If you want to protect your iPhone from damage (and keep it looking clean and new), you will have to get yourself a decent iPhone case. iPhone cases are available online or in stores and they come in an array of different colors, styles and designs.  With the various cases available online, the million dollar question is, which one is the best?

OtterBox Defender iPhone Case

If you are looking for a case that can handle tough conditions, the OtterBox Defender should be your first choice. It comes with a screen protector, polycarbonate shell and a rubber outer layer which acts as a shock absorber. Therefore, when you accidentally drop your phone, the rubber outer layer absorbs the impact and ensures that your phone is not damaged. It also comes with rubber plugs which protect the ports. The only downside with this case is that it is a bit bulky; however, that is a small price to pay for the safety of your iPhone.


OtterBox Commuter Case

Otterbox Commuter

It might not be as rugged as the Defender but it offers great protection for your iPhone. As it was the case with the Defender, the Commuter has rubber plugs which keep the dust out of the headphone jack as well as the iPhone dock connector. It comes with a built-in screen protector which protects your screen from scratches and keeps it looking sleek and new.


Cygnett Vector

Cygnett Vector

Sleek, textured, stylish and affordable are some of the words that can be used to describe the Cygnett Vector 3D iPhone case. It is easy to grip, impact resistant and has a built-in screen protector. If you are looking for a cheap yet effective case, look no further than Cygnett Vector.



Belkin View iPhone Case

Belkin View

The new iPhone 5 is stylish, sleek and very gorgeous, therefore, you can be forgiven for not wanting to cover it with a case. The Belkin View case was made for people who like to show off their stylish new phones. It offers great protection without compromising the stylish look of your phone. The back of the case is made of polycarbonate and it is transparent. The side edging is impact resistant. You can choose from the array of colors at your disposal.


Grove Bamboo Case

Grove Bamboo

It might be a bit expensive but its style and design justifies its price. The new Grove Bamboo case features intricate designs which make your phone look stylish and gorgeous. Unlike other rubber cases, this case does not succumb to scratches and scuffs. The best thing about it is that you can customize the design to suit your personality.

While cases protect your iPhone from accidental damage, there are some cases when the iPhone case won’t do you any good. For instance, if you accidentally drop your phone in a pool, the case will not protect your iPhone from water damage. The technicians at iFixYouri have the expertise required to fix your iPhone. Bring it to one of our locations or send it to us and let us repair your iPhone.

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DIY Fix: The iPhone Repair Kit

On October 25, 2012, in DIY Fix, iPhone Repair, by Chris

iphone-repair-kit-ifixyouriThe iPhone has a carefully engineered design that it appears so sleek and compact while packing the best features a smartphone can have beyond the mainstream standards. Unlike other electronic devices with screws and cracks, which can be used to access the internal components, the iPhone appears seamless, brought about by its unified design concept. Thus, the internal components of the Apple smartphone cannot be accessed easily without the use of an iPhone repair kit.

Why Get An iPhone Repair Kit?

The issues one may experience with an iPhone is indicative of the problems one may experience with any sophisticated electronic device. However, the added element of  this particular device being so closely streamlined to our own individual lives make it that much more sensitive. Here are the reoccuring problems that may warrant an iPhone repair kit:

Issues with the iPhone

Apple has always emphasized integrity when it comes to the design of their products. The iPhone, in particular, was designed in such a way that end-users would just have to enjoy the features of the product without having to deal with common issues that other smartphones possess. In certain instances, however, the iPhone can still be prone to some unlikely issues such as screen damage and battery replacement.

Damage of the LCD Screen

Screen damage of the Apple smartphone is highly unlikely because of the tough Gorilla glass protecting the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. Nonetheless, impacts strong enough to push beyond the threshold of the Gorilla glass can still occur. When the glass is cracked, the phone may still function but the display can be difficult to read due to the crack lines along the damaged portion of the screen.

Shorter Battery Life

Another issue with the iPhone is battery replacement. No matter how strict quality control is in the manufacturing unit of Apple, product deviations from the norm are unavoidable. Among these deviations, battery life seems to be the most relevant. Not all batteries are created equal although strict manufacturing conditions intend to create these power packs identical. Hence, some iPhone units have longer lasting batteries while some others have less. For this kind of issue, battery replacement is ultimately the most obvious solution if not to buy another smartphone.

The iPhone Repair Kit

Note: It should be emphasized that due to the complicated nature of this device, the best measure for having an iPhone repaired that has experienced significant damage would be to take it an expert such as iFixYouri.

A set of screwdrivers is not enough to pry open the iPhone for repair; that is why third-party manufacturers came up with a repair kit especially put together for repairing the Apple smartphone. A kit designed for this purpose usually comprises opening levers, guitar opening tools, and pentalobe screwdrivers among others.

Opening levers are ideally made of strong plastic so as to avoid scratching the metallic components of the unit while still being able to apply enough force. The pentalobe screws designed for resistance from tampering can be unscrewed with specially designed pentalobe screwdrivers. Other accessories may include suction caps and phone mounting brackets for organized DIY repairs of the smartphone.

The Simple Truth

Not all issues, however, can be repaired with a DIY iPhone repair kit. For advanced technical issues beyond DIY repair, iPhone owners should bring their units to repair centers where skilled technicians with advanced tools can certainly solve most, if not all, issues.

Has the iPhone 5 Changed Our Lives?

On October 13, 2012, in Apple, iPhone 5, iPhone Repair, by Chris

Regarded by many smartphone enthusiasts as being the most anticipated handheld device in the past 2 years, the iPhone 5 has certainly not disappointed (neither in performance nor projected sales). But, apart from the new sleeker design, increased screen length, LTE, lighter frame… What does the public actually think of the newest addition to the Apple family? Well one thing is certain, it is true what they say about opinions and like elbows we all have them.


Although the iPhone 5’s glowing reviews are warranted, I feel this reviewer makes an excellent point of the consumer being required to pay $29.99 for an adapter to integrate this phone with older Apple devices. It would have been nice to see that included with the iPhone 5, considering that the added adapter would’ve cost Apple pennies on a phone that retails for $699.


Now besides the adapter issue (which let’s face it, isn’t really a huge factor), Apple’s introduction of Apple Maps and the move away from Google Maps threw many users for a loop (some perhaps literally if they were trying to follow Apple’s map). As this reviewer had explained – Apple has acknowledged its error, which in and of itself is always a good thing, and is going to fix the challenge. Apple Maps features a 3D overview of a city’s geography; however, it doesn’t actually give the user the capability of getting directions to their destinations. Which (although cool), for obvious reasons is a bit of a problem considering that this is the sole purpose of any map.


I think it’s safe to say that the overall consensus regarding the iPhone 5 is that all that have purchased theirs are pleased with its performance. Considering that for a device with such a broad and fanatic following, it is pretty amazing that its negative reviews are so sparse and seldom found. Short of any unforeseen issues such as the dropping, drowning or other physical damage that one may do to their iPhone 5, it is pretty safe to say that Apple has not lost any fans with its latest installment.


Mishandling of electronic devices is a real issue. Thanks to SquareTrade, a company that deals in warranties, you can know which states are the likeliest to have broken iPads and iPhones. The South is apparently a real graveyard for some products, but the North is not far behind.

Examining both damage and complete breakage, SquareTrade found Mississippi and South Carolina to both be particular dangerous. Mississippi totals the most damage done to iPhones, but South Carolina holds the record for broken iPads.

Dangerous States for iPads

Are people dropping their phones in the Mississippi River?

New Mexico is not far behind Mississippi, and ranks number 2 for a dangerous place for iPhones to be. Maybe it’s called “New” Mexico cause everybody has to frequently replace their devices.

SquareTrade informs us that drops and beverage accidents are the most likely causes for damage. Some of the southern states have a reputation for being boisterous, and perhaps a little reckless. Maybe this contributes to the problem?

Other Dangerous States for iPhones

Other dangerous US states for iPhones are Rhode Island and North Dakota. For iPads, Nebraska, Washington D.C. and Alaska are not good places to be. Perhaps the devices are succumbing to the cold while people use them for navigation.

SquareTrade routinely puts electronic devices through rigorous testing to see how much abuse they can take. Ironically, it means being in the hands of an employee of the company might end be being one of the worst places to be for one of these great products.

Remember, if you don’t have a warranty, the alternative to buying a whole new iPhone is to just get your iPhone fixed by professionals like iFixYouri — in some cases, it’s cheaper than a warranty in the first place!

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