How iPod Water Damage Can Dampen Spirits

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 After downloading hundreds of albums and thousands of songs onto their portable MP3 player, iPod users do their best to protect their music player. Sadly, life is fast moving, mistakes are made, and iPod water damage is quite common. It is not unheard of for someone to be listening to his or her new Avett Brothers albumContinue Reading

Why iPhone Water Damage is Common

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We carry our iPhones wherever we go: to the office, the parks, the beach, and so on. They can get exposed to the elements if we are not careful and it only takes a few moments of inattention for undesirable things to occur. Sometimes mobile devices can be immersed in water even inside the house.Continue Reading

Why chose iFixYouri?

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At iFixYouri, we have seen, and repaired, nearly every type of damaged iPhone. From owners placing phones in toaster ovens to dry out water damage, to construction workers dropping an iPhone in a cement mixer, we’ve seen and repaired it all. iFixYouri is the nation’s premier source for all your iPhone repair needs. Let theContinue Reading