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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Microphone Repair


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Microphone Repair

When you place a call on your Note 4, do you have any of the following problems?

  • The person on the other end cannot hear you.
  • Your voice is cutting in and out.
  • Your voice is muffled.
  • People you call complain that they hear static.


Any time that you try to give a voice command or use speech-to-text, your instructions aren't recognized. This happens even if you speak slowly and clearly.


Whenever you record a video, the sound comes out muffled, you hear lots of static, the sound cuts in or out or there is no sound at all.


All of these problems are symptoms of a broken microphone. This can make it impossible to properly use your phone. The good news is that a broken microphone can be fixed affordably and quickly.


With our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Microphone Repair service, you get the benefits of having your phone worked on by a team of technicians with years of experience diagnosing and fixing smartphones. We use the best equipment to run diagnostic tests and only utilize premium parts that are brand new and warrantied for 90 days when we make repairs.


Because we have the right equipment and tools and experience, iFixYouri is able to get a microphone problem repaired in 24 hours or less! If we discover that your phone has any other problems, we'll send you an email and tell you what's going on, so that you can decide if you want to make additional repairs as needed.

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