DIY Fix: The iPhone Repair Kit

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The iPhone has a carefully engineered design that it appears so sleek and compact while packing the best features a smartphone can have beyond the mainstream standards. Unlike other electronic devices with screws and cracks, which can be used to access the internal components, the iPhone appears seamless, brought about by its unified design concept.Continue Reading

Has the iPhone 5 Changed Our Lives?

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Regarded by many smartphone enthusiasts as being the most anticipated handheld device in the past¬†2 years, the iPhone 5 has certainly not disappointed (neither in performance nor projected sales). But, apart from the new sleeker design, increased screen length, LTE, lighter frame… What does the public actually think of the newest addition to the AppleContinue Reading

The Most Dangerous States in America For iPhones

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Mishandling of electronic devices is a real issue. Thanks to SquareTrade, a company that deals in warranties, you can know which states are the likeliest to have broken iPads and iPhones. The South is apparently a real graveyard for some products, but the North is not far behind. Examining both damage and complete breakage, SquareTradeContinue Reading