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Specialty Repairs 

Please select the type of device you'd like to have repaired

  • Xbox, Playstation, Wii gaming console repairs. No matter what is going on with your console: broken ports, dying hard drives, etc. we can help.

  • Repair services for Jambox Bluetooth Speakers. Choose your model, and add the diagnostic service to cart. We will provide a detailed repair quote.

  • Smartwatches have become popular complements for many of the common smart phones and tablets. They are just as susceptible to many of the common breaks and malfunctioning components as smartphones. iFixYouri will fix them all.

  • Drone repair for any make or model drone. If your drone simply needs a new part or component, or if it has suffered a high speed crash from high altitude, iFixYouri has the technical experience to handle the repair the correct way.

  • GoPro Repairs for everything that can go wrong with your GoPro.. from broken lenses, broken LCDs to bad batteries and damaged housings. iFixYouri can fix it all. All models of GoPro can be serviced.

Smartwatches, drones, cameras, GoPros, Raspberry Pis... if it is an electronic device, chances are we do repairs for it.