Typo Creates New Physical Keyboard for the iPhone

On January 15, 2014, in Accessories, by Michael D'Elicio

Part of the iPhone experience desired by Apple is that of a totally contained phone, with as few buttons as possible, making the majority of interaction done on the screen. Not everyone, however, loves the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. In fact, the lack of a physical keyboard tends to be among the reasons that Blackberry users refuse to switch to the successful Apple phone.

Enter the Typo Keyboard case. Typo is actually a cellphone case, currently available for the iPhone 5 and 5s, with a wireless keyboard on the bottom. The Typo’s keys are laid out in typical Qwerty fashion, with alternate keys for capitalization, numbers and symbols. re-creates the Blackberry experience for use on the iPhone; it is so close to replicating it that Blackberry has filed a lawsuit against the fledgling company.

Inside is a tiny lithium-ion battery, only 1 millimeter thick. The keyboard covers the bottom of the phone, but the ports are still accessible. Lastly, setup via Bluetooth is simple to do.

Unlike bulky Bluetooth keyboards, the 1.4-ounce Typo fits snugly around the iPhone 5 or 5S like a regular slip-on case, adding about a half an inch to the phone’s overall length, and it has shown to increase typing speed for users. However, the Typo covers up the iPhone’s home button and remaps it to a button on the bottom right of the keyboard. It takes some getting used to and if you have a 5S, you lose the convenience of the fingerprint scanner, distinctly altering the iPhone’s intended functionality. Furthermore, The Bluetooth connection disables the iPhone’s auto-correct feature, making the user have to manually correct any typos.

The Typo retails at $99; preorders have sold out and new orders will ship in February.

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The introduction of the Smartphone has greatly increased the quality of access to many of our lives and no where has this point rang truer than in the world of small business. With the introduction of the various card processing systems for Smartphones such as Square and ROAMpay. The average small business owner now has the opportunity to accept credit card transaction and potentially widely increase their sales growth.

What Does This Mean for the Average Entrepreneur?

Obtaining a merchant account has not always been a easy task and for those just starting out in the open market the ability to offer alternative forms of payment, beside just cash transactions, can make all the difference. Whether the business be retail, culinary, artistic or other. Having an attachment for one’ s Smartphone (or in some cases iPad) for credit card processing alleviates the hassle of bulky point of sale terminals and worst yet, the old fashion “knuckle buster” manual imprinters. All in all presenting their customers with a smooth and convenient shopping experience which often results in repeat business.

Caring For Your Business By Caring For Your Smartphone

Having a Smartphone as a small business owner is a “no brainer” whether it be for credit card processing or simple day-to-day activities. Therefore, the protection and maintenance of such a vital tool is paramount. At iFixYouri, you can rest assured that if your Smartphone happened to be involved in an accident, be it water damage, a cracked screen or simple battery replacement issues, you are certainly in good hands. Because, when it comes to nurturing your business there’s no sense in faulty equipment stunting its growth.

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50 Weird And Wacky iPhone Cases

On September 4, 2013, in Accessories, by Chris

There are many occasions when we have to find a gift to give, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, to say thank you, etc. It can be difficult to decide what to buy someone that they will get use out if and at the same time isn’t too expensive. An iPhone case is an ideal gift.

They come in a variety of different styles, and you can never have too many. People carry their iPhones everywhere, and to every type of event, therefore having a couple to choose from is a great idea, and protecting them from damage is also important.

This is a list of 50 of our favorites, some are strange, and some are practical, which one do you like the best?

Top 50 Unusual iPhone Cases


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awesome iPhone cases 48









awesome iPhone cases 47








awesome iPhone cases 46











awesome iPhone cases 45












awesome iPhone cases 44













awesome iPhone cases 43












awesome iPhone cases 42












awesome iPhone cases 41












awesome iPhone cases 40












awesome iPhone cases 39










awesome iPhone cases 38












awesome iPhone cases 37












awesome iPhone cases 36












awesome iPhone cases 35








awesome iPhone cases 34








awesome iPhone cases 33










awesome iPhone cases 32











awesome iPhone cases 31









awesome iPhone cases 30










awesome iPhone cases 29












awesome iPhone cases 28












awesome iPhone cases 27











awesome iPhone cases 26












awesome iPhone cases 25










awesome iPhone cases 24












awesome iPhone cases 23












awesome iPhone cases 22












awesome iPhone cases 21












awesome iPhone cases 20












awesome iPhone cases 19











awesome iPhone cases 18










awesome iPhone cases 17








awesome iPhone cases 16












awesome iPhone cases 15









awesome iPhone cases 14











awesome iPhone cases 13











awesome iPhone cases 12











awesome iPhone cases 11








awesome iPhone cases 10












awesome iPhone cases 9













awesome iPhone cases 8








awesome iPhone cases 7












awesome iPhone cases 6












awesome iPhone cases 5












awesome iPhone cases 4












awesome iPhone cases 3












awesome iPhone cases 2












awesome iPhone cases 1















How to Use Your iPhone More Effectively

On December 28, 2012, in iPhone 4, iPhone 5, News, by Chris

awesome iPhone cases 42Modern phones are harder to operate than ancient phones. As a result, a large number of people (especially senior members of our society) usually have a hard time trying to use their iPhone more effectively. Listed below are tips on how to use your iPhone more effectively.

Tips on How to use Your iPhone More Effectively

Once you’ve bought an iPhone, you will want to learn how to use all the cool features and amenities that come with this device.

Set up the iPhone Properly

Setting the iPhone up properly is a must. After you’ve bought an iPhone, you will need to install iTunes on your desktop computer and/or laptop and create a personal iTunes account. It is also a very good idea to sync your new iPhone to your email account. This will enable you to not just send and receive messages but also manage your calendar and add or delete contacts from the iPhone. Popular email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo and MSN are all compatible with iPhones.

Web Browsing

Most people who buy an iPhone use it to browse the web. For this reason, it is very important to choose a compatible web browser and install it properly. All iPhone models come with Safari, a free built in web browser, but some people prefer to use other browsers.


Learning how to manage various music options is also very important. A beginner will want to learn how to get songs from CD onto his or her iPhone, make playlists and use the iPhone with an FM car transmitter.

Choosing the Right Apps

Choosing the right apps will significantly increase your iPhone’s effectiveness. The idea is not to choose a large number of apps but to simply pick the ones that you need and are likely to use. There are many great apps to choose from, ranging from gaming apps to cooking apps.


Jailbreaking an iPhone is no easy task, although there are some programs that make this job a lot simpler than it would be otherwise. Jailbreaking an iPhone enables a person to get apps that are not available from Apple’s App store. It is completely legal to jailbreak your iPhone but Apple will not help you resolve any problems that may arise as a result of your actions.

If you damage your iPhone while trying to use your iPhone more effectively, you can rely on ifixyouri.com to get it up and running in no time.

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LocalScope And Other iOS Apps For Your Local Search

On December 22, 2012, in Apps, by Chris

Since the dawn of the smartphone, our world has become smaller and considerably more accessible. Through the aid of local search apps, getting a bearing on one’s location and what of interest may surround them is as easy as a simple click. It almost makes you wonder, how did we survived prior to such a convenience?

While browsing through a list of iOS apps, I came across a local search tool called LocalScope. Though a lot of people already use Google Maps (which is now available for iOS) for their local search, and the Apple Map (powered by Yelp), after reviewing LocalScope (review available below) however, I decided to also search for some other apps that may help you in finding what you want, near your location.

Apps For Your Local Search

Unfortunately, the Android version of these apps are currently unavailable.


A free app that provides you with a listing and green car icons you can use to get turn-by-turn directions.

AirYell is like a personal Yellow Pages, where you can add a search term or speak it out, to get a list of results for your area. You may also get some listings too by touching some of the icons at the bottom of the app interface. AirYell provide some information about its listings and maps to view their locations, and it also provides turn-by-turn navigation features with voice.

Where To?

An app with an appealing interface and lots of categories (cost – $2.99).

From the Where To? interface, you may choose a common search item which will then be displayed in a list, on a map or through augmented reality (this will cost you an additional 99 cents). Where To? has a massive list of alphabetized services you can quickly get to. The augmented reality feature in the app allows you to see all the places that are in some specific directions within your area, though the extra you may have to pay to use the feature may be a turn-off.


An app that uses social data from popular social networks, along with GPS, to provide you with some information and details about what is near your location.  You may search through a lot of social networks and other reference sites with it (cost $1.99).

With LocalScope, you will get some listings, photos, tweets, history, and a lot more through the Search or Discover buttons in its app interface. It is a great choice for finding what you want and discovering other new places too.

To enjoy these apps properly, you’ll need a GPS that is working.  Unfortunately, it is one of the features that seems to fail for many iPhone users.  If you are experiencing this problem, or any other technical issue, you can send your phone to professional repair specialists at iFixYouri.

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Dealing With an iPhone Black Screen

On December 20, 2012, in DIY Fix, iPhone, iPhone Repair, by Chris
iPhone Black Screen

Most iPhone users freak out at their first encounter with the iPhone black screen. This often occurs unexpectedly and has been known to strike even in newly bought phones. A black screen is not exactly an experience most users want to see on their phone display, which is the reason why it is important to know the best troubleshooting solutions when this problem occurs.





How to Deal With an iPhone Black Screen

If your iPhone screen blacks out, you need not worry. There are several ways of getting rid of the black screen. Listed below are some of the most common ways of dealing with an iPhone black screen.

Hold the Sleep/Wake Button

Also known as a hard reset, this is the first solution that you can do on your own since it is fairly easy. Simply hold both the HOME and SLEEP/WAKE buttons until you see the Apple Logo pop up on the screen. Once you do, you can release both buttons. This usually solves the issue of a black screen.

Do a Full Restore in iTunes

If the first solution does not work, the next best option you can do on your own would be to do a full restore. This is done through iTunes if you have a backup of the data on your phone which you need to do a restore. The restore returns your phone’s data to its original settings according to the settings on the backup. This is often done to transfer data from a defective device to a new and working device, but this is also done to restore all data from a blacked-out iPhone. You will need to synchronize your iPhone to put all the media content into your phone.

What To Do When The iPhone Black Screen Won’t Go Away

When none of these options work for you, one option is to head out to the nearest Apple store and have your phone looked at by the people at the Genius Bar. If you try to do any repairs yourself, you could end up voiding your warranty if the phone is new. If your phone is suffering from simple software problems, they can easily make quick fixes for you. If your phone is under warranty, the people at the bar can open it up and see what is wrong. You may get a replacement for your phone if a visit to the Genius Bar reveals that you may have a defective unit on your hands.

Other Options Available

If the warranty period for your iPhone is over, you can have it repaired by professional technicians. At iFixYouri, we have some of the best technicians in North America, who have lots of experience fixing the black screen on iPhones, as well as any other issue under the sun.

iPhone Water DamageIs it possible to fix water damaged iPhones? Contrary to what many people believe, it is very much possible. In fact, even if the device has been totally submerged in water, if you take the correct steps immediately, there is a 90% chance that your iPhone can be brought back to life again.

What To Do to Fix Your Water Damaged iPhone

  • Make sure that the device is off and do not switch it on again
  • Open the case and take out the SIM card
  • Without going to extremes, shake out any excess water and dry it with a clean, dry cloth
  • If you do not have silica, put some rice into a bag, and place the device into the rice immediately after you have dried it off
  • Search online for companies that do repairs on water-damaged iPhones, and contact them as soon as possible.

Don’t imagine that by putting your iPhone in a bag of rice, it will get perfectly dry and work as normal again, because it probably won’t.

Effects of Water Inside an iPhone

The thing is, even if there is just one drop of water left inside your iPhone, corrosion will set in very quickly, and damage your device beyond repair. The repair company that you send your iPhone to should have the expertise to remove any liquid or oil damage from your device, and get it working as good as new again.

If this proper process is not carried out on your iPhone, it will probably work for a while, but the features will start dying out one at a time, as corrosion takes over.

How to Fix Water Damaged iPhones

Make sure that you find a company that specializes in repairing water damaged iPhones, rather than taking it to the manufacturers, who will only replace your iPhone with a reconditioned one, at a price of about $200, and all the data from your old device will be gone for good.

Companies specializing in fixing iPhones damaged by water, on the other hand, will give your device a thorough checking and fix any problems that might be preventing your iPhone from operating normally. The best thing about such companies is that you can send your phone via mail to the company and after they fix it, they will send it back to you, making it a hassle-free process. The next time you accidentally drop your iPhone in water, just send it to us and we will fix it for you.

iPhone Water DamageWhen an iPhone owner accidentally drops their device into a toilet, they’re usually unaware of the extent of water damage caused to their iPhone. According to a recently published patent, Apple wants to provide users with a water-detection feature.

The main objective of the technology is for issues such as repair troubleshooting, warranty claim assessment, and product development, according to the published patent. Manufacturers generally want to ensure whether a particular user simply wishes to replace the application or has actually dropped the device in the water. Apple stated that water is one of the major reasons that may cause malfunctioning of the device. As a result, verification of water immersion is pertinent for device manufacturers. Presently, an iPhone that suffers water damage is not covered by Apple’s warranty — which is exactly why they want to be able to test for it.

The only hope you have for getting your water damaged iPhone working properly again is to get it fixed by professional repair technicians who specialize in iPhone water damage repair, like iFixYouri.

iPhone Water Damage Detection Patent Details

The application comes with a system that uses color-changing tape along with a dye which dissolves after absorbing a certain amount of water. This in turn helps in avoiding humidity from triggering a false positive.

According to the published patent, the company stated that the application will get enclosed and provide at least one sign that it has been immersed in the water. As a result, users will be able to identify water damage just by looking at their application. However, the process has certain drawbacks such as limited application, complicated inspection process and device tampering, Apple acknowledged. The detection system can be used for devices that can be easily opened — aka, not the iPhone device.

When Will We See This?

Since December 2006, the water damage detection patent was kept secret by Apple until it was revealed this year. There is no explanation about whether the system will come with the next generation iPhone or will be released with future innovative versions.

It has been a great year as far as Apple’s patent files are concerned. Just like the recently uncovered Olympus MEG4.0 prototype and the Google Glass project, the company received a patent for a head-mounted display device. Earlier last month, Apple bagged a patent for exchangeable camera lenses in less than a couple of weeks time, before another 27 patents were granted, including some for inductive charging, as well as rotating, scrolling and resizing on touch screens.

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