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So you've recently dropped your brand new iPad?! It's beautiful, sleek design no longer remains in tact. We see this situation every single day. Whether you've dropped it face down and shattered the glass, or you've fumbled it and it dented the corner, iFixYouri can help.


Our expert iPad technicians can make your precious iPad look and feel like it just came out of the box. If you're in need of an iPad 3 repair, trust iFixYouri to do the job right the first time.  Often times we see these iPads come through our doors with sub-par battery life or a bad dock connector so it does not charge. Contrary to popular belief, all these problems can be fixed in a quick and timely manner. We have seen it all.


If you're in need of an iPad screen repair, we'll get you back to working condition in no time. Majority of repairs are completed within 24 hours of receipt, and all repairs come with a 90-day warranty and glass and screen replacement come with a 1 year warrnty!. Unfortunately the warranty, much like a car is waranteed, does not cover accidental damage.


We also specialize in iPad water damage repair. If you've spilled a ber or cocktail on it, gone in the hot tub or bathtub with it, or just splashed some water from the sink while doing your dishes, we can get you back to square one


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