The introduction of the Smartphone has greatly increased the quality of access to many of our lives and no where has this point rang truer than in the world of small business. With the introduction of the various card processing systems for Smartphones such as Square and ROAMpay. The average small business owner now has the opportunity to accept credit card transaction and potentially widely increase their sales growth.

What Does This Mean for the Average Entrepreneur?

Obtaining a merchant account has not always been a easy task and for those just starting out in the open market the ability to offer alternative forms of payment, beside just cash transactions, can make all the difference. Whether the business be retail, culinary, artistic or other. Having an attachment for one’ s Smartphone (or in some cases iPad) for credit card processing alleviates the hassle of bulky point of sale terminals and worst yet, the old fashion “knuckle buster” manual imprinters. All in all presenting their customers with a smooth and convenient shopping experience which often results in repeat business.

Caring For Your Business By Caring For Your Smartphone

Having a Smartphone as a small business owner is a “no brainer” whether it be for credit card processing or simple day-to-day activities. Therefore, the protection and maintenance of such a vital tool is paramount. At iFixYouri, you can rest assured that if your Smartphone happened to be involved in an accident, be it water damage, a cracked screen or simple battery replacement issues, you are certainly in good hands. Because, when it comes to nurturing your business there’s no sense in faulty equipment stunting its growth.

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How to Create App Folders on iPhones or iPads

On September 18, 2013, in iPhone, News, by Chris

iPhones and iPads are among the most advanced gadgets in the communication industry due to their ability to perform various tasks that are beyond human capabilities. These gadgets are created with a simple user interface so that they can be used by different people in the community to fulfill different tasks.

Create App Folders on iPhones or iPads

IPhones act as a storage device for various files and apps that may be of great importance to the user. Learning how to create app folders on iPhones or iPads gives you the chance to organize your programs for easy access whenever you need them.

Before you even start learning how to perform this task, the device should be operating on iOS 4.0 or later. This functionality makes it possible for iPads to store approximately 4,400 apps in its folders while on the other hand, iPhones can store over 2000 apps. Proper storage means that you can categorize the apps depending on the functionality, importance and how frequently you need them. Listed below are tips on how to create app folders on iPhones or iPads.

Step 1: Holding the App

You need to identify the exact app that should be transferred into the folder. Hold your finger on the app for some seconds until it shakes. This is also the same way to arrange different apps on your device.

Step 2: Dragging the App

After the selected app starts to shake, drag it on top of another. This will automatically create a new folder that contains both apps. You will also notice that a new folder has appeared during this process.

Step 3: Dragging More Apps

This stage is all about dragging the selected apps into the new folder that has just been created in the previous step. Such devices support thousands of apps and you do not have to worry about the possibility of the folder being filled up quickly. It is also good to arrange the apps by prioritizing the most important ones.

Step 4: Naming the Folder

After dragging all the necessary apps, it is now time to give the folder a suitable name. Also bear in mind that these folders are automatically given a name depending on the App Store category of the apps included in them. Feel free to select your desired name as you rename the new folders that have been created in your device.

What to do if You Experience Problems When Creating App Folders

Some users experience various difficulties when creating new folders for apps. This might even lead to serious mistakes that need specialized attention within the shortest time possible. But thanks to the presence of tech-savvy companies such as, you do not have to worry about the possibility of your device failing to operate again. These experts are always ready to fix iPhone or iPad related problems at cheap rates to help you save cash as they fix such errors.


Orlando By iPhone: The Best iPhone Apps for The Theme Parks

On September 2, 2013, in Apps, by Michael D'Elicio

Orlando by iPhone - Best iPhone AppsIt’s become a standard catchphrase: “I’m going to Disney World!” Well, are you? Or Universal, or Sea World, or many of the other peripheral parks in the Orlando metro area? If that’s the case, you may want to load up on some useful iPhone apps for the Orlando theme parks. These apps will do everything from give you wait times, to reserving dinner, to finding nearby parking.

Below we’ve listed our favorite iPhone apps for Orlando. And hey, if you’re in the area, stop by iFixYouri Orlando if anything happens to your phone.

Walt Disney World iPhone Apps

These iPhone apps are exclusively for the Walt Disney World Resort.

My Disney Experience – Free

This is one of the official WDW and free iPhone apps made available by Disney, which allow you to explore the resort. From the app site:

An official App from Disney! Featuring Walt Disney World® maps, official Disney Parks-provided wait times, FASTPASS® return times, and the ability to view menus and book dining reservations, manage and share itineraries with family and friends, find details about nearby Disney Characters, attractions, entertainment, park hours and schedules, and more!


Disney Mobile Magic – Free

This is an official app for visiting the Walt Disney World parks. It uses the GPS in your iPhone to locate character appearances, attractions, restaurants and shows. It also checks wait and FASTPASS return times.


Disney World Wait Times – Free

This gives you information on all the ride wait times for all 4 Disney World parks. The times for each park displayed on the same screen, and you can both see recent times submitted for each ride, or submit them yourself for other users. Photos and descriptions are available.


Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort App – Free

Part of the vacation experience at Walt Disney World revolves around the hotels, which are some of the finest you’ll find anywhere, and not just on the Disney grounds. Two of these hotels, the Swan and the Dolphin, are run externally from Disney – however, they have some great iPhone apps you can use to browse the 17 different restaurants, bars, and lounges in the resort. Also available: a separate app solely for the restaurants, which have won Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence, the Four Diamond Award as designated by AAA, the Top 500 Restaurants in Florida by Florida Trend Magazine and Critic’s Choice for Best Restaurant Overall -Orlando Sentinel, as examples. Separate restaurant app also available, for making reservations and reading menus. Look for both iPhone apps if you are staying here.

Disney World Dining – $1.99 (VersaEdge Software LLC)

In order to decide which of the 160 restaurants you’re going to dine at at WDW, download the popular Disney World Dining app includes full menus, and can locate the restaurants closest to your location, in addition to one-touch dialing for the Disney dining reservations number.

Walt Disney World Park Hours $0.99 (Minneware)

Opening times for Disney World can vary from park to park, and based on time of year, or even special events. Thankfully, the Walt Disney World Park Hours app includes frequently updated information on opening and closing times, in addition to daily event schedules for shows and parades. This Disney World app covers the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and the water parks.

Walt Disney World Maps Box Set – $1.99 (UPinPoint LLC)

The bestselling Walt Disney World Maps app contains full-size maps for the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and other Disney theme parks in Orlando, not to mention the resorts and smaller Disney attractions. Each map allows you to search for individual rides or attractions and prioritize your must-visit list. It also has GPS locators, to help you figure out where you are in the maze of a Disney park.

Universal Studios Orlando iPhone Apps

These iPhone apps are exclusively for the Universal Orlando parks.

Universal Guide –  $1.99

This official Universal Studios iPhone app gives you access to in-depth attraction and facilities information for both Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. It also lets you set up alerts to notify you when a ride’s wait time goes below a specific time making it easier for you to get the most out of your day at the parks.

Universal Orlando Wait Times – Free

Similar in function to the Disney Wait Times app, this gives you the ride wait times for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. All times for each park displayed on the same screen, and you can also see recent times submitted for each ride. There are photos and descriptions of rides, and you can even submit a ride wait time if you’re in the park, and see rides nearest to your GPS location with compass direction to them

 Theme Park Nerd Guide – Universal Orlando – $1.99

From the site:

• View your location on a map.

• Display rides, attractions and facilities nearby.

• Get intelligent, sat-nav like directions to any ride, attraction or facility.

• Create an itinerary for your day with the inbuilt day planner.

• Sort your itinerary by category.

• Search through items.

• Filter items by category.

• View photos of rides, attractions and facilities.

• View detailed ride descriptions, histories and specifications.

• View the height restrictions for rides.

• See what facilities a ride has, such as on-ride photos or property storage.

• Use the location based features even if you don’t have a GPS capable device with ‘manual locations’ mode.

• Receive automatic wireless updates, bringing you the latest park info seamlessly.

Sea World iPhone Apps


Sea World Mobile App – Free

From the Site:

  • True GPS navigation with highlighted paths to your destination
  • Interactive park map with search. Find nearest restroom, places to eat, ATM, and more
  • Real-time updates on wait times for rides, plus height restrictions
  • Displays next show times for all shows
  • Basic park info, calendar with operating hours, weather, and driving directions
  • In-app camera lets you take photos without leaving the app (iPhone only)
  • Learn more about our animals, conservation status, and locations where you can connect with them
  • Car finder feature lets you find your car when you leave the park (iPhone only)


Miscellaneous Attractions and Features iPhone Apps


Official Guide to LEGOLAND Florida – Free (Merlin Entertainment)

For those of us who have been to the big parks a hundred times, here’s a cool theme park that may be off your radar. This app gives a general overview of the theme park’s attractions and events, along with a detailed, virtual map, lists of special offers, a car locator, games and in-park activities.

Height Requirements for Orlando Theme Park Rides – $0.99 (OBA Ventures)

Travelling with the little ones? Now you can get height requirements for rides at Orlando theme parks in advance. This app gives you requirements for rides at Disney, SeaWorld and Universal.

parkIN’ – Free

Parking in Orlando can be a nightmare. Fortunately for us, the City of Orlando has created an app that offers detailed information for downtown Orlando parking garages, including hours of operation, price and number of spots available. It also gives real-time traffic views, satellite and map views, and photos of the various garages.

Orlando Essential Guide – $2.99

For visitors who want to see more of Orlando than just the parks, this app delivers 264 detailed entries and shows you not only to the most popular must-see places but also hidden gems most visitors never know about. Complete with images, maps, and events calendar.


Enjoy these great iPhone apps during your stay, and let us know in the comments what you think of them. And say hi to Mickey for us.

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Free iPhone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

On October 27, 2012, in Apps, by Chris

Free iPhone AppsWhen it comes to benefiting from all that technology has to offer, you have to know there is more to your iPhone than playing Angry Birds – especially since it’s not a free app. There is nothing wrong with buying apps or playing games while you wait for your ride, your doctor, or while enduring public transportation.

The real beauty of technology and its entire splendor is deep-seated in applications, or apps, that you can download, to help you live an easier, more informed life. Although some cost money, there are tons of no-cost versions you can download to make your life a bit more efficient. If you are an Apple aficionado, the best free iPhone apps are right at your fingertips.

Free iPhone Travel apps

Free iPhone Apps There are several free iPhone apps that will help you travel the globe much more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

1)      Airport Utility

Airport utility app allows you to view and control your Wi-Fi network, Time Capsule, Airport Extreme and Express at the touch of a button. What does that mean, exactly? It means you will be able to see what you are connected to, and how you are connected to it. It will allow you to change your Wi-Fi settings, and access base station, a DNS server, IP address and router address. This will ensure that you are connected at all times, safely and efficiently.

2)      FlightTrack

Free iPhone Apps This app is personally responsible for on-time travel worldwide! Well, sort of. FlightTrack allows you to enter a flight number or simply a destination and airline name, and follow the flights activity from afar. You will know when a flight is delayed, early, on time and even when it touches down! The GPS magic of FlightTrack allows you to view an image of the plane as it traverses its flight plan, so you can see exactly where the traveler (even if it is you) is at all times. This allows you to pick someone up from the airport on time, without having to hang out in the cellphone lot for an hour.

3)      MapQuest 4 Mobile

Should that flight take you to a foreign land or even a city you have not lived in since you were a kid, MapQuest 4 Mobile app will give you step by step, voice guided directions, no more wandering around or appearing as if you really do not belong, thanks to this navigational genius.

Free iPhone Lifestyle Apps

Let’s face it, whether you are traveling across the globe, or sitting on your very own porch, you are going to need something, at some point. That something can be in the form of the closest Chinese restaurant, the answer to a trivia question, or a recipe on the fly — you know, since you are already at the grocery. Whatever your question, do not hesitate to tap one of the following best free iPhone apps to make it happen.

1)      Chrome

In a fistfight, Google chrome app will always win against any other browser, especially where an app is concerned. This monumental beauty is fast, organized, and will have the results you need in no time.

2)      Facebook

Free iPhone Apps You want everyone to know you just landed in Tokyo or that your mom’s famous cookie recipe has just come to life in your very own kitchen, not hers. Go ahead and tap your Facebook app, and update your status before the kitchen timer goes off. In fact, you could do so with the other hand on the cookie sheet, it’s so easy to use!

3)      Sports Tap

Even if you only follow your hometown teams, Sports Tap iPhone app gives you the ability to pick the teams you follow, and to receive updates for each of their games with ease. The results are easy to read, and the navigation is perfect for anyone who is simply trying to impress the sport’s emperor in their life.

4)      IMDb

Free iPhone Apps If you think you could not care less whether the girl in the last episode of “The Wire” was also the girl from a sitcom you watched six years prior, it does not mean you will not look it up. When you do, nothing makes it easier than the IMDb app. You can also check out movie trivia, trailers and even shooting locations, if you’re planning on crashing the set.

5)      Amazon Mobile

The truth is Amazon owns everything these days, which is great news for any online consumer, no matter what their views on Capitalism entail. Download the Amazon Mobile free app, and you will never miss another birthday, holiday, anniversary or book, music or movie release (for yourself, of course) again. The best part is, just like the website, it will ship everything from a new pair of flip-flops to a balance bike for your four year old niece anywhere.

6)      Nook, Kindle or iBook

Listen, we all have our affinity for one or the other. Since you can get any of the three for your iPhone, there is no reason to leave a book lie on another device when any of the three apps can be easily accessed from your phone. Start reading more, and enjoy the convenience of whatever e-reader suits your fancy, from your iPhone. It is the one thing that is always with you.  In addition, they all have magazines, newspapers and periodicals that will allow you to spend more time digesting knowledge.

7)      Shazam

Free iPhone Apps Everyone has had the experience where they hear a song on the radio and they just can’t remember the name of it, or who sings it.  Shazam will give you all the information you need, with the tap of its app icon.  Musical magic.

8)      Epicurious

If you have a fridge that is full of groceries but you do not know how to cook, just type what you have into the Epicurious app and it will search for professionally created and tested recipes. This is the perfect app for staying in your pajamas on a rainy day, instead of eating out.

With over 300,000 free iPhone apps available (and counting), your idea of the best free iPhone app may differ from your friend’s and coworker’s. The good news is, they are easy to use, and if you find you do not like it, all you have to do is delete it and find a replacement!

The internet is full of hundreds if not thousands of free iPhone apps, but you won’t be able to appreciate any of them if your iPhone is damaged. If your iPhone isn’t working properly due to damage, it would be easier to get it repaired than to buy a new one. iFixYouri specializes in repairing broken and damaged iPhones. If you accidentally broke your iPhone’s screen, or you dropped your phone in the pool, bring it or send it to us and let us repair it for you. Once your precious device is up and running again, you can start enjoying the universe of free iPhone apps.

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The Best iPhone 5 Games And Apps

On October 18, 2012, in Apps, iPhone 5, by Chris

iphone-5-screenThe new iPhone 5 offers great improvements over its predecessors. One of the most noticeable features is the bigger and taller screen. In order to take advantage of the bigger screen, developers had to update their apps and games. In other words, they had to optimize their apps and games in order to fit on the bigger screen.



Best Games For iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 will definitely be an instant hit for gamers mainly due to the bigger screen. If you have just bought the new iPhone 5, you should try these great new iPhone 5 games.

Asphalt – Asphalt is one of the best racing games and the new iPhone will take the gaming experience to a whole new level. It has a bigger screen and better graphics. The wider screen gives you the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes on Asphalt’s courses.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy – Sky Gambler will definitely be the most favorite game among most gamers. The new iPhone with the larger screen means that you can turn it into landscape mode and enjoy the game as you fly over simulated cities.

Best Apps For iPhone 5

CNN- It is one of the first media apps to be optimized for the bigger screen on the new iPhone 5. What that means is that you will get to see an extra story on the screen due to it bigger size. Therefore, if you always want to be a step ahead in terms of current events, this should be the first app for your new iPhone.

Dark Sky – Dark Sky is arguably one of the best weather apps in the market. It is very accurate and the best thing is that it looks great on the bigger screen.

Reeder – It is one of the best RSS reader apps. When you install this app on your new iPhone with a bigger screen, you will definitely be able to see more of the story. In other words, you won’t have to scroll up and down so as to see the whole story.

It goes without saying that you should take good care of your new iPhone. However, there are times when the inevitable happens and you find yourself with a broken iPhone. You need not worry because we can fix it for you. Our specialists have been in the industry for years and have repaired iPhones with all types of problems. For more information, click here.

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How To Create an iPhone App That People Will Love

On September 18, 2012, in Apps, by Chris

iphone-app-ifixyouriThe iPhone app development industry is considerably competitive nowadays, but at the same time it is a very rewarding one. With hundreds of iPhone applications made available every day, it can be quite difficult to build one that grabs the attention of the public and becomes a big success.

Nevertheless, new developers should not be discouraged, as the demand for these apps is also very high. Moreover, the technology existing today and the numerous tools available to iPhone developers make the process of building an app pretty straightforward and fast.

Virtually anyone can design and develop his or her own iPhone app these days, without a lot of difficulties. Here are the most common as well as most necessary steps that have to be made in order to build and market your own application.


The process starts with a brainstorm for ideas, especially if you do not have any ideas yet. The secret for succeeding in such a competitive market is to come up with something truly unique. This, however, involves a lot of thinking, since nobody can come up with something entirely original and practical that has not been implemented before without doing some research on the market needs and putting a lot of thought into it.

Another thing you can do is to take an old application that was once popular, and spend some time on studying its flaws and determining how you could correct them and improve the application. You can also take an app category where you are very knowledgeable and then design an app with several innovative features that most competitors do not have. Finding a narrower niche on the other hand will make the designing and development process run a lot smoother.


When creating an iPhone app, you cannot disregard the competition. You should always do some research on your competition and see how thorough that particular niche is. The higher the competition in that niche, the more difficult it will be for you to successfully market and sell your app.

The ideal method is to find a narrow niche with high demand and low competition, yet this is one of the most difficult things to do. If however you decide not to let the intensity of the competition scare you and choose to dive into a high competitive niche, you will have to come up with a really unique and innovative application, with features that will make it stand out from the rest.

Finding Help

There are numerous tools you can use in order to make your iPhone app look more appealing. Nonetheless, the best ones are usually the most expensive. You can always do some research, read user reviews and ask for recommendations on development forum boards about which of these tools are more recommended for your particular needs and requirements.

Also make sure that you have an iPhone or working iPod touch to test the prototype on – if you own an iPhone or iPod that needs repair for this step, iFixYouri has the expertise and resources to fix your Apple product. Designing the app should not be too difficult once you have all the right tools to work with (assuming, of course, that you have a background in programming, or are eager to learn). To get started, look at Apple’s main hub for iOS developers, and this tutorial site (with marketing tips).



After the development process has been completed, you can go on to the next most important step, which is marketing and selling your iPhone app. A good marketing plan is required in order to get the consumers’ attention, even if your final product already looks good and has lots of useful functionalities.




One of the fastest and yet most efficient ways to market an app is through referrals by customers who are satisfied and impressed with your application. For this, you will need to develop a list of clients that can take some time to test the app and then give some positive reviews, spreading them around the internet. These reviews can be either done in the iPhone app store, or in other various forms of marketing.

You may also want to offer incentives for users who are promoting your application on message boards or by using other online marketing vehicles. Another alternative is to release a free (or heavily discounted) version of the app, at least for a while. The more people start talking about your new released iPhone app, the more profit you will generate.

Different Mediums

One of the biggest mistakes that many iPhone developers make is to limit the marketing of their applications to online mediums and mobile environments only. The truth is that print advertising (newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc.) usually sticks a lot longer, mainly because people carry them around, share them with their friends, and generally look at them a few times before throwing the magazines away. Therefore, you might want to expand your marketing approach and get your iPhone marketed in an appropriate printed magazine or publication, according to your budget.

Targeted Market Analysis

Lastly, you should understand that iPhone app marketing is all about following your target audience, going where your potential buyers are and sending them a compelling message. Do not limit your exposure and use any means possible to present your product to iPhone users worldwide. Do a market analysis regularly and then use that data to find new ways of maximizing your sales and allow more and more people to discover your awesome application.

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iOS 4 Software Warning: Multi-tasking

On June 15, 2010, in Apple, Repair Parts, by Staff

We are going to break down the features of the iOS 4 operating system and update this page over time as soon as we have more time play with the device ourselves.

The iOS 4 operating system is the talk of the town, riding shotgun next to Apple promotional mouthpiece that is Steve Jobs.

It is a bit of a sleight-of-hand situation for Apple right now, as they are touting multi-tasking, yet those paying attention realize it is limited multi-tasking. The only Apps that work for iOS 4 multi-tasking are Apple’s own Apps, like clock, safari and mail. If you are buy an iPhone expecting multi-tasking for all Apps from the start, you will be disappointed. So until the developer updates your favorite App you may be out of luck. Given the fact that most do it for free or little money, it could take awhile. While our focus is iPhone repair and iPhone parts we are iPhone app addicts like everyone else so we will monitor this closely.

How it Works

When you press the home screen a dock will appear from the bottom of the phone when switching to another app. This interface is similar to the dashboard in the Mac OS X.

Multi-tasking will be limited beyond the developers catching up with technology, as only seven ‘types’ are aloud.

  • Background audio – Allows you to play audio without interruption
  • Voice over IP – Users can receive VoIP calls while using other apps. You can receive calls while phones are locked in pocket.
  • Background Location – Navigates while using other apps in a way that is friendlier with batteries and moving between cell towers.
  • Push notifications – Receive app updates if it’s running or not.
  • Task Finishing – If you leave your app it can still finish task.
  • Fast app Switching – No more reloading app.
  • Local notifications – Alerts users of events and alarms without a server needed.
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