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Samsung Galaxy S7 Headphone Jack Repair Service


  • 90-Day Parts Warranty
  • 24-Hr Turnaround Time
  • Excellent Customer Service

If your Samsung Galaxy S7 headphone jack is causing you grief, add this service to your shopping cart. You send the device to us, and it’s back in your hands and in working condition in as little as 24 hours.

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Are your headphones making crackling or buzzing noises each time you plug them in? Is the audio signal coming in weak? Maybe your phone is unable to even detect the headset? If any of these problems persist regardless of which headphones you use, the problem is with the jack. The headphone jack can break for a multitude of reasons; water damage, a drop, or dust and debris getting lodged inside.


With this service, you’ll mail your device to our headquarters using the shipping label you receive at checkout. Then, our technicians go over the device to find out exactly what is wrong with it – there could be internal water damage or just a small break in a circuit.


When the inspection is over, you will be provided with a quote about any other required repairs and cost of spare parts (if any). If you are comfortable with the offer, give us the go-ahead so we can start working on the problem.


We source only high-quality replacement parts, and are able to replace headphone jacks in as little as 24 hours. We guarantee our work to be top-notch with a 90-day warranty.

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