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Arkansas Mail In Service


Delivery for residents of Arkansas (AR) is fast and free (ground). It is comparable to you favorite movie rental mail-in service but most likely we will be faster. 


Why us?


We bring a full range DIY iPhone parts and repair services in addition to all of the Apple products we cover. This includes the iPad, iPod, iTouch, Mac and more.


iPhone repair is the most popular and the most common reason for breaking seems to be for the screen cracking and for water damage. The repair itself depends on if you own the 3G, 3Gs or iPhone 4. If your screen cracks with the 3G it could simply be damage to the glass only. If it is the iPhone 4 the screen and the LCD display are glued together so the break together. 


Customers have sent in their iPhones from Little Rock, Hot Springs, Eureka Springs, FayettevilleFort Smith and everywhere in between.


If you have any questions or concerns let us know. We are here to help with DIY repairs and provide the very best in Apple repair services.


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