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DIY iPhone 3G Glass Repair Kit Tutorial

So, you have just purchased a DIY 3G Glass Repair Kit from and now you aren't sure what to do with it......Well, here is a complete tutorial on how to repair your iPhone. So, here we go:


Before you get started, please make sure to have the following:


* One (1) piece of 3G iPhone glass

* One (1) suction cup removal tool

* One (1) micro phillips head screw driver

* One (1) piece of precut 3G adhesive

* One (1) scratch safe opening tool

All the above tools and supplies come in the's DIY 3G Glass Repair Kit .


Some other suggestions: A hair dryer, a small flat head screwdriver, protective eye wear, cut-safe gloves and a razor blade. We also suggest doing all work on a dry, flat, grounded surface. Any small static charge could completely ruin your iPhone. So, please be very careful when repairing your iPhone. The effect of static electricity can damage small electronics and micro-circuits.


Let's begin:


PLEASE POWER DOWN YOUR IPHONE COMPLETELY BEFORE DOING ANY IPHONE REPAIRS. is not responsible for any damage caused to your iPhone. If you do not feel %100 certain you can do this repair, please use our iPhone Screen Repair Service.


Step 1


Remove the two (2) screws on the bottom of your iPhone and place in a safe place. They are located at the very bottom of your iPhone on either side of the dock connector.


Step 2


Take the suction cup tool and press it firmly onto your broken iPhone glass. Do this near the bottom of your iPhone, directly above the home button. While holding the top of the iPhone, pull steady in an upward direction until the frame seperates from the housing. Be very careful here. Don't not pull apart completely. There are still cables connecting the pieces together that you don't want to damage. Lift the panel up from the dock end being careful not to tear or break any ribbons connected near the other end.


Step 3


Using the plastic tool, unclip ribbons in order. There are three (3) ribbons all together, but number 3 is hidden under number 2 and is a lot more delicate. Be careful not to damage the connectors. Unclip ribbon number 1 then unclip 2 by slowly prying with the plastic tool. Ribbon 3 has a small plastic latch that lifts to a 90 degree angle to release the cable. Again, be very careful here seeing as the connector is very delicate. Place the base of your iPhone to the side.


Step 4


Now remove the LCD from the housing. This is done by removing five (5) small screws on the long sides of the frame, 2 on one side and 3 on the other. There is also one (1) screw at the top right side of the frame. Place thes screws in a safe place. The LCD it self is very delicate and easily scratch or smudged. Softly, squeeze either a small flat head or razor between the LCD frame and the glass frame. It should lift up and the rest of the way you can use your fingers to pull it right off. Place the LCD to the side. If your LCD is damaged too, we suggest our DIY 3G Glass and LCD Repair Kit or if it gets to be too much, we suggest using an iPhone Glass and LCD Repair Service.


Step 5


Now, remove the glass from the frame. This is where a blow dryer comes in handy. On low heat, warm up all the edges of the glass frame. This will loosen the the original adhesive used to hold the glass to the frame. Using the plastic tool, slowly and softly pry the glass from the frame. Slide the plastic tool along the edge creating space between the glass and the black frame. The top and bottom are a little more difficult. We suggest using a small flat head to create a starting point where the plastic tool can then be used to pry the two apart. When prying be careful not to bend or damage the frame. Work from one side to the other. If the glass is broken/cracked, we suggest using protective eye wear and the gloves for your protection. You can then remove any other shards of glass with the flat head or the plastic tool.


Step 6


Now that you have completely removed the original piece of glass, you can then remove any of the remaining adhesive by scraping it off carefully. Please be careful around the home button and top speaker area. These can be easily damaged.


Step 7


Take a deep breath, you are half way there. It gets a lot easier from this point forward. Now, remove the adhesive that comes with your iPhone 3G Glass DIY kit. Peel the piece off that fits the frame. Make sure to remove any small pieces that aren't part of the precut area. Place the adhesive onto the frame, making sure that it doesn't hang off any of the edges. Once it is placed securely onto the frame, you can then peel off the top of the adhesive to reveal the clear double sided tape.

Step 8


Then, peel plastic off of your new piece of glass supplied by Make sure not to get any fingerprints on the inside of the glass. Slide the glass over the frame, making sure to get the cable under the frame. Start at the top and press the new glass onto the adhesive making sure to line it up on the edges. Press the new glass down completely onto the frame.

Step 9 


Now, grab the LCD you placed to the side and slide it under the top tab and press softly to secure it into the frame. You should here a click and all the screw holes should line up. Useing the small phillips head secure the LCD to the frame with your new piece of glass installled. There are six (6) screws total. 2 on one side, 3 on the other and 1 at the top right.


Hint: Check for fingerprints, smudges, and dust before you secure the screws. If there is any, remove the LCD again and clean off with a dry, lint-free cloth.


Step 10


Next, place the fully assembled frame into the top of the iPhone base. Slide ribbon 3 into the slot and softly move the tab to the down position. Press ribbon 2 into the port and repeat with ribbon 1. Make sure all of the connections are made before you go to the next step. You should hear a snap with button 2 then 1. 


Step 11


Finally, in a pivoting motion, snap the bottom of the frame into the iPhone base. You should here a snap and the iPhone should be flush at all corners. Take the two (2) longer screws you put to the side and secure them into the bottom holes on either side of the dock connector.


Step 12


You are done! Power up your iPhone and enjoy your new 3g Glass.