Samsung Gets Big with the Tab S3

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Samsung, defender of all that isn’t Apple in the tech world, has set their sights on the iPad Pro. As by far the most popular “professional” tablet, the Pro sets the standard: large screen, dedicated stylus, powerful performance. But Samsung is hoping their Tab S3 will put a dent in Apple’s dominance.   The TabContinue Reading

Repair Your Smartphone, Don’t Toss It!

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You may be familiar with the phrase “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” What you may not realize is that this waste management mantra is ordered by benefit to the environment. Repairing your damaged electronics is the most environmentally conscious choice because it reduces the overall waste ending up in our landfills. Recycling has become a widespread householdContinue Reading


Where to Sell Your Old iPad Online

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There is nothing like a brand new iPad launch to get people interested in older iPad products. Founder of the repair and buy-back website, Chris Johncke, said that the trade-in market is rocking. The website helps Internet users to locate the best possible price for the old electronic gadgets they want to sell. Right now,Continue Reading

New additions to our Smart Device Repair family!

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Smart Device Repair Over the past few weeks we’ve been working very diligently on providing you all with repair services for latest and greatest devices. We’re happy to announce that we have added a significant amount of new services to our Tablet Repair Services section including: Acer Tablet Repair Asus Tablet Repair Amazon Tablet RepairContinue Reading

Is the iPad 4 Worth the Upgrade?

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The release of the iPad 4 was a bit unexpected. Instead of being a minor revision of the older model, it added a new processor, dual WiFi and extended 4G LTE. Here is some useful information to see if an upgrade is worthwhile. Is An iPad 4 Upgrade from a Previous Model Worthwhile? If you’reContinue Reading