iPhone MouthpieceOne of the most common problems that people encounter when using the iPhone is when the microphone stops working during phone calls. When this happens, the person you are speaking to isn’t able to hear you while using the handset, but in some cases may still be able to hear while on speakerphone. It’s a frustrating problem that can make it difficult to use the phone on a regular basis.

What Causes The iPhone Microphone to Stop Working

  • Water exposure. Has the phone recently been dropped into water? Has the phone gotten wet in any way? Sometimes, even exposure to high levels of moisture can cause the mouthpiece to malfunction.
  • Mechanical malfunctions can sometimes cause the mouthpiece on the phone to stop working.

How to Fix an iPhone Microphone Malfunction

  1. Allow the phone to dry. If the phone has been exposed to moisture which has caused the microphone to malfunction, you can allow the phone to dry. Turning the phone off and placing it in a porous environment, like on a bed of rice, can help to dry the phone effectively and hopefully get the microphone back to normal.
  2. Replace the microphone. There are two options for customers who would like to replace the microphone. The first option is to have the microphone replaced by a professional, or do it yourself with parts that can be purchased online.

Repair costs

The costs can vary depending on the model of the phone, the damage and whether the mouthpiece can be repaired or needs to be replaced completely. Mechanical problems with the phone that have not been caused by the user are usually fixed under the warranty of the phone with no cost to the customer.

Keep in mind that phones less than one year old are usually covered under the warranty, but there are exceptions. In addition, the warranty program on phones that have been tampered with or repaired outside Apple are often void under and the phones are ineligible to be repaired for free when the mouthpiece breaks.

The next best alternative is to ship your iPhone to our stores and we will fix it for you and send it back to you. iFixYouri has experts equipped with skills required to fix your iPhone’s microphone when it stops working.


4 Docks That Rock!

On October 1, 2012, in Accessories, by Chris

Let’s face it, Apple has changed the way the world moves, grooves and shares information. Apple’s reach into the lives of the average Joe seems boundless. So, what’s next? You already have your iPod, iPad, iPhone and Macbook. It would seem that you have all you can possibly need, right? Well, think again because if the automotive salesman has shown us anything, there are always room for add-ons.

Amongst the countless accessories that have been manufactured to accompany Apple products, from cases to ear buds, no one thing holds more presence than the “dock”. This electronic hub, meant to enhance, amplify and charge your gadgets, can be the ultimate in elevating your experience.


ISOUND-4531 Power View Pro Charging Dock

This dock can charge 2 iPhones or iPods, and 2 iPads at the same time, plus 2 additional powered USB ports located on back allow you to charge any USB device.


Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker

This dock’s compact design is fit for iPod, iPhone and iPad. With PC synchronization with your Apple devices. this audio treasure is great for any space.


JBL On Air Wireless

This dock hosts 3 JBL transducers to provide ample sound. With HALO (Horizontal Acoustic Level Optimization) technology plus AirPlay wireless streaming, your iTunes collection will never sound the same again.


Acoustic Research Rotating Docking System

This dock’s motorized moving arm for vertical and horizontal viewing has 5 adapters for your  iPad, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPod Nano. Plus, a sound that will surely please.

As the world of Apple expands, undoubtedly the accessories shall follow suit. However, the accessories only hold value when your device of choice is working at optimal levels. If you are need of iPhone, iPad, iPod or laptop repair services, leave it to iFixYouri to save your mobile item from recycling.

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Why chose iFixYouri?

On January 20, 2010, in iDiagnose, iPhone Repair, Repair Stories, by Staff
  • At iFixYouri, we have seen, and repaired, nearly every type of damaged iPhone. From owners placing phones in toaster ovens to dry out water damage, to construction workers dropping an iPhone in a cement mixer, we’ve seen and repaired it all. iFixYouri is the nation’s premier source for all your iPhone repair needs. Let the professionals at iFixYouri handle your iPhone repair needs.
  • All repairs come with a 90-day warranty. Any part that we replace is covered. All you have to do is contact us. If any issue were to arise, let us know and we will fix it fast.
  • Be careful of fly-by-night repair people that want you to meet them in a parking lot to fix your phone. Many will use sub-par ‘copies’ of parts and poor adhesives. Sure you may save $5 or $10, but these copies will void your warranty, and cause the iPhone to not function properly.
  • At iFixYouri, we only use top of the line replacement parts. All our parts are the exact same as the ones that Apple uses. This ensures that the warranty with your iPhone will NOT be voided. We have taken every step to ensure that our work environment is static free and safe for working on your precious iPhone.
  • Majority of our repairs come with a same day turnaround and free return shipping. We will get your phone, repair it, and ship it right back out to you within 12 hrs. We will never sacrifice quality over turnaround time. Our highly skilled techs will ensure that your repair is done with care, quickly, and that all features function on the phone.

We want 100% customer satisfaction. We have real people who you can speak with and there will always be someone there to answer your call. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.  Feel free to contact us at 1-888-494-iFix(4349) or 1-561-881-0095. No need to wait for an email response, just pick up the phone and call!

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