Do You Need iPhone Digitizer Replacement?

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If you have treated yourself to an iPhone, one of the features that made it especially attractive to you would probably have been the way you could manipulate the visuals on the screen, by moving your fingers together and apart. The component that makes this enjoyable experience possible is the digitizer, which is firmly fixedContinue Reading

iPhone Screen Repair Additions!

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Our iPhone screen repair and replacement services have been good to us. One problem we have though is people often times don’t know what exactly is wrong with their iPhone screens. There is no standard answer because the screen repair service needed depends on what model you own, which as of now is the 3G,Continue Reading

iPhone 3G Screen Glass Breakdown

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The iPhone 3G screen is made of glass and protection is typically a good start when using the product. It is optical quality glass, which sits under the frame to offer it some protection but if dropped on a hard surface such as concrete, it could easily shatter or crack. Because of the vulnerable screenContinue Reading