The unfortunate has happened. You are sitting at your desk and you turn around. Spinning back to throw your hand back to the keyboard you quickly forget that there is a drink sitting directly next to your brand new Macbook Air. SPLASH! You are now in absolute  FULL PANIC MODE! AHHHHH!

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 12.15.26 AM

We’re going to explain a couple quick steps that you have to immediately do in order to increase your chances of survival, and well, if you don’t take these steps, we’re going to let you know exactly how we can help.

  1. First step after spilling a drink is to unplug your device. You want to make sure you cut all power going to the computer. If there is a current going through the laptop, you can short it out.
  2. Turn off the power. This should go without saying, but you would be amazed at how often we see people leaving the power on.
  3. With the screen still open, flip the laptop upside down. The main reason for this is to hopefully prevent the liquid from seeping further and further into the computer and getting to the logic board. You want to leave the screen open so that the liquid does not drain onto the screen. TRY TO COMPLETE STEPS 1-3 AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLY. FIRST 10 SECONDS.
  4. Remove the battery. Battery still carries a current, you have to cut all ties with electricity as fast as possible.
  5. With the computer upside down, gently dab the area with a paper towel.

If you follow these simple steps, your chances increase significantly in saving your macbook or PC laptop from imminent doom. Fingers crossed and positive energy and you may have a survivor.

In comes iFixYouri. If this unfortunate event happens to you, we HIGHLY recommend sending it in for a proper macbook water damage repair.

With our service, you will rest assured that it is in good hands. We have an extremely high success rate, over 95%, due to the fact that we not only are able to properly clean the logic boards of all major models of Apple and PC computers, but we also have the ability to offer full logic board repair.

When we receive your device in house, we will strip down all the major components and make sure they are all properly cleaned. When water spills on an electronic device, mineral deposits are left after the once it begins to dry. It’s these mineral deposits that cause corrosion and cause chips and circuits to short out. First step with a water damaged device is always cleaning of all the components, including the logic board. Once we know all components are clean, we run a full diagnostics on the computer, testing each component one by one. Often times just the cleaning will get you back up to good, working condition. Some cases we see that the computer needs a new keyboard, and sometimes we see that the logic board did suffer catastrophic failure, where it does require board level rework. This type of rework is not something that can easily be done at home, as it requires extremely qualified and skilled technicians and expensive machinery. This combination has made it so that iFixYouri as a company can repair nearly every water damaged macbook and macbook pro that comes through our doors on a daily basis. We carry the highest success rate in the industry, over 95%.

We do not recommend putting your computer with dried rice. Unlike a cell phone, it will leave a lot of residue in areas that will be near impossible to clean.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.44.20 PM

No two water damaged computers are ever the same. By taking these measures listed, and doing it quickly, you can significantly increase your chances of having a computer that remains functioning even after water spilled on it.

If you have a question on any of our macbook or macbook pro water damage repair services, feel free to call 888-494-4349 or email us at today.

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iPhone Water DamageWhen an iPhone owner accidentally drops their device into a toilet, they’re usually unaware of the extent of water damage caused to their iPhone. According to a recently published patent, Apple wants to provide users with a water-detection feature.

The main objective of the technology is for issues such as repair troubleshooting, warranty claim assessment, and product development, according to the published patent. Manufacturers generally want to ensure whether a particular user simply wishes to replace the application or has actually dropped the device in the water. Apple stated that water is one of the major reasons that may cause malfunctioning of the device. As a result, verification of water immersion is pertinent for device manufacturers. Presently, an iPhone that suffers water damage is not covered by Apple’s warranty — which is exactly why they want to be able to test for it.

The only hope you have for getting your water damaged iPhone working properly again is to get it fixed by professional repair technicians who specialize in iPhone water damage repair, like iFixYouri.

iPhone Water Damage Detection Patent Details

The application comes with a system that uses color-changing tape along with a dye which dissolves after absorbing a certain amount of water. This in turn helps in avoiding humidity from triggering a false positive.

According to the published patent, the company stated that the application will get enclosed and provide at least one sign that it has been immersed in the water. As a result, users will be able to identify water damage just by looking at their application. However, the process has certain drawbacks such as limited application, complicated inspection process and device tampering, Apple acknowledged. The detection system can be used for devices that can be easily opened — aka, not the iPhone device.

When Will We See This?

Since December 2006, the water damage detection patent was kept secret by Apple until it was revealed this year. There is no explanation about whether the system will come with the next generation iPhone or will be released with future innovative versions.

It has been a great year as far as Apple’s patent files are concerned. Just like the recently uncovered Olympus MEG4.0 prototype and the Google Glass project, the company received a patent for a head-mounted display device. Earlier last month, Apple bagged a patent for exchangeable camera lenses in less than a couple of weeks time, before another 27 patents were granted, including some for inductive charging, as well as rotating, scrolling and resizing on touch screens.

Sony Halts Xperia Tablet S Sales Due To Defect

On November 4, 2012, in Tablets, by Chris

Yikes! Sony is halting sales over their newest tablet, the Xperia Tablet S, after an issue with the water resistant device surfaced.

It turned out that the device had a manufacturing defect: a gap on the rear display panel where water can easily flow in and cause damage to its interior components.

A Sony spokeswoman once said in an email that Sony is committed to providing high quality products and strives to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, their newest tablet that was released in September fails to meet their “splash proof” feature and, as as result, Sony has ordered all retail outlets to stop selling the Xperia Table S immediately. Sony will be replacing their devices in stock with products that meets their stringent standards.

In a press release, Sony stated that they will provide assistance in terms of repairs for free for all of those existing Xperia Tablet S owners.  However, any other repairs required for issues not related to water damage are going to require professional assistance, like iFixYouri’s tablet repair services.  Whatever happened to your tablet in terms of damage, the experts at iFixYouri have seen it and fixed it.

Is the Tablet Gone for Good?

Sony is expected to resume selling the tablet in mid November.

The Tablet S was revealed at the IFA trade show held in August and made its way to US stores on September 7, which was then followed by its global release in various countries in Asia and in Europe.

The Xperia Tablet S comes in a variety of storage capacities:

  • the 16GB model with a $399 price tag
  • the 32GB model for $499
  • the 64GB model with a $599 asking price.

The tablet runs the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and sports the following specs: a 1.4GHZ quad core processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 3, a 9.4 inch 1,280 by 800 touch screen, 8 megapixel rear camera and a 1 megapixel front facing camera.

According to Reuters, Sony has shipped around 100,000 of the device and yet has purportedly stated that it will not create a significant impact on the company’s earnings.

The defect does not pose any safety concerns, however customers are warned to stay away from splash zones whenever using the device.

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How iPod Water Damage Can Dampen Spirits

On November 1, 2012, in iPhone Repair, by Chris

ipod-water-damage-ifixyouri After downloading hundreds of albums and thousands of songs onto their portable MP3 player, iPod users do their best to protect their music player. Sadly, life is fast moving, mistakes are made, and iPod water damage is quite common.

It is not unheard of for someone to be listening to his or her new Avett Brothers album while using the restroom, and so, when they stand to leave, the iPod gets bumped and splashes in the toilet. People panic in a situation like that and immediately assume the worst. However, iPod water damage does not have to signal the end for the well-made MP3 player – iPod repair is also common.

Most Common Causes of iPod Water Damage

Owners of iPods, beware of the most common ways these devices are subjected to water damage:

  1. The iPod is dropped in a pool, toilet, or sink.
  2. While walking outdoors, unexpected rainfall soaks a person and the iPod is not protected.
  3. Someone spills a beverage.

What To Do About Your iPod Water Damage

It’s easy to think that a damaged iPod might just be for the trash, but the owner of a device that has undergone such a calamity has options. You might be able to get the device fixed, depending on:

  • how wet the device gets
  • whether it was totally submersed
  • how long it was saturated
  • the type of liquid

Personal Action Steps for iPod Water Damage:

  • Do not press any buttons.
  • Place the iPod under a bright light, display screen face-up, and let dry for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Fill a bowl with dry, uncooked white rice. Place the iPod in the rice, screen face down, and leave for 2 to 3 days.
  • After 2 to 3 days, remove iPod from rice bowl and plug the device into a charger. The display should light and read, “Do Not Disconnect.”

In the Event that Damage Requires Services:

Most iPod owners have media from multiple sources on the MP3 player. Because it is difficult to retrieve all of those media sources, most owners will gladly send an iPod for professional repair. However, it is best to avoid sending the device to a third party that is not proven.

To Evaluate a Third Party Repair Technician:

  • Do not choose the cheapest service, as these repairmen will likely cut corners.
  • Do not send the device to the highest priced contractors either. The service should reflect a fair cost, never far beyond the total price of a similar and new device.

Since an iPod is a delicate device, owners with a damaged iPod need to find a trustworthy technician to do the work, such as iFixYouri. Wait to buy a new iPod, and do not try online remedies that suggest self-repair requiring the device to be dismantled. A trustworthy repair service is the best option and well worth any iPod owner’s time and money.

Why iPhone Water Damage is Common

On October 15, 2012, in iPhone Repair, by Chris

iphone-water-damageWe carry our iPhones wherever we go: to the office, the parks, the beach, and so on. They can get exposed to the elements if we are not careful and it only takes a few moments of inattention for undesirable things to occur. Sometimes mobile devices can be immersed in water even inside the house.

The Most Frequent Causes of iPhone Water Damage



When people swim in a pool, their phones are often placed near the edge of the pool for quick access. This habit makes phones vulnerable to being accidentally dropped in the water.


Sudden showers can leave us drenched and if we are carrying a phone, there is a good chance it will not be dry either. Even when we place it inside a bag or a protective casing, water has an uncanny ability to seep through, anyway.


We often forget to take stuff like keys, cash, and yes, phones out of our pockets. When our clothes hit the washer, an odd noise will let us know that something is not quite right.


We grow so attached to our phones that they often accompany us to the bathroom, just in case we get an important message or call. It could get splashed with water or succumb to moisture without us knowing until it is too late.  Dropping a phone in a toilet or urinal is quite common, especially since many people use their phone while using the facilities.


It’s not recommended to lend your expensive electronic devices to a baby as a toy, as it’s not safe for the baby as much as they’re not safe for the phone.  Using the phone as a chew toy will certainly transfer some liquid into the device, but that may be the least of your problems when it comes to the damage a baby can cause.

Wait – Before You Buy a New Phone…

After an iPhone has suffered the fate of coming in contact with water, all is not necessarily lost.  Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to save some of the data, and perhaps the phone itself.  Learn more about the initial steps to take here, or contact iFixYouri for experienced professional iPhone water damage repair.

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Hello iWorld,
We are often asked by our amazing customers from all over the country, “What is the best thing to do once my phone is exposed to water damage?”. iFixYouri has fixed phones that have been run through washing machines, dropped in toilets, fallen off boats, thrown in beer pong cups, swam in the pool, and even found in puddles the next day. Please follow these steps below to ensure the safety of your phone:

1) The phone needs to be turned off. This way there is no power running through the device. This will often cause long term damage. It’s not necessarily the water that causes the non repairable issues to your beloved iPhone, but if a component of the motherboard is shocked it is extremely difficult to repair.
2) Remove the moisture from inside the device. The best way to do this is by placing the phone in a bag of rice for 24 to 48 hours. Most people use a bag of rice since it is readily available. Silica can also be used however. Another tip is to remove your sim card tray to help with this process. We are located in Florida so I often suggest to fellow Floridians to leave the bag of rice on the dash of your car to help.
3) Once the device is dried out you can attempt to power up the device. Majority of times though corrosion has already built up on the motherboard and will need to be cleaned off. We use a fantastic ultrasonic and chemical cleaning process to accomplish this and have a 90% success rate. If the device does not power back on, there is still a great chance we can repair the device.

iFixYouri’s iphone water damage repair process has a 90% success rate and take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days. The repair typically runs about $29.99 for the cleaning process. Once we have a good working motherboard without any corrosion, rust, or other junk on it, we will install back in it’s original housing. If any additional parts are needed we will contact you with an estimate before we install any parts. We will also email you along the way with updates anytime one of our skilled professionals work on your device. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our water damage department at (888) 494-4349.
-Ryan @ iFixYouri

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Why chose iFixYouri?

On January 20, 2010, in iDiagnose, iPhone Repair, Repair Stories, by Staff
  • At iFixYouri, we have seen, and repaired, nearly every type of damaged iPhone. From owners placing phones in toaster ovens to dry out water damage, to construction workers dropping an iPhone in a cement mixer, we’ve seen and repaired it all. iFixYouri is the nation’s premier source for all your iPhone repair needs. Let the professionals at iFixYouri handle your iPhone repair needs.
  • All repairs come with a 90-day warranty. Any part that we replace is covered. All you have to do is contact us. If any issue were to arise, let us know and we will fix it fast.
  • Be careful of fly-by-night repair people that want you to meet them in a parking lot to fix your phone. Many will use sub-par ‘copies’ of parts and poor adhesives. Sure you may save $5 or $10, but these copies will void your warranty, and cause the iPhone to not function properly.
  • At iFixYouri, we only use top of the line replacement parts. All our parts are the exact same as the ones that Apple uses. This ensures that the warranty with your iPhone will NOT be voided. We have taken every step to ensure that our work environment is static free and safe for working on your precious iPhone.
  • Majority of our repairs come with a same day turnaround and free return shipping. We will get your phone, repair it, and ship it right back out to you within 12 hrs. We will never sacrifice quality over turnaround time. Our highly skilled techs will ensure that your repair is done with care, quickly, and that all features function on the phone.

We want 100% customer satisfaction. We have real people who you can speak with and there will always be someone there to answer your call. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.  Feel free to contact us at 1-888-494-iFix(4349) or 1-561-881-0095. No need to wait for an email response, just pick up the phone and call!

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