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Samsung Galaxy S6 Loudspeaker Repair


If the loudspeaker on your S6 is acting up, with fuzzy or no sound, add this service to your cart and checkout. We mail you the shipping label. You send it in, and we take care of everything from that point. It's a simple, painless repair process.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Loudspeaker Repair

Missing calls with your phone right next to you? Fuzzy, distorted, or no sound when you try to watch the latest viral video? Your speaker may be damaged or obstructed. An easy way to check is by connecting a pair of headphones; if you get sound through them but not through the S6’s internal speaker, it is indeed an issue with the loudspeaker.


Going DIY on loudspeaker repair is not recommended, since you might unknowingly cause more damage. Send your device to our mail-in center so our skilled technicians can inspect each and every component in connection with the loudspeaker to isolate the issue.


In the event that we find other problems besides the loudspeaker, we will notify you of other recommended repairs or replacements.


All components used for repairs are of premium quality. We double-check our work with thorough outgoing testing to make sure there are no glitches and the loudspeaker is functioning as it should. This repair is quick, and with expedited shipping the turnaround time is roughly 24 hours. A 90-day warranty is provided with this particular service.


After we dispatch your phone, a tracking ID is provided, to aid you in keeping tabs on shipment status and estimated date of delivery.

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