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iPad Mini Power Button Repair



Losing your power to use the power button on your iPad Mini? Whether it's sticking, not responsive or has completely broken, iFixYouri can fix your power button problems once and for all. Our technicians have years of experience fixing iPads, and our iPad Mini Power Button Repair Service is much less expensive than buying a whole new tablet!

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iPad Mini Power Button Repair

You may not push the power button on your iPad Mini frequently, but that doesn't mean that it's not important to have the button in perfect working order. The position of the button on the top of the mini tablet makes it vulnerable to damage due to falls and bumps, and often times, the power button wears out over time. A faulty power button could make it difficult for you to use your iPad Mini, and in some cases, it could actually prevent you from using your device at all.


That's why it's important that you don't let power button problems go. Some signs that you need service on your iPad Mini's power button include:


  • The power button gets stuck in either the on or off position
  • The power button doesn't click smoothly
  • You have to push really hard to get the power button to respond
  • The iPad Mini will turn on or off on its own even if you haven't pushed the button
  • The tablet will not turn on or off when you push the button or hesitates to turn on or off for longer than normal


Fortunately, it's easy to have any of these problems solved with the iPad Mini Power Button Repair Service from iFixYouri. When we receive your iPad Mini, we'll do a complete inspection and run numerous diagnostic tests on it. In no time, we'll be able to determine just what's wrong with your iPad Mini. Then, we'll do the repair work or replace the parts that have worn out or broken. Once the work is done, we will test your iPad Mini to make sure the work was successful. Then, we'll send your iPad Mini back to you and email you a confirmation message with a tracking number for monitoring its way back. The whole process takes only 24 hours to complete!


With iPad Mini Power Button Repair Service from iFixYouri, you don't have to pay expensive prices for shipping or have to spend time filling out labels on a box. We provide free shipping to and from our repair center when you use UPS Ground service. You'll also receive an email message with a printable shipping label to make packaging up your iPad Mini simple.


To ensure that you get the absolute best results from our iPad Mini Power Button Repair Service, we only use new parts that are made by trusted manufacturers. You even get a warranty on the work to guarantee your satisfaction!


The power to have your power button fixed is in your hands! Purchase the iPad Mini Power Button Repair Service today and get on your way to having a fully working iPad.

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