How to Pack and Ship an iPhone for Repair

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iPhones have become necessary items and many people cannot live without them.  When you accidentally damage your iPhone, shipping it to a professional repair store like iFixYouri should be your top priority. You’ll need to know how to carefully pack and ship the device to avoid any further damage during its travel. iPhones are expensive and fairlyContinue Reading

How to Apply a Screen Protector to a Cell Phone

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Cell phone users have employed various methods for applying a screen protector, with some using steam or water, while others are successful with the common method involving a credit card. Some screen protector tutorials found on the web recommend the steam or water method. Unless the product instructions recommend it, screen protectors and water areContinue Reading

Easy iPad Set Up: Step By Step Tutorial

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    In this tutorial, we’ll talk about how to set up your brand new iPad step by step. If you’ve ever dealt with any iPhones or iPods before, the process is quite similar. Even if you haven’t, don’t worry, the process isn’t too difficult. Step 1) Unwrap Remove the shrink wrap plastic protective coveringContinue Reading

How to Tether an iPhone: An Insightful Guide

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 How to Tether an iPhone Mobile telephone networks have progressed significantly ever since the introduction of the 1G network which came to first use in 1981. Today, urban areas are already enjoying the great benefits of mobile 3G networks powered by CDMA technology (code division multiple access). Theoretical speeds of up to 42 megabits perContinue Reading

How to Speed Up Your iPhone

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While a new iPhone runs smoothly, this user experience can change with time. As a result, your once speedy iPhone starts crawling at a slow pace or freezes entirely. This is not an issue that affects iPhones alone but a wide range of electronic devices. With this in mind, you might be wondering what canContinue Reading

Tips To Extend MacBook Battery Life

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The battery life of a Macbook depends primarily on its usage, as well as its configuration. All MacBooks have a battery status menu that displays the charge level of the battery as well as whether it is charging or not. The battery status menu and the menu bar lay side to side on the rightContinue Reading