iPad Mini 1st Gen Glass Removal

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iPad Mini 1st Gen Glass Removal can be completed yourself if you have the right tools and know-how. It just takes a little care and following the steps detailed in this guide. If you have trouble, you can visit iFixYouri for professional iPad Repair services. Before we begin, there are some tips to keep inContinue Reading

hurricane preparedness tech guide

Hurricane Preparedness Tech Guide

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iFixYouri has multiple Florida locations, which means we are no strangers to being in hurricane watch and warning zones. We’ve put together this list of hurricane preparedness tech guide that relate to you being able to use your technology to communicate and stay safe during a hurricane or other emergencies. Phones and Tablets Charge all laptopsContinue Reading

iPod Touch 5th Gen Battery Replacement Step by Step Tutorial

iPod Touch 5th Gen Battery Replacement: How To

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Introduction iPod Touch 5th gen battery replacement is moderately difficult. The eight clasps holding the screen onto the body will make snap noises when they are unclasped. Don’t immediately pull the screen from the body as you will probably tear the cable to the home button. Step by step instructions are below the video. ToolsContinue Reading

When To Replace Your Phone’s Battery

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Because of modern society’s love of smartphones, most of us keep a watchful eye on battery levels. When our phone’s power level is getting low, life can become a rush to find an outlet to charge back up so we can return to our interconnected day. As cell phone batteries age, they lose the abilityContinue Reading

How to Change a Cracked iPhone Screen

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You have finally bought an iPhone and you are enjoying every moment of it but unfortunately, the screen gets cracked or broken and you are confused because you do not know how to change a cracked iPhone screen. Some people might even decide to shop for a new iPhone since the broken one no longerContinue Reading