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iPhone 5 Back Housing Repair Service



Even if you are super careful, your iPhone 5 is likely to fall or slip at times. It can loosen the back housing, or cause bends or dents on the frame. Falls are not the only reason for the back housing can get dislodged or damaged – your phone undergoes a standard amount of wear, which can impact its structure. This service replaces the back housing of your phone to make it like new.

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iPhone 5 Back Housing Repair

There is no separate back cover for this model and some integral components are situated just under the casing. If the back housing breaks, or cracks slightly, don’t hesitate in calling for professional help right away.

  • Let our technicians scrutinize your phone to locate the defect, and decide how to tackle the problem.
  • A displaced or loose back housing is repairable, but if there are cracks, scratches, or nicks, the casing needs to be replaced.
  • We are experienced in fixing a variety of iPhone related issues, and we promise your phone will look as good as it did at the time of buying.
  • High quality parts are used for replacements for your iPhone 5 and other components. Rest assured there is no compromise when it comes to quality.
  • Once the repairs are completed, the smartphone is mailed back to you – you can keep tabs on the shipment status and delivery date by going online and using the tracking ID generated for each shipment.

We stand by our work and provide a year-long manufacturer's warranty against all parts used for repairs/replacements, excluding accidental breakage, to guarantee that our technicians have done a great job on your iPhone 5.

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