With vigilant torture testing, we have learned that not every phone is prepared to stand up against the everyday trials of life. Even though the Nokia Lumia 900 is able to literally take a hammering, still a Gorilla Glass-donning phone can be prone to unpleasant hairline scratches.

Every screen protector, along with the screen beneath it, is susceptible to damage.  Fortunately, every type of screen can be fixed by a professional repair company.  Regardless of the device, model or damage issue, iFixYouri has seen and fixed it all.

Many people feel that these scratches are not a problem, but if you desire to sell or trade the phone in the future, it is a good idea to keep it in top-notch shape in order to get a good deal.  In addition, the phone may not function properly when the touchscreen is affected.

Selecting the Right Screen Protector for You

There are basically three kinds of screen protectors; all hold their own benefits and quirks. Selecting the right protector depends entirely on needs against how much you are willing to forfeit.

A clear screen protector is the most realistic and customary option. Its only purpose is to take the beating of everyday life. When looking for a screen protector, you will notice that some include multiple protectors, while others have just one.

When purchasing a pack containing two or three protectors, you will get thin protectors that are barely noticeable. They guard your phone against scratches like other protectors do, but wear and get scuffed over time and need to be replaced.

A solo screen protector is usually thicker. Their durable build stands up to scratches for extended periods of time. Some can even be removed and re-applied, is necessary.

A matte screen protector provides glare reduction and also protects the phone from scratches. They come in packs of one or three just like the clear ones. It just depends on the build.

Privacy Screens

Screen protectors that offer privacy are frequently only applied to computers. A privacy screen protector limits the viewing angle of the device; it ensures that only you can see the active screen. They also protect the screen from scratches, but the same as the matte screen, distortion is obvious.

A privacy screen makes a display appear hazy and video sharing is difficult. You cannot gather friends around the phone to watch a funny YouTube video because you will be the only one that can see the video.

Cracked iPhone 4 Screen: is it a DIY Fix?

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Cracked iPhone 4 ScreenIt goes without saying that you should take great care of your iPhone, but unfortunately accidents are common and can result in a cracked iPhone 4 screen. You can often still use an iPhone that has a cracked screen but it is not easy or pleasant. Thankfully, a cracked iPhone 4 screen can be easily replaced, thus saving you the money you would have had to spend buying a new iPhone.

DIY vs. Professional Repair

While is possible for you to replace your cracked iPhone 4 screen without professional help, it is not recommended as a solution. While you can find free instructions online on how to do it yourself, and the tools and parts from iFixYouri, you might end up doing more damage than good once you start tinkering with the mechanics and electronics.

Replacing a Cracked iPhone 4 Screen isn’t Easy

The front panel and LCD are fused together so you will have to buy both of these parts, along with thin metal blades, a plastic case opening tool, tweezers and various specialized screwdrivers. These materials and tools will cost you well over $100, making the cost of repairing your own iPhone more expensive than having professionals like iFixYouri repair your cracked iPhone 4 screen.

Professional Help for a Cracked iPhone 4 Screen

An experienced iPhone repair shop can replace your screen quickly and easily. One of the main reasons you’d opt for experts to fix your iPhone is because you can rest assured that the job will be done right and your data will not be lost due to a repair mistake. Since iPhones are sensitive and costly devices, let a professional technician handle the specialized repair.

You do not want to trust just any shop to repair your iPhone, as the job has to be done properly without mistakes.  Although you may have a local electronics repair shop that says they’ll fix iPhones, the technicians may not have the resources or knowledge to properly repair the device.  With iFixYouri, you can simply send your cracked iPhone 4 screen to the mail in center, and your item can be fixed professionally, quickly and inexpensively.


lcd-screen-repair-ifixyouriYou probably suspect by now that the LCD screen on your iPhone is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of your gadget. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens are commonly used in many electronic gadgets such as TVs and computer monitors.

The screen is made up of ultra-thin layers. Two of those layers are polarized panels, between which is a solution of liquid crystal – hence the name. Once light from another part of the iPhone is projected through these layers, the liquid crystal layer becomes colorized and produces the image that we see on the phone. Due to its design and material, the LCD screen is prone to damage and breakage.

LCD Screen Maintenance Tips

To extend the usable life of your iPhone and keep it in top shape, use these tips on care and maintenance:

Keep Your LCD Screen Clean

In most cases, an LCD screen will only require regular wipes to remove dust. If oil or grime gets on the surface of the phone, mix 1 part alcohol and 1 part distilled water and spray on a piece of chamois or flannel. Use this to wipe off the surface. Do not use ammonia-based cleaning products, window or glass cleaners, rough cloths or paper towels.

Use A Protective Screen Film

Screen film is thin and transparent with a stick-on side that can be applied on the surface of the screen. This will help protect it from the usual problems associated with regular wear-and-tear, such as scratches (which will also eliminate the need for LCD screen scratch repair). It can be peeled off and replaced with a new one every few months.

Avoid Dropping the Phone

If the polarized panels break, the liquid crystal solution will leak and cause a distortion on the screen. Keep the phone in a protective case and avoid carrying it around when not needed. The extra rubber, silicone or plastic barrier will help protect the surface against dents, dings and scratches. There are even cases that are designed to shield the iPhone against shock. These cases are usually enough to protect the device from low falls. These will not do much if you drop your phone from a considerable height.

Do not put the phone inside your pocket to prevent unnecessary pressure on the screen. Place it inside a bag or pouch or wear it on a belt for easy access.

What Happens If I Damage the Screen?

If the damage is extensive or affects the functionality of the iPhone, there is no other recourse but to have the LCD screen repaired or replaced by a professional service such as iFixYouri. Unless you have the expertise and experience, it is recommended that you never attempt to replace the screen yourself because you could do serious, irreparable damage (and, many of these damages may greatly outweigh the LCD screen repair cost). Besides, you could void the warranty if the coverage is still active. Have the experts work on the problem instead.

The Best Phone Screen Protectors

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An iPhone is the most expensive cell phone in the market. Therefore, when you buy an iPhone, you should do everything you can to protect it. The screen is particularly prone to scratches and other scuffs.  Once essential form of protection is a screen protector. There are many screen protectors in the market, and naturally some will offer better protection than others. Listed below are some of the best iPhone protectors available today.

Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector

This screen protector is made from clear urethane film which is actually the same film used to protect NASA space shuttles and military aircrafts. The best thing about this screen protector is that it has the ability to resist abrasion. Therefore, if you want value for your money, the skinomi protector should be your first choice.

Generiks Screen Protector

The Generiks screen protector features High Quality Anti-Glare Screen that is aggression-resistant, making it ideal for your iPhone. The best thing about this protector is that it is not as expensive as the others. Therefore, when you buy it, you will be getting quality at a cheaper price.

Premium Screen Protector

If features a 3-layer PET film which was designed for iPhone 4S. It effectively protects your natural screen from scratches and dust. The whole package includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and 3 bonus back films. This makes the premium screen protector a must have for anyone who still uses iPhone 4S.

Empire 5-pack Screen Protector

The Empire 5-pack is clear, thin and durable. It does not leave finger prints on your screen. The package includes a cleaning cloth and 5 screen protectors.

Halo Screen Protector

Halo screen protectors are highly-rated protectors in the market today. This can be attributed to the fact that these protectors offer a higher quality. They offer minimal screen bubbles, are easy to install and can be re-used. The pack includes 3 films to ensure that you have a spare at all times.

Iconic Screen Protecton

It not only protects your iPhone screen, but also reduces glare under strong light. In addition to that, it will not affect your screen’s interface.

Screen protectors will definitely protect your screen from scratches; however, when it comes to serious damage such as cracked screen or water damage, the screen protector will not be of any help. In such a case, you will have to take your iPhone to a repair store. At iFixYouri we specialize in repairing damaged iPads, iPhones, laptops and computers.


Is The iPhone Screen Scratch Resistant?

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Free iPhone AppsThe iPhone is a fairly resilient piece of technology. That does not, however, mean that it cannot be damaged. While the things that can cause the phone to become non-functional are few and far between, there are a number of issues that can cause cosmetic damage.

One of the biggest issues tends to be screen scratching, and figuring out whether the screen is scratch resistant is usually rather important. The answer to that question is quite complex, and figuring out ways to keep the screen from getting scratched is usually smarter than relying on the native protection of the device.

So is the iPhone Screen Scratch Resistant or Not?

The earliest version of the iPhone was not very resistant to scratching. The original phone and the 3G were fairly prone to scratches, but there was some improvement on the 3GS. From the 3GS onward, iPhone screen scratch resistant coating has been used. The degree to which the screen can be scratched varies from model to model – the 3GS is still relatively easy to scratch, while the 5 is much harder to scratch. It is important to note that all of the phones are “scratch-resistant”, not “scratch-proof.” If you try hard enough, you can scratch any of the phones.

Is it an Issue?

Most scratches on the iPhone are mere cosmetic issues. While they can be obnoxious for those who watch movies on the phone or play games, they will not interfere with operation. Larger scratches, though, can make the phone much harder to use. They usually do not interfere with the actual working processes of the phone or the capacitive touch screen, but they will make it much harder to see the various bits of information on the screen. As such, scratched screens can be a big problem.

Protecting Your Phone

If you want to make sure that your phone does not get scratched, you can take one of several options. The first, and perhaps cheapest, is keeping an eye on your phone at all times. Protecting it like it is fragile will keep it away from anything that can scratch it, but accidents can still happen.

A better solution is to make use of a screen protector. You can get a set of several protectors for a few dollars, and most will keep you from ever getting a scratch on the glass. At the far end of the protection spectrum are cases with hard fronts—almost nothing can get to your phone through these cases.

How to Repair a Scratched iPhone Screen

The bad news is that a scratched screen is a problem that you cannot repair on your own. The good news is the process for getting it fixed is relatively simple and inexpensive.  You can send the phone to an iPhone repair store like iFixYouri.  The cost for scratch repair will always be cheaper than buying a new phone.  Now that you know the iPhone screen isn’t completely scratch resistant, you should take extra care of it.

iPhone Repairs The iPhone is one of the most expensive smartphones in the market. Everything about an iPhone is expensive. Its accessories can cost more than a generic phone. The sad part is that a large number of people do not take good care of their iPhones. As a result of their negligence, they end up spending a significant amount of money on iPhone repairs.

Cost of iPhone Repairs

A recent report released by SquareTrade shows that Americans have collectively spent 5.9 Billion dollars in repairs in repairs since 2007. The news was made public during the recent launch of the newest version of the iPhone 5. Apple also revealed that they had already received over 2 million pre-orders in the first 24 hours of the launch.

Main Cause of iPhone Damage

The report also revealed that over 30% of iPhone users damaged their devices within one year of purchase. Accidental damage is the leading cause of damaged iPhones. The most common mode of damage is dropping in places such as lakes, toilets, on the road or being knocked off the table.

The iPhone is essentially a delicate mobile computer that is susceptible to being knocked around and abused daily.  Even treating an iPhone carefully doesn’t mean that unexpected issues won’t arise.

How to Repair Your iPhone

The good thing is that you can easily get your iPhone repaired regardless of the cause of damage. If you have accidentally damaged your iPhone, bring it or send it to us and we will repair it for you. We have specialist who are trained to repair damaged iPhones.  For more information on how to repair your iPhone, visit www.ifixyouri.com.

Damaged Android smartphoneAccording to IHS, the total number of Android phones shipped globally will exceed the 1 billion mark by 2013. The first Android-run smartphone was first shipped in 2008 and almost five years later, the number of shipments is expected to surpass the 1 billion mark.

Daniel Gleeson said that Android smartphones have taken the world by surprise. “We expect the Android smartphones to become the first to reach the milestone in its lifetime,” he said.

Android operating system is owned by Google and they make the software available to third party smartphones brands free of charge.

Android Smartphones Dominates the Market

Google chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed the news in a recent interview. He said that there are currently over 500 million Android phones worldwide. He also said that there are about 1.3 million devices being activated each day. “If the trend continues, we will hit the 1 billion mark by next year,” he said. Mr. Schmidt also said Android had won the battle with Apple’s iOS.

Android is King in Asia

A recent report by Dr. Madanmohan Rao claims that the recent success of South Korean mobile firm Samsung can be attributed to the Android operating system. Thanks to Android, Samsung is now the leading mobile company in south East Asia. As a matter of fact, half of all the smartphones sales in South East Asia are Samsung phones.

The Android fever has also swept Philippines and other Asian countries. A large number of people prefer Android phones as opposed to other phones. Globe Telecom, the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The phone has a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 5.5 inch HD super AMOLED, 3100mAH battery and many more features. It goes without saying that the phone is powered by the Android operating system.

The sad thing about people who buy Android smartphones is that most of them damage their phones within the first 6 months of purchase. Many people think that once their smartphone is damaged, it cannot be fixed. Contrary to common belief, damaged smartphones can easily be repaired. We at iFixYouri specialize in repairing damaged smartphones.

Broken iPhone 4 screen and not sure where to turn? iFixYouri offers quick, high quality repairs, at an affordable price. Don’t trust just anyone to repair your iPhone, go with the leaders in the repair industry. We use only the highest quality parts available on the market and have extremely skilled technicians so you can rest assured that your phone will be fixed quickly, and correctly the first time.

iPhone 4 Glass Repair

So many options for iPhone 4 screen replacement services we understand how it can be confusing. We’re going to make this quick and simple, so that your iPhone screen repair goes smoothly and without complication.

Option #1: iPhone screen repair service – Have a skilled technician fix your broken iPhone. Make sure they’re using high quality OEM parts. Cheap parts will fail.

Option #2: DIY iPhone repair kit – Purchase a kit and do-it-yourself. Keep in mind, it’s not as easy as it looks. A lot of times we see people purchase kits and aren’t able to successfully install them.

On the iPhone 4, the screen and the LCD are fused together. If you buy just the glass, you’ll be SOL. Buy just the LCD, well, you’re SOL again.

Fused, high quality, OEM. Go cheap and you’ll get what you pay for. Plain and simple. You have a $600 phone, and you want to put a piece of $10 glass on it? Bad choice. That’s like putting used tires on a nice Porsche. Bad idea.

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