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About iFixYouri


Since 2010, our technicians have been providing expert repair service for every make and model of smartphone, tablet, and personal computer. From phones dropped in wet cement, to iPads that took a plunge from a five-story building, iFixYouri technicians have seen, and repaired, it all. But how did we get here?


The iFixYouri story began in 2009, when our CEO and founder, Christopher Johncke, was laid off from his job as an engineer. During his disappointing job hunt, Chris broke his iPhone, his lifeline to the professional world. Like most people, he assumed his only option was the Apple store, so he took it in. The repair quote? $300. At the time, Chris was scraping by on unemployment checks, and that sum seemed astronomical. After a day of despair, Chris realized that he had an option: a shattered smartphone screen should be no match for someone with the kind of engineering training that he had. Sourcing replacement parts online for $30, Chris got to work and handily repaired the phone himself.


Chris only did the repair to save himself some money, and his job search continued. Soon after, however, a friend heard of the successful fix, and asked Chris to work on her phone. The networking spiraled out from there, and Chris realized he'd found a lucrative business, one that served the needs of the community and gave people an important option when faced with a busted device. Several busy months later, Chris decided that he had outgrown the trunk of his car and decided to open a brick-and-mortar repair store in Lake Park.


Today, the iFixYouri family has expanded to multiple locations and over 80 employees, and we continue to grow. We repair thousands of smart devices on-location in Palm Beach County, Boston and the greater Orlando area each month. In addition, our warehouse space is a state-of-the-art repair depot for our corporate and website customers. We hope you never need iFixYouri, but if you find yourself with a broken smart device, remember that you have options!