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iPad Mini Volume Button Repair



Stuck listening to your iPad Mini on full volume or so softly that you can't make out the tunes of your favorite songs? You can't keep using a mini tablet if the volume buttons are no longer fully functional, but that doesn't mean that you have to spend the money for a new iPad Mini either. Let iFixYouri solve the problem with our iPad Mini Volume Button Repair service.

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iPad Mini Volume Button Repair

Every sound that comes from your iPad Mini differs in volume. Some songs come on loud, while others are softer and need to be turned up to hear them properly. Games and videos can also differ in sound quality greatly. For you, this means that you're constantly pushing on the side buttons on your iPad Mini to get the sound to the ideal level. For your iPad Mini, that means that those side volume buttons often wear out quickly due to frequent use.


When iPad Mini buttons begin to wear out or malfunction, you may experience a number of problems, including:


  • Buttons getting stuck
  • Buttons failing to click
  • Nothing happening when you push the buttons
  • Volume not adjusting and then suddenly adjusting more than you expected
  • Actions being reversed with the plus button making sound softer and the minus button making it louder


Even though these types of problems can make it impossible to enjoy using your iPad Mini, they don't require you to fully replace your tablet. Our technicians here at iFixYouri can fix volume button problems in as little as 24 hours when you purchase our iPad Mini Volume Button Repair Service.


When you choose us for our iPad Mini Volume Button Repair Service, you can be certain that we'll figure out what's wrong with the volume buttons and solve the problem fast. We use advanced equipment to run diagnostic tests to determine which part of the button mechanism is in need of repairs.


In some cases, we can fix an iPad Mini's buttons without replacing any parts, while in other cases one or more components will need replaced. No matter what ends up being wrong, we'll do the necessary work on the volume buttons and won't charge you a penny more. If we determine that there is a bigger problem than the iPad Mini volume buttons, we'll send you an email with a full explanation of what we've discovered, so you can decide whether you want us to move forward with

repairs or send back your iPad.


If replacement parts are required as a part of our iPad Mini Volume Button Repair Service, we will use only the best brand new parts, and we'll provide you with a full 90-day warranty on the work performed. Shipping your table to us via UPS Ground is even free of charge, so stop just living with a faulty volume button. Take action now to have it fixed by purchasing our iPad Mini Volume Button Repair Service.

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