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Orlando On-Site Repair and In-Home Tech Solutions

iFixYouri is taking it to the streets. We’re going mobile in 2017, and our iFixYouri Mobile Solutions fleet is gearing up to bring concierge device repair and home & small business services to the residents of Orlando, Florida.

All it takes is a click or a call to have a qualified iFixYouri Mobile Solutions technician at your door, ready to replace your iPhone screen, set up a new wireless printer, or troubleshoot a dead laptop.

Quick, on-site repairs for minor issues and installations and free delivery to and from the nearest iFixYouri retail location for heavier, more detailed repairs.

Whether it’s new or broken, don’t let tech derail your busy life. iFixYouri Mobile Solutions will come to your home or office, so you can enjoy a level of service once reserved for only our high-end corporate clients.

From cracked glass and broken LCD screens to water damage repair, we can fix it all quickly. Our diagnostic calls are always free and all replacement parts are covered by warranty (1 year for replacement screens, 90 days for all other replacement parts). We even offer great savings to businesses, schools, and organizations with our corporate repair services.


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The first step is to get in touch with our mobile dispatch. They’ll briefly discuss the type of job needed and gather your location, schedule a time, and give you a price estimate.

  • For device repair: Our mobile technician will give your device a thorough diagnostic. Once the issue is identified, one of two things will happen:
    • The technician will set up his portable workstation and begin the repair. Most on-site repairs can be completed in under an hour. Or…
    • If the issue turns out to require specialized equipment (such as logic board repair) the technician will drive your device to the nearest iFixYouri retail location, repair it, then bring it immediately back to you.
  • For home & small business solutions: Simply explain to the technician what you need done. Wi-Fi not working? Wireless printer syncing? "Smart home" setup? iFixYouri mobile technicians are trained to do it all.
  • The technician processes your payment for the completed repair on the spot. You only pay once your device is back in your hands and in full working condition, or when your setup is complete.

The iFixYouri Mobile Solution process is designed to be as convenient and painless as possible for our customers. At iFixYouri, we know how hectic life can get and how inconvenient a water-damaged phone or faulty modem can be. Don’t let tech problems disrupt your schedule, let iFixYouri come to you.

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