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Here at iFixyouri we have slowly accumulated a large resource base, where you can find information on a variety of information and many types of repairs, especially for the iPhone. If you ever have a problem finding a product or service you need let us know.


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Ifixyouri is great! I had completely soaked my phone and I thought it was beyond repair. I was so upset because apple wanted $200 to fix it. I am so happy I found these guys because the repair was affordable and fast!


Merchant Circle: 

Great service! Glad i found you guys! My phone was dropped in water and i thought it was toast. You brought it back to life and made it work like new! I'll recommend you guys to everyone! Thanks!



I have maybe an unhealthy addiction to my iphone. I'm sure all other iphone owners do. so when I dropped my phone and the screen shattered I was devastated! I went to another local shop before I went to ifixyouri (sorry guys, this one was closer) and was not impressed at all. I didn't even want to leave my phone with those people. so rude. I had seen ifixyouri on facebook so I decided to contact them. best thing I could have done! they were soo friendly, the shop is nice and clean, very professional, and they fixed my phone faster than I would have imagined it would take! such a deal too! Thank you ifixyouri!!! I will be recommending you to EVERYONE I know!


We take great pride in our Blog section, which provides much needed information for DIY repairs, parts and drop test and repair videos.


Our Services and Information:

Apple iPhone Repair Guide 

iPhone Repair
- You can find all of our iPhone repair and replacement product options here.

iPhone 3G Repair -  iPhone 3G repair and replacement parts.

iPhone 3Gs Repair - iPhone 3Gs repair and replacement parts.

iPhone 4 Repair - iPhone 4 repair services and replacement parts. We also created an iPhone 4 repair Guide to feature some of our break test videos and repair services for the iPhone 4.


iPhone Parts - This is where we keep all of the iPhone replacement parts and DIY kits.

iPhone 3G Parts - All of the needed iPhone 3G replacement parts are found here.

iPhone 3Gs Parts - All of the needed iPhone 3Gs replacement parts are found here.

iPhone 4 Parts - If you need quality iPhone 4 parts and fair price this is the place to come.


iPhone Repair Kits - All of our repair kits are a one stop DIY solution. Just make sure you properly identify what is wrong with your iPhone first.

iPhone DIY repair Kits

iPhone 3G DIY repair kits

iPhone 3Gs DIY repair kits

iPhone 4 DIY repair kits


DIY iPhone 3G Glass Repair Kit Tutorial

DIY iPhone 3Gs Glass Repair Kit Tutorial


iPhone Screen Repair - Our screen repair services are so popular we decided to get the iPhone screen repairs their own section, in addition to being with their respective products. A screen repair can include LCD along with the glass.


iPhone Accesseories - iPhone glass protector, screen cases and more to protect your iPhone from damage.

iPhone cases - These stylish, affordable cases do a great job at preventing glass damage and absorbing blows. 


We cover much more than just iPhone repair, although that is by far the most popular services. Check out other services we offer. If you have a broken electronic device not listed below let us know your repair need and we'll let you know if we can help.


iPod Touch Repair


iPad Repair


Mac Repair

Hard Drive Upgrade/Repair

Memory/RAM Upgrade for Unibody Macs


'Other' Cell Phone Repair

Blackberry Repair

HTC Repair

Motorola Droid Repair


Other Portable Electronics Repair



Our Mail-in services are available to any one withing the United States. Check out all of our availableRepair Mail-in locations.