Why the HTC Droid DNA Is A Cut Above the Rest

On December 21, 2012, in smartphones, by Chris

The HTC Droid DNA is one of the best smartphones in the market that is packed with a lot of impressive features. This device has a 5-inch Super LCD 3 screen and a 1920×1080 display. Its pixel density is 440 PPI, which is considered the highest pixel density on any type of mobile screen.

According to HTC, the Droid DNA has an enhanced viewing angle, which is up to 80 degrees. Its display is also a lot brighter and all types of blurring problems are already eliminated.

A Look at the Droid DNA

The Droid DNA is still considered a phone and not a tablet. It is slimmer than the Galaxy Note II and has similar footprint with the HTC One X. When it comes to performance, the Droid DNA has a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor. It also has an 8MP camera, which opens up to f/2.0 and a 16GB built-in storage. This is also one of the few phones that support a wireless type of charging.

The DNA’s Only True Flaw

The only concern about this phone is the 2,020 mAh battery. This battery can definitely support most other types of phone; however, with the Droid’s massive screen, powerful processor, and LTE radio, this battery probably won’t be enough. The battery juice is a lot less compared to the 3,100 mAh of the Note II.

As for the camera software, the HTC Sense 4+ provides a lot of improvements. It has an enhanced gallery of photo maps, smile recognition, better HDR, and a wonderful cool countdown feature.  The phone’s Beats Audio also provides dual amplifiers. One is made for the external speaker and the other is for the headphones.

Standing Up To the Competition

The HTC’s Sense UI is also a lot simpler and more intuitive compared to the Touch Wiz of Samsung. It has the same guts with the Nexus 4, but comes with a better LTE and screen. This makes the HTC Droid DNA one of the best smartphones in the market.

It does look like the Note II however; the Droid DNA is easier to navigate. In fact, it is more comparable with the Galaxy S III since it has the same width, but a little taller. The screen of HTC is considered as the best among all the other products. It produces bright colors and pictures that are incredibly sharp. Its texts are also larger and easier to read compared to the iPhone 5.

If ever your HTC Droid DNA requires repair due to any unforeseen issues such as water damage or a cracked screen, rest assured that professionals such as iFixYouri are available for any and all smartphone repair needs.

Many people think that computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, and notebooks) are the only devices susceptible to virus attacks. However, you can also get a virus on your Android phone since it functions as a computer as well. You can use it to browse the web, download software, store data, and contract a virus.

How Is A Virus On Your Android Phone Possible?

The Android phone requires an operating system to work, known as Android. This software allows the user to use the phone as a computer. It comes with its own applications for web browsing, downloading, etc. Whenever you access the Internet and click on links, you may accidentally download viruses.

Download links are not the only method viruses are spread. Some of them are embedded in trial software installed on an Android phone. The viruses are designed to copy themselves onto your phone during the installation process. You may also get infected with viruses when you copy files from other phones. Remember that an infected phone poses a threat to other phones.

Getting Protection

Viruses and other types of Malware can alter, corrupt, and delete important data on your phone. However, if a spyware gets installed on the device, someone can steal confidential data. Hence, you should be very careful when accessing the Internet.

Your first line of defense against a virus attack is an antivirus (AV) software. Find recommended AV software and install it on your unit. It usually detects viruses in real time and can be used to scan for malicious programs at any time.

If you access the Internet, download applications, and share files regularly, you should get a paid antivirus service. Free AV applications are usually not as effective.  Understand that new viruses pop up almost everyday. If you use a free application, you may not get the latest virus definition updates.

In order to prevent the installation of spyware on your phone, always download applications from trusted sites. Free trial applications often contain programs that gather data from users. This can be a real problem if any confidential data is stolen from your unit.

Getting Rid Of A Virus On An Android Phone

Although AV programs are designed to detect viruses, they are not 100% reliable on the removal process. Some viruses are just too hard to delete. As long as these malicious codes stay on your phone, they can continue to inflict damage on files, and may even cause the phone to stop working. So how do you deal with viruses that cannot be removed by the installed AV?

If you are not an expert in removing virus on Android phone, it is best not to attempt to remove the malicious software manually. Do not follow vague virus removal instructions found on Internet blogs or you may end up causing more damage than good. Instead, get expert phone repair service such as iFixYouri to take a proper look at what the potential virus may be.

Smartphones are wonderful gadgets, but as the latest, sleekest designs tend to be made of glossy and glassy materials, they can easily get damaged. All too often, someone’s favorite device gets dropped and becomes scratched, or worse. When this happens, users are often unsure of what to do. Do you need to replace the whole device or are you able to get your smartphone’s glass repaired?

Smartphone Glass Repair vs. Replacing

The world we live in encourages us to replace any device that goes wrong. It is becoming more and more popular to throw away broken or even scratched iPhones in order to replace them with new ones. The problem is that this can be a very expensive process. Having to buy a new smartphone when you drop your current one is an expensive habit that can cost you hundreds of dollars each time.

Benefits of Smartphone Glass Repairs

  1. Smartphone glass repair is a viable alternative to replacing your device.
  2. Repairing your iPhone instead of replacing it can save you a lot of money.
  3. The repair turnaround time can be very fast.
  4. Sending your device away to get repaired is easy and can be done via the internet.

Doing It Yourself

It is certainly possible to save yet more money by doing the repair yourself. However, there are a few potential problems with this. The main issue is that many modern devices are assembled so that user servicing is nearly impossible. Apple’s iPhone displays are connected to the glass as a single unit, so you cannot just replace one or the other. However, if you are technically-minded and have experience repairing similar devices yourself, then it is definitely an option. You can get dedicated repair kits for specific applications and save some money compared to sending your phone away.

Key Points

  • Do-it-yourself repairs require technical knowledge and great care.
  • You can save more money by using the DIY option.
  • Irreparable damage to the phone may result from a bad DIY repair attempt.
  • Sending your phone away to be repaired guarantees an expert service.
  • For most people, an expert repair job is the best solution by far.

Professional iPhone Repair Services

Smartphones are extremely sophisticated electronic devices. As a result, it is not surprising that the technology is very delicate. If your smartphone has unsightly scratches on the screen, poor touch sensitivity, odd colors or anything else, then it may need a smartphone glass repair service. The best thing about shipping your phone to be repaired by iFixYouri experts is that you can rest assured that your phone is being handled by professionals with years of experience.


Do You Need iPhone Digitizer Replacement?

On November 14, 2012, in iPhone, iPhone Repair, by Chris

iphone-digitizer-replacement-ifixyouriIf you have treated yourself to an iPhone, one of the features that made it especially attractive to you would probably have been the way you could manipulate the visuals on the screen, by moving your fingers together and apart. The component that makes this enjoyable experience possible is the digitizer, which is firmly fixed to the screen. Unfortunately, this means that if your touchscreen gets broken or damaged, you will require iPhone digitizer replacement as well.


How iPhone Digitizer Replacement Works

The digitizer is like a thin plastic film attached to the screen. It is sensitive to your finger movements, and sends information about the position and movements of your fingers to the motherboard. The information you enter with your fingers is analog information, and it is converted by the digitizer into digital, or computer-readable, data. You can only actually see the digitizer if the screen is damaged.

Why You Might Need A Replacement

If the screen is damaged, it is usually the result of the phone being dropped, or knocking against something — a very common occurrence. However, it is possible that the digitizer itself can develop problems. Symptoms that could indicate that your digitizer needs replacing include:

  • There is no response from your screen when you touch it.
  • There is a response, but it is very slow.
  • Some areas respond erratically, or not at all.
  • Some applications seem to open unpredictably or randomly.

If you experience any of these problems, your digitizer is faulty and needs replacing — repair is not an option.

Whether the digitizer needs replacing because it is faulty in itself, or because the screen is damaged, it cannot be replaced by itself. Because it is fused to the screen, the two are in effect a single component, so you have to replace the screen as well. There are various ways to do this.

Ways To Perform iPhone Digitizer Replacement

You can try to do it yourself. There are a number of iPhone digitizer replacement kits on the market, and several instructional video clips online. However, most people find it very difficult to do this successfully, especially if the kits supply plastic rather than metal tools for prying the case apart. This can cause serious frustration, as well as damaging the casing. There is also the option of using Apple’s own repair service, though this costs up to $200 and has a lengthy wait time.

In fact, the most satisfactory way of obtaining an iPhone digitizer replacement is usually to find a reliable professional repair company. This is likely to be a lot cheaper than either using Apple’s service, or paying the deductible for your phone insurance. Make sure you choose a company that offers a warranty, lists prices on its website, and can guarantee a fast turnaround.

The Simple Truth

The chances of damaging your iPhone are actually pretty high. Once you have grown to depend on it, the inconvenience of being without it is immense. It is a smart idea to identify a reliable repair service in advance such as iFixYouri that specializes in matters such as iPhone digitizer replacement, just in case you need it.

iPhone Repairs The iPhone is one of the most expensive smartphones in the market. Everything about an iPhone is expensive. Its accessories can cost more than a generic phone. The sad part is that a large number of people do not take good care of their iPhones. As a result of their negligence, they end up spending a significant amount of money on iPhone repairs.

Cost of iPhone Repairs

A recent report released by SquareTrade shows that Americans have collectively spent 5.9 Billion dollars in repairs in repairs since 2007. The news was made public during the recent launch of the newest version of the iPhone 5. Apple also revealed that they had already received over 2 million pre-orders in the first 24 hours of the launch.

Main Cause of iPhone Damage

The report also revealed that over 30% of iPhone users damaged their devices within one year of purchase. Accidental damage is the leading cause of damaged iPhones. The most common mode of damage is dropping in places such as lakes, toilets, on the road or being knocked off the table.

The iPhone is essentially a delicate mobile computer that is susceptible to being knocked around and abused daily.  Even treating an iPhone carefully doesn’t mean that unexpected issues won’t arise.

How to Repair Your iPhone

The good thing is that you can easily get your iPhone repaired regardless of the cause of damage. If you have accidentally damaged your iPhone, bring it or send it to us and we will repair it for you. We have specialist who are trained to repair damaged iPhones.  For more information on how to repair your iPhone, visit www.ifixyouri.com.

Damaged Android smartphoneAccording to IHS, the total number of Android phones shipped globally will exceed the 1 billion mark by 2013. The first Android-run smartphone was first shipped in 2008 and almost five years later, the number of shipments is expected to surpass the 1 billion mark.

Daniel Gleeson said that Android smartphones have taken the world by surprise. “We expect the Android smartphones to become the first to reach the milestone in its lifetime,” he said.

Android operating system is owned by Google and they make the software available to third party smartphones brands free of charge.

Android Smartphones Dominates the Market

Google chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed the news in a recent interview. He said that there are currently over 500 million Android phones worldwide. He also said that there are about 1.3 million devices being activated each day. “If the trend continues, we will hit the 1 billion mark by next year,” he said. Mr. Schmidt also said Android had won the battle with Apple’s iOS.

Android is King in Asia

A recent report by Dr. Madanmohan Rao claims that the recent success of South Korean mobile firm Samsung can be attributed to the Android operating system. Thanks to Android, Samsung is now the leading mobile company in south East Asia. As a matter of fact, half of all the smartphones sales in South East Asia are Samsung phones.

The Android fever has also swept Philippines and other Asian countries. A large number of people prefer Android phones as opposed to other phones. Globe Telecom, the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The phone has a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 5.5 inch HD super AMOLED, 3100mAH battery and many more features. It goes without saying that the phone is powered by the Android operating system.

The sad thing about people who buy Android smartphones is that most of them damage their phones within the first 6 months of purchase. Many people think that once their smartphone is damaged, it cannot be fixed. Contrary to common belief, damaged smartphones can easily be repaired. We at iFixYouri specialize in repairing damaged smartphones.

Has the iPhone 5 Changed Our Lives?

On October 13, 2012, in Apple, iPhone 5, iPhone Repair, by Chris

Regarded by many smartphone enthusiasts as being the most anticipated handheld device in the past 2 years, the iPhone 5 has certainly not disappointed (neither in performance nor projected sales). But, apart from the new sleeker design, increased screen length, LTE, lighter frame… What does the public actually think of the newest addition to the Apple family? Well one thing is certain, it is true what they say about opinions and like elbows we all have them.


Although the iPhone 5’s glowing reviews are warranted, I feel this reviewer makes an excellent point of the consumer being required to pay $29.99 for an adapter to integrate this phone with older Apple devices. It would have been nice to see that included with the iPhone 5, considering that the added adapter would’ve cost Apple pennies on a phone that retails for $699.


Now besides the adapter issue (which let’s face it, isn’t really a huge factor), Apple’s introduction of Apple Maps and the move away from Google Maps threw many users for a loop (some perhaps literally if they were trying to follow Apple’s map). As this reviewer had explained – Apple has acknowledged its error, which in and of itself is always a good thing, and is going to fix the challenge. Apple Maps features a 3D overview of a city’s geography; however, it doesn’t actually give the user the capability of getting directions to their destinations. Which (although cool), for obvious reasons is a bit of a problem considering that this is the sole purpose of any map.


I think it’s safe to say that the overall consensus regarding the iPhone 5 is that all that have purchased theirs are pleased with its performance. Considering that for a device with such a broad and fanatic following, it is pretty amazing that its negative reviews are so sparse and seldom found. Short of any unforeseen issues such as the dropping, drowning or other physical damage that one may do to their iPhone 5, it is pretty safe to say that Apple has not lost any fans with its latest installment.


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