iphone-battery-replacement-ifixyouriRechargeable batteries may run for a long time but they do have a limited lifespan. iPhone batteries, for example, are good for roughly 400 charge cycles. Performance starts to degrade afterwards and owners will need an iPhone battery replacement in order to continue using the device when hopes of extending the iPhone battery life has been lost.

Sometimes a replacement is required much earlier, such as when the unit routinely fails to charge or runs out of power very quickly and such cases may require a iPhone battery replacement kit. Owners can also have their phones processed at Apple service centers. They could also opt to replace it themselves as spare batteries are available online at reasonable prices. The guide below offers simple instructions for DIY iPhone battery replacement.

Step-by-Step Guide to iPhone Battery Replacement

  1. Close all the apps and turn off the phone with a prolonged press of the power button. Swipe the red slider on the screen as instructed to complete the process. Wait for a few seconds before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Look down at the bottom of the device. For the iPhone 4 and 4S, there should be a tiny screw at both ends of the port. Use suitable screwdrivers to loosen them then keep them somewhere safe for easy retrieval later on.
  3. In order to lift the back plate, try to put some pressure on it and slide it down just a little bit until it gives way. Apply more downward pressure and increase surface contact if it proves hard to budge.
  4. The iPhone 4 battery is immediately visible when facing the back of the phone. It is held in place by a lone screw while the 4S uses a more secure dual arrangement. These will have to be taken out in order to get to the battery itself.
  5. Slowly lift up the connector at the lower left-hand corner of the battery with any slender tool that would fit in the tight space. Be sure not to scratch the areas surrounding it.
  6. Take the battery out by lifting the plastic tab attached to its side. This may prove challenging and require a good amount of force, but do it gradually so as not to upset nearby components.
  7. The new battery is ready to be inserted. Align the contacts and secure it with the screw that was removed earlier. Insert the back plate and tighten the screws at the bottom. Power up the phone and enjoy.

Things to Consider Regarding iPhone Battery Replacement

  • When buying a new battery, be sure to get one for the right iPhone model. Those on the market all have slightly different shapes and connector placements so find a piece that fits.
  • Having the right kind of tools is also important when trying to open the case.  Household screwdrivers or a specifically tailored iPhone repair tool kit.
  • The components are extremely small and packed densely so a good steady hand is ideal. Apply even pressure and never force anything on the device.

In Conclusion

iPhone battery replacement is a fairly uncomplicated task that owners may attempt when the situation calls for it. On the other hand, those who are uncomfortable about opening their phones or are unsure whether the battery is truly at fault can send their units to a repair shop such as iFixYouri for proper diagnosis and parts replacement.

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iPhone 4 Glass Repair

So many options for iPhone 4 screen replacement services we understand how it can be confusing. We’re going to make this quick and simple, so that your iPhone screen repair goes smoothly and without complication.

Option #1: iPhone screen repair service – Have a skilled technician fix your broken iPhone. Make sure they’re using high quality OEM parts. Cheap parts will fail.

Option #2: DIY iPhone repair kit – Purchase a kit and do-it-yourself. Keep in mind, it’s not as easy as it looks. A lot of times we see people purchase kits and aren’t able to successfully install them.

On the iPhone 4, the screen and the LCD are fused together. If you buy just the glass, you’ll be SOL. Buy just the LCD, well, you’re SOL again.

Fused, high quality, OEM. Go cheap and you’ll get what you pay for. Plain and simple. You have a $600 phone, and you want to put a piece of $10 glass on it? Bad choice. That’s like putting used tires on a nice Porsche. Bad idea.

iPhone Repair Video Planning

On August 14, 2010, in iPhone Repair, Repair Parts, by Staff

Our latest video where we decided to throw and iPhone 3G in water and fix it is our latest video installation meant to educate and entertain. Based on the amount of rice bags we’ve been receiving, it is safe to say people were paying attention.

Sunday we will publish our iPhone 4 water damage video, which stars our custom white iPhone 4 getting wet. I hate to spill the beans but let me tell you the end of the story: we fix it.

Shocking, eh? You should not be. Our water damage repair is highly effective. We know for a fact that our water damage repair is something that separates us from the majority of competition.

Some of our past video’s reflected on our iPhone screen repair services that have the highest success rates. While our competition may be able to make the same claim, most don’t use the quality glass that we do. Front glass and back glass, white glass and black glass–we have it all.

In future video tests we plan on showing people the various nuances of our repair processes. If you have any suggestions or question let us know!

iFixyouri is the top solution for mail-in iPhone repair because of the quality parts, services and support we provide.

iDiagnose – Part 2 – The dreaded iPhone battery problem

You leave your iPhone to charge all night, you take it to work, and it is dead by noon. Does your battery not last? Does it not run like the energizer bunny and just fade out immediately after you gave it a full charge? Diagnosing a faulty battery can be a real pain.

You’re in luck, well, not for the reason that you have a dead battery, but that iFixYouri can help you figure out what is really going on with your precious iPhone!

Problems with the battery come from:

  1. Poor conditioning of the battery
  2. Using a cheap charger that allows overcharging
  3. Its’ lifespan(usually about 2 years) has run out
  4. Water damage
  5. Cheap battery

Symptoms of a bad iPhone battery:

  1. Will not charge
  2. Barely holds charge
  3. Phone does erratic things like turn off and restart, display some funky lines on the screen.
  4. Says it has a charge, but in all actuality, it does not.
  5. No response from any plug, press of a power button, or anything for that matter. Just a dark, black, empty screen.

DIY Repair Difficulty – 4/10 – Medium

You must take your time when doing an iPhone Battery repair. You’re going to have to take the glass out, disconnect all the cables on the inside, and remove the motherboard just to get to the battery. You’re going to want to take precautions when doing this repair, taking electrostatic-discharge(ESD) into consideration and making sure you are grounded. We have seen cases where ESD has fried boards and rendered iPhones useless.

High quality iPhone Parts should always be used when repairing a broken iPhone. A dead battery holds true to this as well. We sell and use only the longest lasting, extended life batteries that are available on the market.

Turnaround time on iPhone Battery Repair – Same day

With this iPhone repair service, our technicians will fix your battery problem in no time! All deliveries that we get here by 1pm, get fixed and shipped out the same day.  Whether you’re local in Palm Beach County, or a distant customer in Alaska, iFixYouri can fix this problem for you quickly.

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