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How to Create App Folders on iPhones or iPads

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iPhones and iPads are among the most advanced gadgets in the communication industry due to their ability to perform various tasks that are beyond human capabilities. These gadgets are created with a simple user interface so that they can be used by different people in the community to fulfill different tasks. Create App Folders onContinue Reading

The Best iPhone 5 Games And Apps

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The new iPhone 5 offers great improvements over its predecessors. One of the most noticeable features is the bigger and taller screen. In order to take advantage of the bigger screen, developers had to update their apps and games. In other words, they had to optimize their apps and games in order to fit onContinue Reading

iOS 4 Software Warning: Multi-tasking

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We are going to break down the features of the iOS 4 operating system and update this page over time as soon as we have more time play with the device ourselves. The iOS 4 operating system is the talk of the town, riding shotgun next to Apple promotional mouthpiece that is Steve Jobs. Multi-taskingContinue Reading