The Careful Process of iPod Touch Screen Replacement

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It goes without saying that listening to music on the go is very important to people, and when their precious iPod Touch screen becomes damaged, iPod Touch screen replacement is essential.  Let’s explore what’s involved. Which iPod Touch Screen Replacement Is Needed? The iPod Touch actually has two screens, so depending on your device’s damage, youContinue Reading

How iPod Water Damage Can Dampen Spirits

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 After downloading hundreds of albums and thousands of songs onto their portable MP3 player, iPod users do their best to protect their music player. Sadly, life is fast moving, mistakes are made, and iPod water damage is quite common. It is not unheard of for someone to be listening to his or her new Avett Brothers albumContinue Reading

The e-Waste Mountain Grows Bigger

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Just because a product is in good working order, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the owner still wants to use it. Manufacturers use that theory to convince buyers to replace certain electrical and computerized goods. Our culture is permeated with consumerism and new gadgets are introduced all of the time to keep abreast of fashion.Continue Reading

4 Docks That Rock!

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Let’s face it, Apple has changed the way the world moves, grooves and shares information. Apple’s reach into the lives of the average Joe seems boundless. So, what’s next? You already have your iPod, iPad, iPhone and Macbook. It would seem that you have all you can possibly need, right? Well, think again because ifContinue Reading

iPhone Projectors: Reviews and Tips

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If you are planning to purchase an accessory for your iPhone, then a projector is the coolest gizmo available. Not only does it come in handy when watching movies, you can use it for business presentations. Gone will be the days spent squinting at a small screen. In addition, the projectors are portable and canContinue Reading