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iPad 3 Back Camera Repair



Back camera not working? Picture always fuzzy or black? We can fix it by putting a new camera into your New iPad 3.



  • Photos look fuzzy or unclear
  • Camera speed is very slow
  • Camera lens is scratched or cracked
  • Camera function won’t work
  • Pink tint to Photos
  • Flashing Green Screen when trying to use camera functions
  • Camera won’t focus

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iPad 3 Rear Camera Repair

Is your iPad 3 rear camera not working? If the camera isn’t working as it should and you have no idea what you can do, it is time for our iPad 3 rear camera repair service!


If you are facing the following issues:

  • Low or no photo quality of photos taken
  • The zoom and focus don’t work properly
  • Green screen while using the camera
  • Screen appears blurry or fuzzy while taking a photo
  • Camera is too slow to take picture
  • Cracks or scratches on camera or on the clicked photos
  • Camera doesn’t switch on immediately

iPad 3 is a handy device with great rear and front cameras. It helps capture special moments on various occasions. At the same time, they are susceptible to damage. Sometimes, over usage also causes the wear and tear of it. Even if it does, you don't have to worry anymore. We offer iPad 3 rear camera repair service for all those who love their camera and want it to work perfectly. You don’t have to replace the entire device just for the sake of rear camera. Our technicians will take care of it.


The team we have fixes any issue related to the rear camera and returns it in great working condition. Simply place an order for the repair, shipping method you prefer and send us our iPad 3. We’ll diagnose the issue, repair it and return it to you – so simple.


For any queries related to your device, contact us at or call 888-494-4349.

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