The Quality of the HTC Droid DNA Display

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The first impressions of the HTC Droid DNA are actually very promising. The look of the screen alone can already be classified excellent. However, how does this phone fare from the other smartphones? We compared the HTC Droid DNA with some of the current heavyweights of the smartphone industry.       HTC Droid DNAContinue Reading

How To Video Chat On Android with Tango

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With smartphones, it is possible to video chat with people around the world, from anywhere in the world. Initially, the video chat feature was only available to those with a home computer. Nowadays, if you have an android OS enabled phone, there are many apps that allow you to make a video call. For instance,Continue Reading

The Top Windows Smartphones

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At a point in time, Apple was the undisputed leader in the smartphone niche in the absence of any substantial competition. However, with the emergence of Android and more recently, Windows Phone, things have changed quite a bit. These new mobile operating systems have received both critical acclaim and popular acceptance. Microsoft was the mostContinue Reading

A Broken Cell Phone Means a Disrupted Life

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Text messaging, mobile internet and electronic mail on the go — it is difficult, and even impossible for some people, to imagine life without these technological advances. For some individuals, being without their mobile phones and smartphones makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Mobile technology has not just influenced society, it’s defined it. And aContinue Reading