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iPad Mini Mute/Rotate Lock Switch Repair



Are you permanently stuck on mute or unable to silence your iPad Mini when you want to go to sleep or need to be polite? Unable to get your screen to lock or is the switch on the side just acting funny? These annoying problems and others like them can all be solved with the iPad Mini Mute & Rotate Lock Switch Service from iFixYouri!

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iPad Mini Mute & Rotate Lock Switch Repair

Sometimes, you just have to keep your iPad Mini quiet. After all, you can't afford to have it buzzing or dinging when you're in the middle of a meeting or at the movies, can you? Fortunately, Apple made it easy to mute an iPad Mini by placing a handy little switch right on the side. With a flip of it, you can silence your iPad, and there's also a screen lock included to keep your iPad Mini screen from reorienting.


There's just one problem!


The position of that switch right on the side of the iPad Mini leaves it very vulnerable to damage. All it takes is a fall or a hard bump to break it, and if you flip it frequently, it can also wear out before the rest of the tablet.


There's good news, though!


You don't have to get rid of your iPad Mini if the switch has broken off, gets stuck or no longer controls your tablet. Our technicians here at iFixYouri can fix the switch or replace it with a new one when you purchase our iPad Mini Mute & Rotate Lock Switch Service.


Here's how it all works:


  1. Purchase the iPad Mini Mute & Rotate Lock Switch Service. You can do so right on this page. Just select the shipping option you prefer and opt for the shipping insurance coverage that is right for you. We provide $100 of free insurance and cover the cost of shipping to and from our repair shop, but some people prefer expedited shipping or want a little extra coverage. Once you're satisfied with your choices, click "Add to Cart" and then use our secure checkout service to finish your order.
  2. Get your iPad Mini boxed and on its way to us. We'll send you a confirmation email with a shipping label attached to make addressing the box easy.
  3. We receive your iPad Mini and fix it within 24 hours. That's right! In just one day, we'll run tests to determine what's wrong with your tablet and make the necessary repairs. If we have to replace parts, we'll select brand new ones that are of excellent quality to ensure your full satisfaction. After we're finished, we test the iPad Mini to make sure it's working. Then, we box it up and send it out.
  4. Track your iPad Mini. You'll get an email shipping notice with a tracking number, so you can follow it on its journey back to you. Once it arrives, you can use it just like you did when it was new!


Order the iPad Mini Mute & Rotate Lock Switch Service now!

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