iPhone 6s Home Button Repair: How To

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(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)


iPhone 6s Home button repair is moderately challenging. The screen must be removed and several components and cables must be disconnected. Doing this repair will remove functionality of the Touch ID, and I may repeat that.

Keep in mind that a replacement home button will eliminate the ability to use Touch ID.

Tools Needed

Recommended: Magnetic mat, screw capsules

Parts Needed:

General Repair Guidelines:

  • Always use good lighting – smart device components are small and you’ll need plenty of light to see what you are
  • Maintain a clean, organized workspace so you don’t lose or confuse any components.
  • Group your screws so you can keep track of where they came from. Most screws can not be interchanged.

iPhone 6s Home Button Replacement Steps

Remove the Screen

    1. Remove the two pentalobe screws on either side of the lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone.
      iPhone 6s Home Button Repair Step 1 - remove the pentalobe screws
    1. Starting at the bottom edge of the phone, use the metal spudger to pry the screen away from the body.
      iPhone 6s Home Button Repair Step 2 - pry the screen from the body
  1. A flex cable near the top of the phone is connected to the body, so open the screen carefully like a
    iPhone 6s Home Button Repair Step 3 - open the phone carefully

    iPhone 6s Home Button Repair Step 4 - beware the flex cable

    iPhone 6s Home Button Repair Step 5 - use caution while opening phone

Undo the Flex Cables

    1. Unscrew the silver rectangular shield near the bottom right of the battery. This shield covers the battery cable, which should be disconnected for practically every repair.
      iPhone 6s Repair Step 6 - disconnect the battery
  1. Disconnect display cable flex using a plastic spudger. Plastic spudgers, rather than metal spudgers, should always be used for removing items on the inside of the phone.
    iPhone 6s Repair Step 7 - disconnect flex cable

Remove the iPhone 6s Home Button

    1. Unscrew the three screws which hold down the home button bracket.
      iPhone 6s Repair Step 8 - unscrew the home button bracket
    1. Use a spudger to disconnect the home button connector.
      iPhone 6s Repair Step 9 - disconnect the home button connector
    1. Push up slowly on home button from the front. Use your spudger to assist in loosening the rubber gasket that holds the button on the screen.
      iPhone 6s Home Button Repair Step 10 - push up on the home button
  1. That’s it! You have removed the home button on the iPhone 6s.
    iPhone 6s Home Button Repair Step 11

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