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iPhone 4 Repair Services Guide

We got off to a great start in learning the iPhone 4 repair process. After Cracking the glass on concrete as soon as we got it and then repairing the iPhone 4 the next day we managed to replicate many of the problems that iPhone users may face.


Screen damage is all-to-common with iPhones. As our  iPhone 4 screen break video shows, it takes 4 drops to get to the center of an iPhone. If you are getting out of your car, the iPhone is in your lap and you get up without removing it, it is very possible that the glass could break. Further, if you are talking on the phone, or anywhere, and someone bumps into you it is possible that the iPhone glass will crack. Or the iPhone won't power on. 


If there is screen damage than there is also damage to the LCD display. The screen and the LCD are glued together, in order to avoid dust from getting behind the glass. This actually makes the repairs more difficult and costly. 


Water damage is a big issue as well. This is again something that is probably best left to the professionals. If you need iPhone parts for DIY options though, we have what is needed. We can also provide free advise if you ever do fix it yourself, in order to insure a healthy phone and satisfied customer. 


We offer a variety of Apple repair services but the iPhone is the most popular and where it started for us. If you are interested in our iPhone repair services or DIY options we have the experience and knowledge base to set you on the right course. Through the documented process of breaking the iPhone, tearing it down and putting it back together hopefully you see the value our services provide.