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iPad Mini Water Damage Repair Service



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iPad Mini Water Damage Repair Service

Did your iPad Mini get splashed? Fall in the toilet, tub or pool? Water damage isn't covered by Apple's care plan, but i Fix Your i has a high success rate at getting water damaged iPad tablets working again! Let our technicians take a look before you pay the money for a new mini!


  1. Pick your preferred Inbound and Outbound shipping method using the drop-down boxes. UPS Ground shipping to and from our facility is free of charge*, but expedited shipping is available as well for a small additional fee.
  2. Select the right insurance coverage for your needs. All purchases include $100 insurance protection, and you can increase the coverage for a small fee.
  3. Click on the gray "Add to Cart" button and then the green "Proceed to Checkout" button in the box that pops up.
  4. Pay for your order and then watch your email for our confirmation message. The email will include a shipping label for you to print and use to send your iPad Mini to us.
  5. Send your iPad Mini to our repair center via UPS.
  6. When we receive your iPad Mini, we'll get to work, completing a full battery of diagnostic tests. Then, we will use state-of-the-art equipment, including an ultrasonic drying system, to repair the motherboard and other water damaged parts. Normally, we can have the process finished within 24 hours of when we receive your iPad; however, severe water damage may require more intensive, time-consuming repairs.
  7. After we have finished performing the water damage repair services, we will fully test your iPad Mini and send you an email letting you know the outcome of the work. In many cases, we're able to fully restore iPad Mini tablets, in which case we'll send your iPad Mini back via UPS using the shipping method that you selected.

In the unlikely event that we were not able to repair your iPad Mini, we can offer you 2 options:

  1. We can send the iPad Mini back to you for you to do what you wish with it.
  2. We can purchase the iPad Mini from you, salvage what we can for parts and recycle the rest.

In some cases, we are able to get the iPad Mini working again, but cannot fully restore it. If this occurs, we will offer you a discounted rate for the repair work and then return the iPad Mini to you.


To have the best chance at a successful repair, do not try to turn you iPad Mini on, touch any buttons or attempt to charge it. Just dry it with a towel and follow the above steps to send your iPad Mini to us. We'll get to work quickly to save your iPad Mini and spare you the expense of having to purchase a new one.

What to Do Immediately After Dropping Your iPad Mini in liquid

The damage is caused immediately after the iPad Mini comes into contact with water which could be either because of spilling of a liquid on the device or it being dropped in any liquid. Whatever be the cause, it is important to not to panic and immediately wipe the iPad Mini with a dry cloth, best if you have a micro fiber towel. Make sure you wipe the charge port and headphone ports properly. Panicking will only delay the process of reversing the damage. Do not ever use a hair dryer thinking that it might dry up the moisture. It can actually cause more damage to your device. Do not connect it to charging cable. Do not connect the iPad Mini to a computer or any other device either. Immediately following the contact with water turn off the iPad. It is the safest thing to do. Then send your iPad Mini to the experts at iFixYouri.

The damage could cause water droplets appearing inside the screen. Moisture could also be seen on the screen. You might not notice any water drops or moisture content but if your iPad shows some random operating issues it surely needs our thorough diagnostic. Do not wait for the damage to spread. The most important thing to do is to take it for repair. Get in touch with our expert repair technicians to treat the damages caused by water so that we can help you with your device. iFixYouri has years of experience in handling this and similar types of situations.


*NOTE: If you decline repairs for diagnostic or water damage treatment or your device is deemed non-repairable, you will be responsible for shipping and handling.

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  • Asked by a guest
    on 11/13/2014
    How long does the iPad mini water repair service take? Answer:
    The Water Damage clraning service takes between 1-3 business days.
  • Asked by bill
    on 05/7/2015
    I got 2 ipad mini's one is a mini 2 they bith have water damage i also have an iPhone 4 that just stopped charging how much am i approximately looking at total repair??? Thanks Answer:
    Hi Bill,We'd really have to see the devices in order to give you a proper quote. We'd recommend sending it in for our diagnostic service for the iPhone 4, and our water damage repair service for the iPad Mini's. Please let us know if you have any other questions, we'll be happy to help you out.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 06/2/2015
    how much is it to fix a water damaged ipad mini? Answer:
    Hello, The cost to repair would depend on the extent of the damage the device incurred when it got wet. Please let us know if you have any other questions, we'll be happy to help you out.
  • Asked by Keith
    on 06/25/2015
    Does the $59 cover the repair of my ipad mini 1 that has water damage? Or are there different levels of repair? Answer:
    Hi Keith, the only time you will have to pay any additional is if something else was damaged as a result of the water damage, for example the battery. Our technicians would fully discuss any additional work and provide you with a quote before they proceeded with the work.
  • Asked by Megan Pawlik
    on 07/23/2015
    My iPad mini will not turn on after water got inside. For the past 3 days I put the iPad mini in rice. If I send it to you will you be able to fix it? Answer:
    Hi Megan, there is a good chance we can fix it. We have a very thorough cleaning process. We recommend that you send it in as soon as possible for the best chance of getting it repaired.
  • Asked by Allen
    on 08/4/2015
    Can the data be salvaged from the device even without a successful repair? Answer:
    Hello, As long as we can get power to the board, we can recover your data.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 08/18/2015
    What does the $59 cover? Answer:
    The cost covers a thorough cleaning of your device and a complete diagnostic to make sure nothing else was damaged as a result of the water.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 11/15/2015
    my ipad mini got wet earlier and the screen is blackout. is the price will still be $59? Answer:
    For the most accurate price please call our support at 888-494-4349.
  • Asked by Melissa
    on 03/14/2018
    hi. i have an iPad mini wh if i got wet and won't work it's been months.... Can it still be repaired? Answer:
    Hi Melissa, bring it in! We can give a free diagnostic and let you know what might be involved. If you aren't near a walk-in location, you can send it by checking out any iPad water damage service on our website. We send you the shipping label and take care of the rest. You will only be charged if we are able to power up your device and retrieve data.