrrrrrr. It should not be any secret that those of us focusing on iPhone repair are happy about the announcement but nobody should be surprised.

It is being predicted by UBS AG analyst John Hodlik that the merger would provide Verizon with a boost in sales.

There are over 92 million Verizon customers, so while Verizon will get increased sales, Apple is really looking to get the big boom, boost or bump. They want to avoid a boo boo, which happens when you drop your phone on the ground, or hit your head on the kitchen cabinets. Hodulik went on to speculate Verizon customer might buy 3 million iPhones a quarter.  My hunch is that it will be higher than that.

The smartphone competition is getting heated as of late and this was the obvious move. This move was more obvious than Nebraska going to the Big Ten. Or Lindsay Lohans ‘drinking’ problem.  Or AT&T reception problems (reception burn #2).

The Apple iPhone elite have decided they can wait no longer. My thinking it has nothing to do with reception, although as burn #1 & 2 indicate, the punchlines just never get old.  It has everything to do with the market.

Enter the Google Android, which is becoming a bigger part of the marketplace. The Android Galaxy S is going to be pimped by every cell phone coverage carrier this side of the milky way (“Hey baby, touch screen all night”). The names are pretty cool too: T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant, Verizon Samsung Fascinate, Sprint Epic 4G, AT&T Samsung Captivate. With names like that, what is the iPhone to do? Not to mention the specs and other confusing information that even the most dedicated iPhone fanatic would admit are ‘comparable’ to Steve Jobs Wizardry.

You Must be the Change you Wish to see in the World – Mahatma Gandhi

As for me,  I’m liking the changes. I have been glued to AT&T like the new iPhone 4 Screen is to the LCD display. This is to say that if AT&T receptions dies I go with it. Of course, I don’t typically have reception problems but I have a problem with those dedicated to loving their phone on message boards, as opposed to paying attention to their families, homework or whatever ignored responsibility to instead boast randomly about a toy. It can be likened to the ‘my daddy can beat up your daddy’ syndrome that haunts our poor helpless tormented ashamed souls up until the time we realize our dad’s don’t know jack about cell phone technology, and as such, all related annoying behaviors should be terminated.

It is on me to be the change I want to see. It is on me to start playing around with the Android (and all the rest) to really know what I like. Or, just switch it up on the next upgrade, be happy (or frustrated) with my decision and document the experience. The ‘my phone is cooler than your phone’ line is only rewarding when taunting little kids who don’t even know how to use a phone. Or really old people, who have basically lost their hearing and all senses to communicate. But when dealing with other grown ups through blog comments or forum postings, the bickering is best left to the propaganda war machine, also known as anonymous posters disguised as one of us, hurling personal insults at someone who uses an a devise that may  not be their preferred choice.

Heres how it goes: it’s time to take the gloves off and sit around a campfire singing songs until our smartphone alarms go off in the morning. When someone loses reception, just pass your smart phone to the left hand side and be happy, verbal quirks silenced by the tranquil spirits of cell phone harmony.

In all seriousness though, the game has just changed and the gloves have come off by the cell phone gods, waiting for the big hook to influence the current swell of competition. Something tells me the people who had benefited from the AT&T long standing exclusivity are telling themselves now they knew the party could not last forever. Everybody else is waiting on the tremors, so we can tweet about it.

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All the hype going on right now is about the new iPhone 4, all the great new features, and Apple raising the bar a notch to its competition.

We received our FULL, circuit board included, iPhone 4 quite early this morning and rather than playing with all the new features, we tore it down to its bare components. How it comes apart and gets put back together is determines the iPhone repair process and that’s what really excites us.

First thing we noticed is how solid it felt. It feels heavier, and definitely more durable (feels is the key word here).

Taking the back cover off reveals a battery, like most other phones on the market today. This battery actually comes out with ease. The iPhone 4 is manufactured in a way that is opposite of the 3G, and 3Gs, but similar to the original 2G iPhone. Let me explain what I mean here….

iPhone 2G/iPhone 4 – In the manufacturing process, the Glass is the first part that is assembled to the chassis/frame, followed by the internals, and last the battery then the back cover.

iPhone 3G/iPhone 3Gs – The back cover is the first part assembled, then battery followed by the internals. The glass is the last part that goes in.

With iPhone 4 Repair for screen damage, this makes the process a bit more difficult, time consuming, and costly as the iPhone needs to be completely torn down to change out the glass.

After removing the battery we moved on to other iPhone 4 parts, we removed the lower speaker, charging port, and gently removed the logic board. With the logic board removed, you have access to the cameras, power button, ear piece speaker, volume controls and all the screws that hold the screen in place. Once all the screws are removed, the glass has a bit of adhessive that holds the screen to the frame snuggly.

The frame is a piece to marvel at. The intricate design and how everything pieces together is quite amazing.

In addition to the manufacturing of the phone gearing back towards the ways of the original iPhone, Apple decided to go ahead and use a mass amount of new screws that we have not seen before. As if the tiny screws that were used before weren’t pain enough, now they threw in some washers that help in holding the glass in place.

The steel body, combined with the sleek glass on front and back, we’d say that Apple hit yet another home run with this one.

Repairs on this new phone should not be left to amateurs. The mass of new screws, connectors, odd shaped circuit board(to maximize real estate), make this a tricky repair. Any and all measures to prevent electrostatic discharge(ESD) should be taken when cracking this open. Our technicians are always grounded when working on phones, and are only permitted to work in ESD safe areas.

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