It goes without saying that listening to music on the go is very important to people, and when their precious iPod Touch screen becomes damaged, iPod Touch screen replacement is essential.  Let’s explore what’s involved.

Which iPod Touch Screen Replacement Is Needed?

The iPod Touch actually has two screens, so depending on your device’s damage, you may only need to replace one of the screens.  The outer screen, called the faceplate, is a glass covering that protects the touch screen.  This liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, also called the digitizer, is the actual display screen.

Steps to Disassembling an iPod Touch


  1. The iPod comes apart from the back to the front.  First, the chrome back of the iPod is removed with specific opening tools.  Trying to do this yourself may result in scratched chrome, but specific iPod opening tools, when used properly, can prevent this.
  2. Then the device’s battery is removed.
  3. The battery is glued to the iPod, so its removal is also a delicate process.
  4. The logic board, held in place by four small screws and attached to the battery by a cable, is the next piece to come out.
  5. Finally, the digitizer is removed.  The digitizer is secured to the faceplate with sixteen screws and plugged in to the logic board.

iPod Touch Screen Replacement

If the digitizer is broken, it is simply a matter of unplugging the old one and plugging in the new.

If the faceplate screen is broken, however, it is an entirely different matter.  After the Home button is removed, the faceplate is heated up to break the adhesive bond between the faceplate and the screen.  The damaged screen is then thrown out, the Home button replaced, and the new screen with the fresh adhesive placed over the faceplate.  The faceplate is heated again, so the glue bonds to the plate and screen, and once it is cooled, it is ready to be put back on the iPod.

iPod Touch Re-Assembly

It is important that all the internal parts of the iPod are clean before it is reassembled.  The faceplate screen is wiped with a soft cloth, and the digitizer and logic board are cleaned with compressed air just to be sure, so no unnecessary dust gets inside the iPod.  Then the parts are reassembled in the reverse order in which they came out — digitizer, logic board, battery, and chrome back.

You can try to do this yourself, but an iPod touch screen replacement is a very meticulous process.  You can trust experienced professionals like iFixYouri, who specialize in iPod Touch screen replacement, to properly repair your device and send it back to you quickly.

iphone-3gs-screen-replacement-ifixyouriiPhone 3Gs screen replacement can be a concern for individuals who own this version of the popular smartphone. The 3Gs is the second release of the earlier iPhone 3G, and it came with some significant improvements to the device. As a result, the 3G and 3Gs screens are not compatible in terms of the connector on the logic board.

However, A cracked iPhone screen is not a cause for despair or a reason to buy a new smartphone. Third-party replacement screens are available for this version of the iPhone, and skilled technicians can fix it properly.

Causes for iPhone 3Gs Screen Replacement

The glass on this smartphone’s touch screen in relatively durable, although it is not indestructible. Dropping an iPhone too often, stepping on it, or accidentally hitting it with a heavy object will crack or shatter the screen in many instances. A broken screen is unresponsive to tapping or swiping, so the phone will not be functional until the owner has the touchscreen replaced.

Specific Repair Required for the iPhone 3Gs Model

The iPhone 3Gs is the same size as the 3G, so they look identical. The main difference is the digitizer connector that plugs into the logic board.

Also, with the iPhone 3Gs original design, the glass is not attached to the LCD the same way as later versions of this particular smartphone. This type of manufacturing can facilitate repair, but it can also increase the chances of the glass breaking or shattering. When iPhone owners consult a repair technician, they often need to have the LCD examined to ensure it has not sustained damage along with the cracked glass.

Repair with High Quality Parts

A high quality and knowledgeable smartphone repair service will use replacement parts that are high quality. Replacing a broken iPhone screen with one that is good quality carries a very high rate of success. One of these replacement screens normally works just as well as the original part.

iPhone 3Gs screen replacement costs and repair are available at many brick and mortar electronics storefronts, but one of the most convenient methods is to send it to technicians through a mail-in repair option, like the one offered by iFixYouri. Individuals with broken iPhone screens can ship their broken phone for repair and receive it back fairly quickly.

Repair Warranties Regarding 3Gs Screen Replacement

3Gs screen replacement is one of the most frequent iPhone repair needs. As a result, your damaged phone will be in good hands with technicians with screen repair experience. Often, warranties or other types of contracts that guarantee free additional repair if a replaced touch screen does not function correctly will be included.

lcd-screen-repair-ifixyouriYou probably suspect by now that the LCD screen on your iPhone is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of your gadget. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens are commonly used in many electronic gadgets such as TVs and computer monitors.

The screen is made up of ultra-thin layers. Two of those layers are polarized panels, between which is a solution of liquid crystal – hence the name. Once light from another part of the iPhone is projected through these layers, the liquid crystal layer becomes colorized and produces the image that we see on the phone. Due to its design and material, the LCD screen is prone to damage and breakage.

LCD Screen Maintenance Tips

To extend the usable life of your iPhone and keep it in top shape, use these tips on care and maintenance:

Keep Your LCD Screen Clean

In most cases, an LCD screen will only require regular wipes to remove dust. If oil or grime gets on the surface of the phone, mix 1 part alcohol and 1 part distilled water and spray on a piece of chamois or flannel. Use this to wipe off the surface. Do not use ammonia-based cleaning products, window or glass cleaners, rough cloths or paper towels.

Use A Protective Screen Film

Screen film is thin and transparent with a stick-on side that can be applied on the surface of the screen. This will help protect it from the usual problems associated with regular wear-and-tear, such as scratches (which will also eliminate the need for LCD screen scratch repair). It can be peeled off and replaced with a new one every few months.

Avoid Dropping the Phone

If the polarized panels break, the liquid crystal solution will leak and cause a distortion on the screen. Keep the phone in a protective case and avoid carrying it around when not needed. The extra rubber, silicone or plastic barrier will help protect the surface against dents, dings and scratches. There are even cases that are designed to shield the iPhone against shock. These cases are usually enough to protect the device from low falls. These will not do much if you drop your phone from a considerable height.

Do not put the phone inside your pocket to prevent unnecessary pressure on the screen. Place it inside a bag or pouch or wear it on a belt for easy access.

What Happens If I Damage the Screen?

If the damage is extensive or affects the functionality of the iPhone, there is no other recourse but to have the LCD screen repaired or replaced by a professional service such as iFixYouri. Unless you have the expertise and experience, it is recommended that you never attempt to replace the screen yourself because you could do serious, irreparable damage (and, many of these damages may greatly outweigh the LCD screen repair cost). Besides, you could void the warranty if the coverage is still active. Have the experts work on the problem instead.

Do You Need Kindle Fire Repair?

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kindle-fire-repair-ifixyouriThe Kindle Fire is a tablet that provides many of the same features as its competitors, with a level of connectivity with Amazon that cannot be beaten.  Also like the competition, it is also susceptible to damage.  Fortunately, there is hope for Kindle Fire repair with iFixYouri.

For instance, if your Kindle Fire’s screen is shattered, or if the touch response digitizer is unresponsive or erratic, or if the device was dropped into a puddle, it can likely be fixed by expert technicians.

Reasons You May Need to Repair your Kindle Fire

Listed below are a few possible ways to damage a Kindle Fire.

The Casing

If you own a Kindle Fire, you already know that it is not the sturdiest piece of machinery. Like all tablets, it has to balance form and function. If you drop your Kindle Fire, you have a very strong chance of causing damage.

As always, a protective case is always recommended for mobile devices, but even a case can’t guarantee protection from damage.  Remember, although cosmetic damage may only appear to be superficial, the device’s operation may have been affected.

The Screen

The Kindle Fire has a slick screen, and the new HD model is even better. Not surprisingly, it is also quite fragile. All it takes is one drop to shatter the screen, and a bit of bad luck can render the device virtually useless. Fortunately, you can get the screen repaired or replaced if you do damage it.

Internal Damage

Whether the device has been soaked in water, left in hot temperatures for days on end, or suffered any variety of unfortunate accidents, the Kindle Fire can suffer internal damage like any other tablet on the market. You might be amazed, though, what can be done to get the machine back up and running.

There are dozens of problems possible, but there is a possible repair option for almost every issue. This means that you can potentially avoid buying a brand new machine, as well as avoid having to lose everything that you have saved on your current model.

The Bottom Line Regarding Kindle Fire Repair

The Kindle Fire is a great machine that can break as easily as any tablet on the market. If you are willing to stick with your current machine and get it repaired, though, it may be able to be as good as new. The investment for a repair is quite low compared to the price of a new Fire, and it will help you to keep using the same tablet of which you may have grown fond.

Cell phone users have employed various methods for applying a screen protector, with some using steam or water, while others are successful with the common method involving a credit card.

Some screen protector tutorials found on the web recommend the steam or water method. Unless the product instructions recommend it, screen protectors and water are a bad combination because tap water contains minerals that can deposit residue between the phone screen and protector, causing the adhesive to deteriorate.

Getting Started

It takes patience to apply a protector without trapping air between it and the screen. Even the tiniest scratch on a screen can cause bubbles to form. The video above demonstrates the process, but here are the details:

First, gather the following supplies:

  1. Any plastic card such as a club, gift or credit card
  2. Cloth made of microfiber
  3. A solution to clean the screen (use the recipe to make your own)
  4. Clear adhesive tape

Prepare a place to work. Use a non-slip mat on the table surface to keep the phone in one place while you are working. Wash your hands with water and soap to remove any dirt, lotion and oils.

Put some LCD cleaner on the cloth and clean the screen thoroughly making sure to remove all the dust. Do not touch the screen with your fingers during this process.

Peel the backing off the protector being careful to touch only the edges. Start at the bottom or top of the phone choosing the end that must be aligned precisely. For the iPhone, this would be where the home button is located. Align the protector carefully, attach it to the screen and use the card to smooth it out and remove any air bubbles.

Fixing Mistakes

If you have followed these instructions and there are still bubbles, either the screen has a scratch or a speck of dust has adhered to the protector. Take a piece of tape and lift the protector while using another piece of tape to take the dust off the adhesive. Apply the protector using the same method as before.

While the process is tedious, protecting a cell phone screen from scratches or other damage is essential.  If you do end up with any damage, you have the option to repair the device, instead of buying a new one.  Contact professionals like iFixYouri to repair your scratched smartphone screen.

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Just a quick shout out to all of our customers, we’ve got some GREAT news! We’ve gone ahead an cut our prices on the following repairs:

iPhone 3G glass repair – $49.99
iPhone 3Gs glass repair – $59.99
iPhone 4 glass & screen repair – $109.99
iPhone 4 LCD repair – $109.99
iPod touch 4th gen glass repair – $109.99
iPod touch 2nd/3rd gen – $59.99
iPad 1 glass repair – $129.99
iPhone full color conversion – $149.99
iPhone 4 front and back glass repair – $139.99
iphone 4 white glass repair – $119.99

As the leader in smart device repair, we want to continue to lead the industry in price and quality will continue to use the highest quality parts. We’re just passing on some savings to you as a thanks for being great to us!

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There were the days of hopes and dreams of a shatter proof iPhone glass. During the WWDC Jobs spoke of the glass as being Engineered Glass.

All the breakthrough technology in iPhone 4 is situated between two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass — the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. Chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, the glass is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever. It’s also recyclable.

We are seeing such a high iPhone 4 repair demand for glass replacement already, as well as the back glass replacement. The iPhone is not even a week old and we’re already seeing this as a major, major problem, but now with 2 times as much glass as before.

One customer contact us stating that he had left his iPhone 4 sitting in his car, which got hot, and well, when he returned, he was in need of an iPhone screen repair. The heat had actually cause the screen to crack. Our thoughts on this are that the metal frame got so hot that it heated the glass up to an unstable temperature, and it cracked.

Another customer had the iPhone in his lap and got out of the car, where it fell a mere 2 ft and put a hairline crack right through the front glass.

iFixYouri has already had numerous orders come in for both front and back glass using our mail-in service. We will continue to honor our iPhone 4 Repair service and uphold and maintain the high standard of service that we consider common practice while adjusting to a new product.

With such a high demand already for the iPhone 4 glass repair and a limited number of repairs available due to the current supply of parts on the market, we will be regularly updating our blog with info on iPhone 4 parts and repair service status. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Under the iPhone 4 product page, we’ll be listing if any repairs are currently on back order.

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