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iPhone Photo Retreival Service



With our photo recovery service, we'll recover your pictures and copy them to a CD for you.


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  • Asked by Liz
    on 12/15/2014
    Does your photo retrieval service require a working iPhone? Answer:
    Typically not, though It depends on what is wrong with it.
  • Asked by Liz
    on 12/16/2014
    The phone won't go past the apple screen to boot up. Apple says the photos can't be retrieved. Thoughts? Answer:
    Hi Liz, Chances are we can fix it. The device not booting up past the Apple logo could be from a faulty component. We'd really have to see the device, but this is a common occurrence that we have been able to help many customers with in the past.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 01/29/2015
    My phone's battery port has stopped working and my phone has died. Is it possible for you to retrieve the photos that are saved on the phone still? Answer:
    Hi. Yes it is possible for us to retrieve the photos off of a phone that has died.
  • Asked by Jimmy Sawaya
    on 02/2/2015
    Can you replace the battery terminals on an iPhone 4s? They broke off the board when I was replacing my battery. Answer:
    Hi Jimmy, yes we can as long as the solder pads are not ripped off of the board.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 07/9/2015
    Can you retrieve photos off of an iPhone 6 Plus if the LCD is broken and the phone is locked? I'd really like to get my photos of my kids back! Answer:
    Hi, we recommend the screen repair. That will fix the problem with the LCD and you will be able to get your photos back.
  • Asked by Tara
    on 08/22/2015
    Have iPhone 4... Got a new iPhone 6 plus..... Later on tried to get on iPhone 4 to get my photos and videos off if it. Could not remember old password so ended up locking phone up. Apple says they cannot get stuff off of phone for me... All photos and videos still on my phone but I can't get in it to get them off!! I have some video photos and voice recording of my dad that has passed away that are stuck in this phone. Can y'all get my stuff off this phone possibly? And if so how much does it cost? Answer:
    Hi Tara, yes we do offer data retrieval. Photo retrieval is $45.