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iFixYouri Corp iPhone Protection Plan Program
Terms and Conditions and specified under this Protection Plan (the "Program").

Scope of Guarantee
Your Protection Plan provides coverage benefits for the specified term for the Program you purchased. During the program period, IFixYouri Corp will provide you with service support.
If your product malfunctions due to a manufacturers defect, IFixYouri Corp will repair or replace the product at their option. IFixYouri Corp may provide replacement product or parts that are manufactured from new, refurbished or serviceable used parts. The replacement parts will be functionally equivalent to the replaced parts and will assume the remaining coverage under the PROTECTION PLAN. The parts that are replaced become property of IFixYouri Corp.  Please register this Program within thirty (30) days with IFixYouri Corp by visiting the following website: or calling toll free at 1-866-494-iFix(4349).

Obtaining Support
You may obtain repair support by visiting or calling 1-866-494-iFix(4349) to arrange for service and obtain a repair authorization number and current shipping charges. If you have any questions please visit us at or call 1-866-494-iFix(4349). Customer service representatives will be available through our toll-free number Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 7:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) IFixYouri Corp is not responsible for shipping charges or any fees associated with duties, taxes or brokerage fees upon customs clearance. Keep your PROTECTION PLAN confirmation document and the original sales receipt for your product as proof of purchase may be required. You will be required to follow specific instructions and may be asked to provide documentation if deemed necessary.

Limitation of Liability
IFixYouri Corp, and its employees and agents will under no circumstances be liable to you or any subsequent owner for any indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited to costs of recovering or reproducing any data or the failure to maintain the confidentiality of data, any loss of business, profits, revenue or anticipated savings, inconvenience or expense of substitute product resulting from IFixYouri Corp’s obligations under this Guarantee.

In accordance with this paragraph or any references to your individual State requirements listed in this document, you may cancel this PROTECTION PLAN at any time for any reason within 30 days of the original purchase date and receive a full refund. If you cancel this Program within thirty (30) days of your PROTECTION PLAN purchase, you will receive a full refund less the value of any service provided under the PROTECTION PLAN. If you cancel more than thirty (30) days after your receipt of this PROTECTION PLAN, you will receive a pro-rated refund of the original purchase price, based on the percentage of unexpired time on your Performance Guarantee, less (a) a cancellation fee of twenty-five ($25 US) dollars or ten percent (10%) of the pro-rated amount, whichever is less, and (b) the value of any service provided to you under the PROTECTION PLAN.

Transfer of Your Performance Guarantee
This PROTECTION PLAN is transferable for a $20.00 administrative fee. You may transfer your PROTECTION PLAN to a new owner of the covered product by sending or emailing notice of transfer to IFixYouri Corp respectively. You must provide the product serial number, proof of purchase of the PROTECTION PLAN, and the name, address, telephone number and email address of the new owner.


A $25 deductible does apply when a claim for repair is made. This applies to all programs.


Special Programs & Benefits
In addition to the terms and conditions stated herein, if “Screen Only Protection” is purchased, the Program provides you with screen replacement during the term of the PROTECTION PLAN. In order to qualify for this special benefit, your screen must be covered with our approved protection shield at the time any cracking or disfiguring occurred and approved case. Failure to properly apply and utilize the screen protector may cause your claim to be denied. At the time of purchase, we require a test to be performed either with an over air verification software to ensure that the screen is properly functioning or via visible inspection at our authorized service facility. In our sole discretion we have the right to approve or deny access to this program based upon our inspection. Screen protection is limited to the actual replacement of the screen. It does not cover the repair or replacement of internal working parts as this is your responsibility. Replacement of screens must be performed through one our authorized service center.

General Program Terms
      a.    IFixYouri Corp is not responsible for any failures or delays in performing under the PROTECTION PLAN that are due to events outside their reasonable control.
      b.    You are not required to perform preventative maintenance on the product to receive service under the IFixYouri Corp PROTECTION PLAN.
      c.    This IFixYouri Corp PROTECTION PLAN is offered and valid worldwide.
      d.    You agree that any information or data disclosed to IFixYouri Corp under this PROTECTION PLAN is not confidential or proprietary to you.  Furthermore, you agree that IFixYouri Corp may collect and process data on your behalf when it provides service including transferring your data to affiliated companies or service providers.  All personal data on customer devices remains confidential and will not be collected.
      e.    The benefits of this PROTECTION PLAN Program prevail over any conflicting, additional, or other terms of any purchase order or other document, and constitute your and IFixYouri Corp’s entire understanding with respect to the PROTECTION PLAN.
      f.    IFixYouri Corp is not obligated to renew this PROTECTION PLAN. If renewal is offered, IFixYouri Corp will determine the price and terms.
      g.    IFixYouri Corp's repair warranty will prevail over any benefit of this PROTECTION PLAN Program.
      h. The benefits of this Program are available on product purchased with a IFixYouri Corp warranty of at least 90 days. The benefits of this program are not available for equipment sold without a manufacturer’s warranty or sold as is or refurbished products with less than an original ninety (90) days parts and labor limited warranty. Refurbished equipment with an original 90 day warranty must have at least 60 days remaining in that warranty to qualify for coverage.
      i.    In the event that a covered product is damaged by lightning or a power surge, coverage under this PROTECTION PLAN Program will apply, excluding software or data, provided proof that an approved power surge protector was in use at the time of damage and any additional conditions included herein.
      j.    Standard return shipping is included as part of this guarantee.

General Program Conditions
Along with the wording of the original product manufacturer’s documentation, the following conditions will apply:
      a.    This Program does not cover failure as a result of: misuse, abuse, negligence, spilled liquids or foreign objects found inside the equipment; repair of damage or food loss caused by accident, cracked lens elements, physically broken parts, theft, fire, flood, wind, Acts of God or war, external causes such as, but not limited to, blown fuses, inadequate electrical poweror improper voltage supply, water and gas lines beyond the equipment, plugged drains, normal wear and tear, or any use of the product not authorized by the manufacturer. This program does not cover consumables, customer instruction, and installation/de-installation or set-up adjustments.
      b. This Program does not cover service deemed necessary because of improper storage, improper ventilation, including failure to place the equipment in an area that complies with the manufacturer’s published space or environmental requirements. Misuse, abuse and any utilization of equipment that is inconsistent with either the design of the equipment or the way the manufacturer intended the equipment to be used, including cases in which the manufacturer of the equipment would not honor any warranty.
      c.    If the equipment cannot be restored to the manufacturer’s specifications by IFixYouri Corp or the manufacturer or is deemed by IFixYouri Corp, in its sole discretion, to be beyond economic repair, or if the unit has been repaired 3 consecutive times for the same problem and it requires a 4th repair for the same problem, IFixYouri Corp may, at its discretion, replace your unit with a reconditioned model or equivalent model of like kind and quality or refund you the current market value of your covered equipment in U.S. dollars. The maximum liability of this PROTECTION PLAN for product replacement or repair shall not exceed the original purchase price for the product (less sale taxes). If a replacement or refund is made under this PROTECTION PLAN Program there will no longer be benefits under this PROTECTION PLAN Program and all obligations are satisfied.
      d.    IFixYouri Corp reserves the right to repair or replace the covered product with a comparable feature model of like kind and quality. Program benefits do not transfer to replaced product.
      e.    This program does not cover: deterioration of the appearance of the product, any cosmetic part or finish defects including accessories such as glass or plastic, dents, scratches, chips, breakage, media, LCD screens, unless a separate plan is purchase, interchangeable lenses, cables, connectors, software, remotes, cradles, mounting brackets, speakers, wiring, inks, toner cartridge, paper, loss or peeling. Consumable items; consumable items are defined as any part that is considered consumable by the manufacturer and/or any item that is designed to be consumed (wear out) during the life of the product, regardless if it is consumer replaceable or not. Consumable items include, but are not limited to. For Consumer Electronics: light bulbs, lamps (unless protected separately), and batteries. For all Products: Telephone or other lines connecting to the equipment. Attempted repair by anyone other than IFixYouri Corp or an authorized service center thereof.
      f.    The PROTECTION PLAN is provided for personal, broadcast, multi-user and commercial use of products and does not cover modifications of or to any part of the product.
g. Any damage resulting from unauthorized replacement parts, improper service or modifications made to the product are excluded from this Program.
      h.    If no defect is found (no fault found) or repairs are denied based on the benefits statement of the Program, the PROTECTION PLAN owner will be responsible for all costs incurred.
      i.    Set up, installation, reformatting and system software and data recovery are not included.
      j.    This Program provides pixel benefit for video display products based on the manufacturer’s specifications but does not include: incidents of burn in regardless of manufacturer’s coverage, display products that are used in an application that requires continuous and/or
business operation.
      k. The Benefits do not include problems resulting from collision with another object or any
      l.    Costs and damage related to installation and/or reinstallation of products are not included
under this Program.
      m. Any loss resulting from manufacturer’s recall or rework, regardless of the manufacturer’s
ability to pay for such repairs, is excluded. It will be the responsibility of the Guarantee owner
to arrange for transportation of the product to an authorized service center at their own cost.
      n.    Parts or accessories that are used in conjunction with product specified under this Program
that enhances the performance of the product are not part of this Program.
      o.    The benefits do not include In-warranty parts not provided or shipped by the manufacturer. Operational or mechanical failure covered by manufacturer’s warranty, manufacturer’s recall, improper construction, or factory bulletins, (regardless of whether or not the manufacturer is doing business as an ongoing enterprise).
      p.    This Program does not include consequential damages as a result of malfunctioning of or
damage to an operating part of the equipment, or damages as a result of any repairs or replacements under this agreement. Damages caused by delays in rendering service or loss of use during the period that the product is at the authorized service center or otherwise awaiting parts are not included. You are responsible for creating back-ups of all your data and software on a regular basis.
      q.    This Program does not include operational or mechanical failure that is not reported prior to expiration of this Program or within thirty (30) days of product failure.
      r.    This Program does not include pre-existing conditions (incurred prior to the effective date of coverage) known to You.
      s.    This Program does not include equipment where the serial plate attached to the equipment is removed, defaced or made illegible
      t.    The Program benefits do not extend to any electronics or PC equipment over 5 years of age.

Binding Arbitration
Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this PROTECTION PLAN, or breach thereof, will be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, except where prohibited by applicable law. A judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.