The introduction of the Smartphone has greatly increased the quality of access to many of our lives and no where has this point rang truer than in the world of small business. With the introduction of the various card processing systems for Smartphones such as Square and ROAMpay. The average small business owner now has the opportunity to accept credit card transaction and potentially widely increase their sales growth.

What Does This Mean for the Average Entrepreneur?

Obtaining a merchant account has not always been a easy task and for those just starting out in the open market the ability to offer alternative forms of payment, beside just cash transactions, can make all the difference. Whether the business be retail, culinary, artistic or other. Having an attachment for one’ s Smartphone (or in some cases iPad) for credit card processing alleviates the hassle of bulky point of sale terminals and worst yet, the old fashion “knuckle buster” manual imprinters. All in all presenting their customers with a smooth and convenient shopping experience which often results in repeat business.

Caring For Your Business By Caring For Your Smartphone

Having a Smartphone as a small business owner is a “no brainer” whether it be for credit card processing or simple day-to-day activities. Therefore, the protection and maintenance of such a vital tool is paramount. At iFixYouri, you can rest assured that if your Smartphone happened to be involved in an accident, be it water damage, a cracked screen or simple battery replacement issues, you are certainly in good hands. Because, when it comes to nurturing your business there’s no sense in faulty equipment stunting its growth.

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We’ve decided to become a bit “anti-recycling” here at iFixYouri. Now not with all things. We’re still firm believers in recycling soda cans and water bottles, but lets bring things to a reality point here; with certain things REPAIRING is really better for the environment than recycling! Use, repair, re-use.

iPads are a great example of why you should still repair, versus discard, and buy a new one. The iPad 1 to the iPad 2 had quite a few changes. Apple added a camera, a sleeker back housing, a faster processor, and a small myriad of other features that we all need so so badly and we’d have a hard time living without.

I recently broke my iPad 2 and was left scratching my head and trying to decide what I should do. Should I go out and buy the latest and greatest iPad 4? Or should I stick with the old and trusty iPad 2? I stopped into my local store just to give it a test run. It felt the same and looked identical. The only real difference I could see was the processor was a little quicker. This to me just isn’t enough to justify spending $500 on a new device vs $159.99 on an ipad repair that virtually looked the same and still ran all the same apps. The differences between models of all these crazy devices that have been coming out recently are so minor it’s so hard to tell the difference. To me, the retina ipad looks just like my ipad 2.

We live in a consumers market and in a consumers market, we’re often driven to replace and recycle. We’re trying to change that mentality. We’re trying to get people to realize that repairing is really the way to go! Recycle your newspaper and cardboard boxes. Recycle your water bottles and beer cans! Reuse and repair your devices!

Every year millions of devices get thrown into our landfill. We’re more concerned about this than most people are, as we are a repair business, and we’re trying to play our roll in order to minimize the impact that these devices have on our planet when their lifespan has come to an end.

We work with a tight group of recycling companies that can handle responsibly disposing of devices, should a device finally get to the point of non-repair.

We’d like to help. And we’d like you to help. Put some thought into it and some care. If you have any questions about repair or recycling, give us a call at 888-494-4349 or email us at

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LocalScope And Other iOS Apps For Your Local Search

On December 22, 2012, in Apps, by Chris

Since the dawn of the smartphone, our world has become smaller and considerably more accessible. Through the aid of local search apps, getting a bearing on one’s location and what of interest may surround them is as easy as a simple click. It almost makes you wonder, how did we survived prior to such a convenience?

While browsing through a list of iOS apps, I came across a local search tool called LocalScope. Though a lot of people already use Google Maps (which is now available for iOS) for their local search, and the Apple Map (powered by Yelp), after reviewing LocalScope (review available below) however, I decided to also search for some other apps that may help you in finding what you want, near your location.

Apps For Your Local Search

Unfortunately, the Android version of these apps are currently unavailable.


A free app that provides you with a listing and green car icons you can use to get turn-by-turn directions.

AirYell is like a personal Yellow Pages, where you can add a search term or speak it out, to get a list of results for your area. You may also get some listings too by touching some of the icons at the bottom of the app interface. AirYell provide some information about its listings and maps to view their locations, and it also provides turn-by-turn navigation features with voice.

Where To?

An app with an appealing interface and lots of categories (cost – $2.99).

From the Where To? interface, you may choose a common search item which will then be displayed in a list, on a map or through augmented reality (this will cost you an additional 99 cents). Where To? has a massive list of alphabetized services you can quickly get to. The augmented reality feature in the app allows you to see all the places that are in some specific directions within your area, though the extra you may have to pay to use the feature may be a turn-off.


An app that uses social data from popular social networks, along with GPS, to provide you with some information and details about what is near your location.  You may search through a lot of social networks and other reference sites with it (cost $1.99).

With LocalScope, you will get some listings, photos, tweets, history, and a lot more through the Search or Discover buttons in its app interface. It is a great choice for finding what you want and discovering other new places too.

To enjoy these apps properly, you’ll need a GPS that is working.  Unfortunately, it is one of the features that seems to fail for many iPhone users.  If you are experiencing this problem, or any other technical issue, you can send your phone to professional repair specialists at iFixYouri.

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iPhone Water DamageIs it possible to fix water damaged iPhones? Contrary to what many people believe, it is very much possible. In fact, even if the device has been totally submerged in water, if you take the correct steps immediately, there is a 90% chance that your iPhone can be brought back to life again.

What To Do to Fix Your Water Damaged iPhone

  • Make sure that the device is off and do not switch it on again
  • Open the case and take out the SIM card
  • Without going to extremes, shake out any excess water and dry it with a clean, dry cloth
  • If you do not have silica, put some rice into a bag, and place the device into the rice immediately after you have dried it off
  • Search online for companies that do repairs on water-damaged iPhones, and contact them as soon as possible.

Don’t imagine that by putting your iPhone in a bag of rice, it will get perfectly dry and work as normal again, because it probably won’t.

Effects of Water Inside an iPhone

The thing is, even if there is just one drop of water left inside your iPhone, corrosion will set in very quickly, and damage your device beyond repair. The repair company that you send your iPhone to should have the expertise to remove any liquid or oil damage from your device, and get it working as good as new again.

If this proper process is not carried out on your iPhone, it will probably work for a while, but the features will start dying out one at a time, as corrosion takes over.

How to Fix Water Damaged iPhones

Make sure that you find a company that specializes in repairing water damaged iPhones, rather than taking it to the manufacturers, who will only replace your iPhone with a reconditioned one, at a price of about $200, and all the data from your old device will be gone for good.

Companies specializing in fixing iPhones damaged by water, on the other hand, will give your device a thorough checking and fix any problems that might be preventing your iPhone from operating normally. The best thing about such companies is that you can send your phone via mail to the company and after they fix it, they will send it back to you, making it a hassle-free process. The next time you accidentally drop your iPhone in water, just send it to us and we will fix it for you.

Smartphones are wonderful gadgets, but as the latest, sleekest designs tend to be made of glossy and glassy materials, they can easily get damaged. All too often, someone’s favorite device gets dropped and becomes scratched, or worse. When this happens, users are often unsure of what to do. Do you need to replace the whole device or are you able to get your smartphone’s glass repaired?

Smartphone Glass Repair vs. Replacing

The world we live in encourages us to replace any device that goes wrong. It is becoming more and more popular to throw away broken or even scratched iPhones in order to replace them with new ones. The problem is that this can be a very expensive process. Having to buy a new smartphone when you drop your current one is an expensive habit that can cost you hundreds of dollars each time.

Benefits of Smartphone Glass Repairs

  1. Smartphone glass repair is a viable alternative to replacing your device.
  2. Repairing your iPhone instead of replacing it can save you a lot of money.
  3. The repair turnaround time can be very fast.
  4. Sending your device away to get repaired is easy and can be done via the internet.

Doing It Yourself

It is certainly possible to save yet more money by doing the repair yourself. However, there are a few potential problems with this. The main issue is that many modern devices are assembled so that user servicing is nearly impossible. Apple’s iPhone displays are connected to the glass as a single unit, so you cannot just replace one or the other. However, if you are technically-minded and have experience repairing similar devices yourself, then it is definitely an option. You can get dedicated repair kits for specific applications and save some money compared to sending your phone away.

Key Points

  • Do-it-yourself repairs require technical knowledge and great care.
  • You can save more money by using the DIY option.
  • Irreparable damage to the phone may result from a bad DIY repair attempt.
  • Sending your phone away to be repaired guarantees an expert service.
  • For most people, an expert repair job is the best solution by far.

Professional iPhone Repair Services

Smartphones are extremely sophisticated electronic devices. As a result, it is not surprising that the technology is very delicate. If your smartphone has unsightly scratches on the screen, poor touch sensitivity, odd colors or anything else, then it may need a smartphone glass repair service. The best thing about shipping your phone to be repaired by iFixYouri experts is that you can rest assured that your phone is being handled by professionals with years of experience.


iPhone Water DamageWhen an iPhone owner accidentally drops their device into a toilet, they’re usually unaware of the extent of water damage caused to their iPhone. According to a recently published patent, Apple wants to provide users with a water-detection feature.

The main objective of the technology is for issues such as repair troubleshooting, warranty claim assessment, and product development, according to the published patent. Manufacturers generally want to ensure whether a particular user simply wishes to replace the application or has actually dropped the device in the water. Apple stated that water is one of the major reasons that may cause malfunctioning of the device. As a result, verification of water immersion is pertinent for device manufacturers. Presently, an iPhone that suffers water damage is not covered by Apple’s warranty — which is exactly why they want to be able to test for it.

The only hope you have for getting your water damaged iPhone working properly again is to get it fixed by professional repair technicians who specialize in iPhone water damage repair, like iFixYouri.

iPhone Water Damage Detection Patent Details

The application comes with a system that uses color-changing tape along with a dye which dissolves after absorbing a certain amount of water. This in turn helps in avoiding humidity from triggering a false positive.

According to the published patent, the company stated that the application will get enclosed and provide at least one sign that it has been immersed in the water. As a result, users will be able to identify water damage just by looking at their application. However, the process has certain drawbacks such as limited application, complicated inspection process and device tampering, Apple acknowledged. The detection system can be used for devices that can be easily opened — aka, not the iPhone device.

When Will We See This?

Since December 2006, the water damage detection patent was kept secret by Apple until it was revealed this year. There is no explanation about whether the system will come with the next generation iPhone or will be released with future innovative versions.

It has been a great year as far as Apple’s patent files are concerned. Just like the recently uncovered Olympus MEG4.0 prototype and the Google Glass project, the company received a patent for a head-mounted display device. Earlier last month, Apple bagged a patent for exchangeable camera lenses in less than a couple of weeks time, before another 27 patents were granted, including some for inductive charging, as well as rotating, scrolling and resizing on touch screens.

How to Pack and Ship an iPhone for Repair

On November 16, 2012, in iPhone Repair, by Chris

iPhones have become necessary items and many people cannot live without them.  When you accidentally damage your iPhone, shipping it to a professional repair store like iFixYouri should be your top priority. You’ll need to know how to carefully pack and ship the device to avoid any further damage during its travel. iPhones are expensive and fairly delicate devices with numerous small parts that can chip, crack or break quite easily.

Packing and Shipping Your iPhone

It’s important to pack and ship your phone in such a way that even the most careless of handling will not ruin it. First, get a cardboard shipping box and packing materials. Bubble wrap is probably the best material, along with newspaper or other unwanted large sheets of paper. Remember to use packing tape and finish it all off with a shipping label.

The cardboard shipping box you use should comfortably accommodate your iPhone. The box should comfortably support at least an inch of packing material on all sides. Fill the first half of the box with the paper. Do not keep it neat. Crumple up that newspaper.

Wrapping the Package

Next, wrap your phone with several layers of bubble wrap. Make sure the phone is against the bubble side of the bubble wrap. Fold in the edges of the bubble wrap to protect the screen and casing from impacts. Then, lay the phone in the middle of the box and fill the rest of the box with crumpled newspaper.

Make sure the bubble wrap and crumpled newspaper form a dense layer between the edge of the box and the phone. You want the iPhone to fit snugly inside the box. If it’s loose there is a better chance it will slide around and become damaged during shipping.

Testing whether the Phone is Firmly in the Box

To test it, shake the box gently at first. Then, once you find that your iPhone stays completely immobile, shake it more violently. If it still stays immobile within the packing, it is good to go. Tape the top and the bottom of the box shut even if the bottom of the box is glued shut already. Then attach your shipping label.

Paperwork and Insurance

One very important part to keep in mind when you want to pack and ship your iPhone is the paperwork, which is generated as a result of sending it. This means all documentation on the package should be duplicated and kept. Any receipts must be kept including the receipts for the iPhone itself, for the shipping costs, and the tracking numbers.

It is also best if you put insurance on the package as well. If for any reason the phone is damaged then you can recoup your loses. Then keep the insurance number. Without that, you won’t be able to make a claim if the package goes missing or is damaged.

Do You Need iPhone Digitizer Replacement?

On November 14, 2012, in iPhone, iPhone Repair, by Chris

iphone-digitizer-replacement-ifixyouriIf you have treated yourself to an iPhone, one of the features that made it especially attractive to you would probably have been the way you could manipulate the visuals on the screen, by moving your fingers together and apart. The component that makes this enjoyable experience possible is the digitizer, which is firmly fixed to the screen. Unfortunately, this means that if your touchscreen gets broken or damaged, you will require iPhone digitizer replacement as well.


How iPhone Digitizer Replacement Works

The digitizer is like a thin plastic film attached to the screen. It is sensitive to your finger movements, and sends information about the position and movements of your fingers to the motherboard. The information you enter with your fingers is analog information, and it is converted by the digitizer into digital, or computer-readable, data. You can only actually see the digitizer if the screen is damaged.

Why You Might Need A Replacement

If the screen is damaged, it is usually the result of the phone being dropped, or knocking against something — a very common occurrence. However, it is possible that the digitizer itself can develop problems. Symptoms that could indicate that your digitizer needs replacing include:

  • There is no response from your screen when you touch it.
  • There is a response, but it is very slow.
  • Some areas respond erratically, or not at all.
  • Some applications seem to open unpredictably or randomly.

If you experience any of these problems, your digitizer is faulty and needs replacing — repair is not an option.

Whether the digitizer needs replacing because it is faulty in itself, or because the screen is damaged, it cannot be replaced by itself. Because it is fused to the screen, the two are in effect a single component, so you have to replace the screen as well. There are various ways to do this.

Ways To Perform iPhone Digitizer Replacement

You can try to do it yourself. There are a number of iPhone digitizer replacement kits on the market, and several instructional video clips online. However, most people find it very difficult to do this successfully, especially if the kits supply plastic rather than metal tools for prying the case apart. This can cause serious frustration, as well as damaging the casing. There is also the option of using Apple’s own repair service, though this costs up to $200 and has a lengthy wait time.

In fact, the most satisfactory way of obtaining an iPhone digitizer replacement is usually to find a reliable professional repair company. This is likely to be a lot cheaper than either using Apple’s service, or paying the deductible for your phone insurance. Make sure you choose a company that offers a warranty, lists prices on its website, and can guarantee a fast turnaround.

The Simple Truth

The chances of damaging your iPhone are actually pretty high. Once you have grown to depend on it, the inconvenience of being without it is immense. It is a smart idea to identify a reliable repair service in advance such as iFixYouri that specializes in matters such as iPhone digitizer replacement, just in case you need it.

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